3 PDFBear Features to Efficiently Manage Your Electronic Files

PDFBear Features

PDFBear is the most portable file format that most people use. It doesn’t consume much storage of whatever device you’re using. That’s why many people are downloading files in PDF format in their smartphones. Hence, they’ll enjoy the convenience of accessing their electronic files on their mobile phones. 

However, you might have a lot of PDF files that you deal with every day as part of your job. Because of that, you’ll need an online file management platform that will help you with effective electronic file management. That’s why PDFBear is made available online for public use to significantly help you with your file management needs

To know more about the different useful features of PDFBear, read the details below thoroughly. You’ll surely learn how each feature works to be of great help to manage and organize all of your electronic files. 

Converts PDF Files

If you have many PDF files that you deal with every day at work, you might have experienced looking for a particular file format that isn’t available on your computer or smartphone. In this case, you’ll be needing a conversion tool to give you the file format you need. Don’t worry because PDFBear can provide you with a solution to your problem in a stress-free way. 

PDFBear has a feature that will let you access its file conversion tool online. If you need an online PDF converter to process conversion to other file formats like jpg or png, you can access the official website of PDFBear to use its tools for free. 

Besides that, you can also convert your files in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel to pdf format. There are many conversion options that you can choose, depending on what file format you need. Hence, file conversion using PDFBear is simple and easy. 

Organizes PDFBear Files

Dealing with many electronic files in PDF format requires your organization skills. It’ll be an additional workload for you when you look for a particular file in a disorderly computer folder. It might take time to find the file that may cause you stress and annoyance. Hence, PDFBear is now available online to help people go through with this problem. 

PDFBear has a feature that can merge different electronic documents into one single file. That’s why you can join similar files together in your computer folder. You can combine multiple files of similar content, purpose, or creation date. You can group your files in a useful categorization, which you find convenient and easy to remember. 

When you change your mind in the future and remove one document from the merged files, the PDFBear online will also help you process your request. Using this feature of PDFBear, you’ll surely organize your electronic files properly. When you have thousands of files in your hard drive, it’ll become hundreds that are easier to manage and organize. 

Optimizes PDFBear Files

PDFBear has a Compress feature that will make a PDF file minimize its file storage. The tool will compress the file, making it smaller in size without affecting the electronic file’s quality. There are other file management platforms online, but not all can keep its quality after the compression process. 

Besides that, PDFBear has a Repair feature used to do repairs on damaged or corrupted PDF files. You only have to upload the damaged files on the Repair PDF tool online. The system will analyze and fix the files. However, there might be some files that are impossible to repair. It could be because of the technical error or a computer virus. 

However, for those damaged ones that can still be fixed, PDFBear can still do the process. When it’s done, you can download the repaired files on your computer hard drive. 


PDFBear is a smart system in helping you manage and organize your electronic files most conveniently. If you haven’t tried once, it’ll be better for you to start experiencing and enjoying all of the benefits stated above for each feature of PDFBear for your electronic files. 

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