11 Most Popular Online Games to Play With Your Friends

online games

Coronavirus pandemic has made all of us stay in our houses for the longest time now. And we cannot see anytime soon if the situations will return to normal. When the nationwide lockdown started, many people tried to come up with new plans for spending time. However, now that it has been a long time since then, everyone has run out of ideas.

Because of no new ideas, most people can be seen repeating the eat-and-sleep cycle every day. Not only is that boring, but it also frustrates their minds out. So they need to divert their minds by keeping it busy. One of the best rescues of this problem is video games. Especially when you can connect and play with your loved ones online, it is the most exciting pastime. Here we have bought 11 popular online games that you can play with your friends or family while maintaining the quarantine time. 

 online games

If you want to brush up your vocabulary skills while spending some fun time online with friends, this is the correct game for you. The game lets you exercise your brain with its one-on-one gameplay and competitive modes. Also, if you don’t want to play online games with friends, you can opt for the Solo challenge and play against fictional characters. 

  • Scrabble GO

Another smart word game on the list. Nowadays, you might be spending those family nights on video chats. So you can incorporate this game for the nights that you pass online with your family. It will be an enjoyable pastime for the moments that you all fall silent. It also keeps your brain running while giving you a feeling that you are with your family. 

  • Fortnite

If you are regular on video game platforms, you might already be playing this game. But unlike other online games, this one has three unique qualities.

  • It is a family-friendly battle royale game that you can play with all members of your family or with the whole group of friends. 
  • The game evolves continuously. That means you get new challenges, maps, and equipment now and then, which keeps the game exciting. 
  • You do not need a video game console to play this game. You can play it on your PC or mobile. 
  • NBA 2k20

online games

The NBA 2k20 game is the perfect compensation for the delay in the real-life NBA season. If you have the Xbox Game Pass, you can play this game for free. Otherwise, you need to pay a little amount for buying the game. You can assemble all your friends and family and divide them into separate teams to compete against each other. The most exciting part about the game is that players of all ages can participate in it, as they have to play while sitting in one place. 

  • Tetris 99

Tetris has always been in the gaming market for as far as we can see. Tetris 99 is the Nintendo Switch version of the game that allows multiplayer gameplay. There is a group of 99 people who compete against each other in the game. Every two lines that you manifest in your game are sent to any of your competitors. The competitor can be one of the following:

  • Random
  • The one attacking you
  • The one closest to death
  • The one nearest to victory
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You can play it for free with a Nintendo Online Pass.

  • League of Legends

The name, League of Legends, might bring a lot of memories in your mind. At some point in time, this stood as one of the most popular online games. However, it still has the potential to return to your favorite games’ list. You can choose from the three map ranges according to the number of players. There are over 130 game characters to choose from so that you never get bored of playing. You will also enjoy the special limited-time events that are presented by the developers now and then. You will also enjoy the special limited-time events that are presented by the developers now and then. Moreover, you can also buy lol accounts to get to higher ranks in no time.

  • PUBG

online games

PlayerUnknow’s BattleGrounds, or better known as PUBG, was a popular game even before the lockdown started. And the quarantine has given people time to explore the game even more. The best part about it is that you can enjoy the game with as many people as you want. You can select different game modes and enjoy playing with all your family and friends. 

  • UNO

UNO is the perfect game for a family night, or a friends’ get together. But with the lockdowns, none of them are happening any time soon. Not to worry, developers have included UNO in the list of online games. So now you can play the game with your family and friends over video calls. The online version includes classic UNO and a 2v2 gameplay mode, which you can choose accordingly. 

  • 8 Ball Pool

When 8 Ball Pool came into the online games market, it became one of the most popular games. The one on one multiplayer game allows you to enjoy the fun of playing Pool while sitting on your couch or bed. 

  •  Clue

online games

The classic mystery board game is now one of the online platforms. You can choose from the solo or multiplayer game mode according to the number of players that you have. It costs around $3.99 on both Google Play and App Store. With lots of choices, this game will keep you busy throughout the quarantine. 

  •  Pokemon Go

When the game first got released in the market, many people were seen roaming here and there to catch unique pokemon. Now that no one can come near your house, you can catch all the pokemon available in your reachable areas. You can compete with your friends and check which of you found the best pokemon throughout their day. It will also provide you an excuse to get up from the bed and roam around a bit. 

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With these eleven online games, you can spend all the time at home without getting bored. Even if you are on ‘work from home,’ you can take small breaks to play the games and return to your work with a fresh mood and mind. These multiplayer games will also help you with keeping in touch with your loved ones. So get started, play these online games, and stay away from the coronavirus. 

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