11 Places Where People Are Planning to Travel in 2021

11 Places Where People Are Planning to Travel in 2021

Who doesn’t love traveling and exploring the world? Especially after going through the pandemic, more and more people are planning to travel in 2021. So if you’re already searching, booking, and dreaming about your future holidays, this article can help you select a place. If you’re planning to travel in 2021, there might be a lot of queries regarding the trip. You would want a location that’s both safe and adventurous.

The good news is that the travel industry has come up with various policies and procedures to ensure travelers have all the knowledge before planning for their next trip. No matter what your taste, there are many great places that you can visit in 2021. The options are endless and there will always be room for exploring. Are you a nature lover, a foodie, or someone crazy about architecture? In this article, you’ll know the top holiday destinations that people must visit in 2021.

Costa Rica

In between the pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea, there lies a country known as Costa Rica. It is home to more than 6% of the world’s biodiversity. It is best known for its eco-initiatives, plants, wildlife, seas, and many more. If you’re someone who likes to explore nature, this place is for you. You’ll see misty cloud forests, beaches, volcanoes, medicinal plants, etc.

In Costa Rica, you can go for hikes and watch the sunsets. You can also book a tour with the people of the tribe and they’ll guide you through their land. In the sea, you can spot bull-sharks, hammerheads, and white tips. In short, this place is perfect to spend a relaxing yet adventurous holiday.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This city is one of the most populous in the USA. It’s a place that you should not miss going to. The nightlife is amazing and there are many tourist spots you must visit. It is attractive and full of entertainment. This place offers many great activities such as theme parks, movie studios, landmarks museums, etc.

You’ll also find new restaurants and hotels serving amazing food. Moreover, limo paradise NV offers a comfortable ride to your location. Make sure to check out their services before planning to travel in 2021.

The Berkshires, USA

The mountainous region of the Berkshires is a three-hour drive from New York City and Boston. This place is slowly reinventing itself. It is well-known for farmlands and creativity. Travelers can have a good time exploring this city. For instance, artsy places like Mass MoCa or museums by Frank Gehry and Jean Nouvel.

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Chania, Greece

The island of Chania is the perfect holiday location. This city on the north-west coast of the Greek island is providing amazing food with breathtaking views. From tiny seaside cafes to fine dining, everything here is magical. They serve famous lemon artichoke pizzas, deep-fried coxinhas, and fish soup which are to die for.

Other than that, its candy-floss beaches are perfect for an island escape. They have an Ottoman-influenced harbor and historic hotels to stay. Travelers thoroughly enjoy the spaghetti cobble-stoned streets and incredible water views through their rooms. Besides, you’ll find the best cozy restaurants hidden in mountains or near the sea.


A country in central Europe, Slovenia is home to Europe’s cheapest ski resort. It has a small population and rich culture. It is best known for its mountainous region, turquoise rivers, and glacier-fed lakes. This is the best place to add to your travel list.

Lake Bled is Croatia’s most famous landmark. This touristy spot is peaceful and consists of wide-open spaces. Moreover, the town of Bled has a church topped islet and a fairy tale castle that tourists must visit.

The Kimberley, Australia

In the north-western region of Australia, the Kimberley should be on the top of your list. The blood-red and aquamarine seas with sharks and saltwater crocodiles can give you a thrilling experience. It is home to vast seas as well as landscapes.

Moreover, it’s a huge place, almost 3 times the size of England. Here you can go Heli hiking to uncover ancient rock art or explore the horizontal falls. Besides, camping, cliff-jumping, and surfing are other options.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai would be the site of the Middle East’s first World Expo which will launch in October 2021. Therefore, it is going to be one of the top tourist destinations in 2021. It has hotels, cafes, and malls with amazing architecture and interior that attracts millions of tourists each year. The two most famous cities are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is home to the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

Other than that, you can visit palm resorts and beaches. Visit the old Dubai museum built in 1787 and explore the rich Arab culture by visiting the Sharjah Art Museum. Dubai desert safari is yet another adventurous experience for tourists. Moreover, you can hire a limo and make your traveling more convenient and comforting.

United Arab Emirates

Accra, Ghana

This is Africa’s brightest city that lies on the Atlantic coast. When it comes to art. Music, and fashion, this is where you must visit. It has a recent collaboration with Dior’s most recent menswear of the spring-summer season 2021. They are known for innovative artists and galleries. This city has a famous Nkrumah’s mausoleum charting the life of Ghana’s first president.

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Moreover, it is famous for the colorful Makola market. Tourists can shop and explore the bazaar. It also has some amazing golden sand beaches such as the Labadi beach and Kokrobite beach.

Amazon Rainforest

This amazon forest represents 10% of the planet’s known animal and plant species. It stretches from north-western Brazil to Peru, Colombia, and other parts of South America. It has incredible woodlands, riverways, and known as the lungs of the Earth. Here you can have numerous adventurous activities such as bedding on local houseboats or camping in the jungle.

Additionally, you can spot rare wildlife such as pink dolphins, jaguars, and spider monkeys. The best time is to visit during the wet season, February to May. When you visit during the mating season, you’ll find migratory birds and greenery.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is a truly world-class cultural city. It is known best for magnificent architecture, museums, concert venues, and galleries. The newest art museum Amos Rex is a combination of both art and urban culture. While the Finnish Art Gallery showcases the work of international artists. If you’re an art lover, make sure to visit this place at least once.

Moreover, the city has sea pools on the South harbor as well as outdoor museums where traditional celebrations take place. It has amazing waterfront dining spots, cafes, and restaurants. In short, a perfect experience for tourists.

Oaxaca City, Mexico

From food to textiles, everything in Oaxaca runs through their heritage. They have a collection of finely made handicrafts, colorful cotton textiles, and handmade basketwork by local craftspeople. You can hire a local guide to explore the city’s delights.

They offer trips with local artisans and can arrange impressive food, drink, and crafts tours for you. They make world-famous cocktails and corn whiskey.


Perhaps, 2020 was the year when you had plans to explore the top holiday destinations of the world. But, after the widespread coronavirus, the world had to take a breath and reinvent itself. Travel restrictions continue to exist in various countries to slow the spread of Covid-19.

However, people are planning to travel in 2021 for a relatively safer type of travel. It is not likely to change unless there is a vaccine. So, people are traveling with strict precautionary measures and social distance. In conclusion, if you require inspiration for your next escape, consider the top holiday destinations mentioned above. Read and discover where you’d like to visit next.

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