2020 Tesla Model Y: What’s New and All You Need to Know

Tesla Model Y


Tesla has always been ambitious with its productions. While Tesla’s finances are not in a safe state right now, because Model 3 has just hit the market, it is already preparing for the production of the crossover SUV, Tesla Model Y. Just like the Model 3, the Model Y will be offering features like 300 miles of range, speeding up 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and seating for seven.

The crossover SUV has fully electric propulsion. It didn’t need much effort from Tesla’s side as this model shares most of the features from the Model 3’s proven platform. The interiors too look almost the same as those of the Model 3’s. The interior is a minimalist design with a 15-inch display screen that is horizontally oriented. This design is not bad at all except for the point that the touch screen controls are not friendly for the driver as they can cause a distraction to him/her.

The Cabin 

The cabin has enough space to fit in five adults, two in the first row and three in the second. Though the seats of the third row are comparatively small, they can still be a point of interest for many people. As compared to the other small crossovers, Tesla Model Y also consists of a moderate-sized cargo area with 66 cubic feet capacity, which is combined between the rear cargo area and the provided front trunk.

Till now, the Model S and Model 3 of Tesla have already proven to be a great hit in the market. They have made more sales than most of the competitor luxury brands. But, brands like BMW, Volvo and Ford are also seen to be preparing for their electric cars. So, only time will tell if Tesla Model Y will be able to stick in the market in front of them or not.

Now, let’s get into the specifications of the car.


Tesla Model Y

The crossover SUV, Tesla Model Y is said to be almost similar to Model 3. But there are some minor changes that make it different from the older model. Here are the differences:

  • Model Y is 344 lbs more in weight than Model 3.
  • It has 309 higher GVWR.
  • Cargo capacity is diminished by 35 lbs.
  • Model Y is 2.2 inches longer, 2.8 inches wider and 7 inches taller than Model 3.
  • The ground clearance is better with an extend of 1.1 inches.
  • The wheelbase is longer by 0.6 inches.
  • Headroom and legroom have also been increased by 0.7/1.7 inches and 0.9/5.3 inches in front and rear respectively.
  • As Model 3 has a three-box configuration and the new Model Y has a hatchback configuration, the cargo volume has significantly increased by 53 cubit feet.
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The shoulder room, weight distribution and zero towing capacity are the same in both the models. Now let’s get into some of the other specifications of the Model Y.


Tesla Model Y

Model Y has some remarkable safety features like,

. Active Cruise Control

This helps in maintaining a set gap between the tesla car and another car that it is following. When the gap becomes less than the set limit, the car stops automatically and when the gap is increased, it starts following it again.

. Lane Keeping Assist

There are times when the driver doesn’t realize that the car is drifting off the lane. The Tesla Model Y warns the driver in such cases and if the driver doesn’t respond, it pulls the steering to get back in the lane.

. Automatic Emergency Braking

Immediately warns in case of a front impact and if the driver fails to respond in time, it automatically applies the brake.


The Tesla Model Y will be available in three price ranges:

  • Standard Range, that will be available at $40,200.
  • Long Range, that will be available at $49,200.
  • Performance Range, that will be available at 62,200.

The different features it will offer in these ranges will only be known when the car hits the market. But going for the Long Range model will be a safe option.


Tesla Model Y

The Long and Performance ranges will be launching first. They both will come with all-wheel drive. And as it has been compared to Model 3, it is expected to be sporty and quick.


Just like Model 3, the infotainment functions will be handled by the 15-inch display provided in the mid of the dashboard. Things like speedometer and climate control will be displayed on this screen, which makes it a little tough for the driver to keep track on. It is also expected to offer functions like Hulu, Netflix, video games and Youtube apps. These entertainment functions will help people in killing their time while the car will be charging at a public charging station. Also, the plus point is that the drivers cannot use these functions while the car is in motion.

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Here is the comparison of Model Y with some of its competitors:

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model Y

Model X is a mid-sized SUV and it might not be able to match the compact status of Model Y. But because of size, it has extra volume in interior and cargo. It is considerably high in price as compared to Model Y.

Tesla Model 3

The one we have been comparing Model Y with can be its biggest competitor. Only two benefits of Model 3 over Y are its price and availability. While the price difference is not much, availability can be a problem. Another point to consider is that the need of 7 seats, as Model Y, provides that.


BMW X3 is a compact luxury SUV that does not offer electric power. The considerable points are its comfortable interior and ample cargo volume. But Model Y leaves it behind with the third row and some of the luxurious touches.


As the market is hot about SUVs and crossovers, the Tesla Model Y should be a hit too, like the older ones. It would be best well-rounded Testa yet. Model Y will be a great car and it might be proven to be a really important vehicle for Tesla. What’s your say on this? Did you like it as per design and features? Tell us in the comment box.

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