10 simple content creation tips for YMYL navigation


With trust of visitors high on YMYL sites and pages, reliable and authentic content here is a mandate. The YMYL domain is a sensitive one. To quote Google “YMYL sites or pages as ones that could potentially impact a person’s happiness, health, financial stability, or safety. It describes sites with topics that could impact the quality, health, and financial wellbeing of readers”. What might be the surest way of ensuring that the content on such sites adheres to the top-quality parameters as set by Google? One of the best ways to get the content right for a YMYL page or site is to hire professional content writers. As professional writers, they are aware of content creation tips. Additionally, a page or the site’s SEO optimization is important to enhance its search as well. This is one of the reasons why SEO content writing tips play an important role those professional writers are well versed with.

The content that is uploaded on a YMYL (“Your Money Your Life”) site and pages are considered sensitive. It stems from the fact that people read this information with a lot of trusts. For instance, imagine a teenage girl suffering from acne. She is already in distress and is struggling in terms of how her skin looks. To get rid of the acne, without any medical intervention, she might end up visiting a site that deals with skin problems and their remedies. At this point in time, we have established that the reader is reaching out to skincare pages or sites for genuine help. If the content she reads helps her understand the problem, comforts her, and gives her a solution, it would be the best outcome. However, if she ends up distressing more about the condition of her skin, due to the misleading information shared on that YMYL page or website, the credibility of the content is lost to the reader for good. One of the easiest fixes to this kind of content glitch is to hire professional content writers

It is therefore necessary for content creators to understand the essence of the YMYL topics and the importance of authentic content. Hiring professional content writers solves a major part of the problem. 

 Here are some tips to hit the YMYL content note right. 

When it’s about money, the content must be authentic: One of the YMYL website or page features is transaction of money. E-commerce websites that offer online shopping are one of the business segments categorized into this bracket. It is only fair that people looking for information with an intention to buy be given factual data and information.

Know your topic: This brings us to the crucial fact that like any oner page an author writing for the YMYL niche must know the domain. The YMYL category includes websites that cater to various categories of information like news, e-commerce, shopping websites, insurance and banking sites, fitness, housing, and wellbeing-related sites, and many more. Visitors scrolling and visiting these sites often mean business either in the sense of making transactions like in banking sites, or insurance sites, shopping sites, or looking for specific information on sites like LGBTQ-related sitehealth-relatedted sites, etc. 

While writing for these niches the author must be someone who can relay the information with an objectivity. The data given here must be relevant, real time when needed, updated. It is therefore one way of building up a rapport as an authority in the domain. Tackle the topics that you know and understand. Content creation tips can help in optimizing the content visibility, but the credibility of the content is solely on the one writing it. 

 Google’s E-A-T: The expanded form of E-A-T refers to expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. The concept of E-A-T is an inevitable part of a YMYL page or site. It is built on page or site level as well as at the author level. E-A-T is meant for all kinds of content that can be searched on Google. However, the emphasis of E-A-T is strict for YMYL content.

E-A-T lays importance on an expert writing authoritative articles that carry verified and genuine information. This is to ensure that data shared by an author is reliable and genuine. One way of doing this is to build author credibility. An author credibility is built by creating an author bio. This is one of the content creations tips that will also help search engines to recognize an author. The flip side of this comes to the fore when a writer is new to the domain. However, there are ways to fix this too. 

Do your research and find out the experts in the field. For instance, Neil Patel is one of the leading marketing influencers who is a recognized authority. Use his quotes to build on your marketing content. Links to his articles may also be included in the content to reach a bigger network. This is called back linking which is a content creation tip for reaching out to a larger audience. This will also slowly but steadily build up the E-A-T for the new writer.

The same goes for a website too. The goal is to deliver information via the Google search that is of high quality. While it is important to maintain the E-A-T of a website, the SEO optimization of the website is also as necessary. This is where SEO content writing tips are important especially in the About Us section. 

Know your audience: The line of thought here flows from the previous observations. It is obvious that a person writing for an audience must understand the general thought process of the readers. It should be an automatic sync that the content creator must feel. For instance, writing for a website that sells jewelry will have to speak about colors, styles, and suggestions of what is trending in the current times. If this page talks about the precious metals and its trading trends in the market, the website content will fail to cater to the information need of the audience and visitors. 

Do Not back out from sharing experiences: What can be more credible than what you have felt? It is one thing to research and curate information and write about it. However, a curated piece of content is more like a recycling and repacking the same old material. One of the best content creation tips is to insert self or witnessed in content. That experience is the writer’s own analysis and therefore, genuine. 

We often quote people whose saying are now considered worth a quote. The reason they are being mentioned today is because these are unique experiences that they worded beautifully. If you need help in wording your experiences, hire a professional content writer whose expertise lies in word play. Paul Rand said, “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”. This had remained a quote because Paul Rand made this observation being a graphic designer himself. 

Lay emphasis on finding out about the topic: Google algorithms are smart. However, when it comes to the YMYL niche the company also depends on human intelligence. With the intent of meeting high quality content in the YMYL domain, in 2019 Google introduced a new update in its algorithm. This was a stringent check on good quality, and reliable content. It was a reiteration of the fact that research still rules the roost when it comes to delivering quality content. Generic content creation tips always emphasize on research. With Google’s scrutiny especially beamed on in the YMYL domain, many such sites had to do a retake on their content post the 2019 Google update. 

SEO: At the end of the day, YMYL sites also must be visible in search engine searches.  It is therefore impossible to overlook the need for SEO optimization. While E-A-T will ensure reliability and authenticity of content in the YMYL, SEO optimization will ensure visibility in Google search. This is why SEO content writing in the YMYL website content as pages is so important. 

Do not overlook the strength of external links: The YMYL domain is not an easy one to crack in terms of visibility and credibility building. This has a lot to do with the crowd that this domain houses along with the fact the Google scans the content on these sites and pages with more rigour. The trick to overcome this hurdle is to include external links in the content. This will help in leveraging the visibility of the page or site based on the higher ranking of the other websites that the external links flow into. 

Dare to make different pointers: Almost every netizen has used a YMYL website. The experiences of everyone is not the same. With each varied experience, users draw a different inference. This point is a consequent observation made about sharing experiences. While creating content for YMYL websites, make your observations valid pointers. Make these observation pointers guidelines and content creation tips. 

Optimize on competitor reference: Correct and authentic information is the final goal: With the YMYL domain encompassing a range of domains, competitors often rely on each other. This is because content written for YMYL sites must finally deliver facts. For instance, a car seller might have to post content with references to its competitor. This might sound strange, but these instances occur. One such situation would be to give readers and potential buyers more reference links to read up on competitive analysis. Including competitor reference links at times also elevates the chances of a ranking if the competitor’s website is rating better.

When it comes to content creation for a YMYL site or page it is best to leave this part of the job to professionals. Hiring professional content writers to deliver reliable, authentic, and well-researched content will bring in credibility to the site. The process of building trust is never easy. It is harder to maintain that trust. Hence, a professional content writer here will be the best help for content creation for a YMYL site.   


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