4 Different Animal-Related Emojis that You Should Know About

Animal Emojis

Due to technological advancement, many people use different emojis to convey their ideas. Emojis are symbols or visual representations that have particular meanings or interpretations. The use of emojis is quite common on any social media platform. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. 

Some emojis convey different emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, and even mean different values, like unity, peace, respect, and many more. In fact, almost anything can be represented by a particular emoji. Hence, read the details of different emojis below, which are related to animals. Be familiar with their meanings and learn how and when to use each one of them. 

Goat Emoji

The goat emoji is one of the animal-related emojis people commonly use today. It became a qualified emoji and part of Unicode 6.0 that was successfully introduced last 2010. The emoji is represented by an image of a goat standing on its four feet facing to the left direction with a little color yellow on its head. 

The goat emoji is actually an acronym of GOAT, which means the “Greatest Of All Times.” Hence, this emoji is used by many people to show their appreciation or admiration towards someone highly skilled or talented in doing something that mostly outperforms others. You can simply add a goat emoji with your written message to someone, and that would mean something making him or her smile. 

Panda Emoji

The panda emoji is another animal-related emoji represented by a white face of a panda with the color black around its eyes and its ears in the same color.  Some people use this emoji to mean being affectionate, friendly, or sweet to someone. The panda emoji has been successfully approved and became part of Unicode 6.0 last 2010. 

Kangaroo Emojis

The kangaroo emoji is represented by an image of a kangaroo in yellowish-brown color, facing its left direction with pointed and big ears. This emoji has been approved and successfully became part of Unicode 11.00. Kangaroos are known to be strong animals, especially male ones. Hence, this symbol signifies strength and power.

If you send a kangaroo emoji that’s paired with a koala emoji, you’re telling people that you’re interested or planning to visit Australia pretty soon. However, if you want to send it with a boxing glove emoji to your friends, it means that you’re angry, and you’re ready to fight with someone else anytime and anywhere. 

Rat Emojis

The rat emoji is an exciting emoji that many people use for various reasons. The symbol is represented by an image of a big rat, facing its left direction with its tail in front and its big protruding eyes. The rat emoji has many interesting interpretations. When you send it to someone, it means you’re talking about a person who can do something wrong or bad behind your back. 

Many people use this emoji to indirectly talk about various topics related to betrayal, disloyalty, deception, and many other things. Hence, if you encounter these intriguing issues in the future, you can use this rat emoji on your next post or stories on social media.


The use of emojis has been known to many people nowadays, especially when social media started to peak in popularity worldwide. As previously mentioned, emojis are symbols that convey particular meanings and interpretations. The list of emojis discussed above is only a few of those available online. If you haven’t tried to use any yet, you better explore the capacity of emojis in relaying and conveying your ideas, emotions, and anything you want to share with other people.


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