10 SMM Trends 2022 to attract maximum leads

SMM Trends

Surveys conducted by Global Digital in 2021 show that 46% of Internet users primarily search for goods on social networks. The pandemic also contributed to this by stimulating population registration on popular Internet platforms, increasing the number of their users by half a billion people. As a result, by the middle of 2021, 54% of the inhabitants of the planet had their accounts on social networks. So we suggest you be in the mainstream of online commerce methods and explore the SMM trends of 2022 to attract maximum leads.

Chatbot expansion continues

Voice assistants and chatbots are taking over more and more functions in the online store. Their setup and training is a long and laborious process, but the result does not keep you waiting. Even write my essay services use them to communicate with the client to stay in touch 24/7.

Four reasons to “get” a chatbot in your online store

What attracts users to chat-bots:

  • 24/7 service;
  • no need to wait for an answer;
  • the ability to ask an infinite number of questions.
  • The importance of the company’s speed of response to user requests has recently increased dramatically. This is due to the emergence of quality client-oriented services on the market, providing solutions to problems within seconds. They set the standard which, in the opinion of users, every online store should now follow.

As a result, chatbots and voice-activated assistants should be able to pull up their capabilities in 2022 and start making real sales, not just informing people about prices or the online store’s opening hours.

Video Marketing

The video content format will continue to gain popularity in 2022. According to a Biteable survey, 60% of e-commerce companies are already using video format for advertising, and 74% of SMM marketers believe it is more cost-effective than text or photo content. So it’s worth it to be on trend and focus your SMM programs on video marketing in 2022.


User-generated content is in vogue

What’s the point of constantly creating expensive content for advertising, if you can use consumers’ imagination and hands for a small fee? This technology is called User generated content (UGC) and is also one of the SMM trends of 2022.

The essence of UGC is the following:

  • The customer buys your product and gets positive vibes from it.
  • The buyer posts feedback on his social networks about the experience of buying and using the product.
  • The seller reposts the buyer’s publication for their own promotional purposes.
  • Such advertising increases trust in the product and brand many times over, which means your product will be the one chosen for purchase.

More than 82% of big brands use UGC in their SMM-strategy, because subscribers react on 28% more often on such “live” posts than on emasculated official advertising publications.

Visualizing product features

It’s not just video content that can entice customers. Some people simply don’t have time to watch videos, but they need more detailed information on the appearance of the product. In such a situation, high-quality 3D projections, charts, diagrams, visual comparisons and similar tools come to the rescue.

Visualization allows customers to quickly perceive the necessary information about the appearance, price trends and popularity of this or that product model. Also the ability to quickly assess the product with high quality content sharply reduces the number of doubts the buyer in choosing where to buy.

That is why high-quality 3D images began to appear more often in promotional posts in 2021. And next year will only reinforce this trend.

Influencers continue to gain strength

Influencers are people who influence the views of fairly large audiences. And if earlier this term referred only to Internet bloggers, now it has spread to the sphere of show business, public figures and just famous personalities. And even if a popular singer advertises a certain food processor in his social network, its sales are guaranteed to increase.

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For example, according to the research, 63% of young people aged 13-24 are willing to buy a product promoted by their favorite blogger on YouTube. At the same time, 48% would make a purchase on the advice of a TV star. As you can see from this study, trust is easily converted into profit if you approach it professionally.

So be on SMM Trends and be sure to use Influencers for SMM promotion of your product in 2022.


The trend for automation in the field of SMM in 2022 will only increase, and before the peak is not even visible. The use of artificial intelligence in sales analytics and user behavior is gaining momentum, and in the near future this tool will be joined by neural networks and quantum technologies.

Amazon and Google are fully using these technologies to develop their products. But the use of tools based on artificial intelligence is already available to ordinary SMM-managers. For example, many sites offer their own analytical tools for analyzing the expectations, habits and actions of users of marketplaces.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to automate the decision-making process in areas such as keyword selection, advertising mailings, providing product recommendations, and others.

Automated social media analytics can also identify ways to increase brand appeal and better target advertising.

Gamification and interactivity

Simple games and elementary activities will actively join the fight for the client’s attention in 2020 in SMM Trends . These include:

  • surveys;
  • quizzes;
  • online calculators;
  • Interactive 3D models;
  • instant lotteries and others.

And in such activities the user should get positive not from the result, but from the process itself. After all, it is important for companies that the user does not just get a positive emotion or a material bonus, but also wants to share his experience with his friends.

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