5 Reasons TikTok Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan for Growth


TikTok came in like a breath of fresh air in the world that is mostly dominated by Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. The platform aimed to leverage the ever-decreasing attention span of users by providing them with short-form content that encouraged viewers to replay the content, as they are kept wanting for more.

If you are a marketing strategist, leaving out TikTok from your marketing plan is definitely a no-brainer. From where things stand right now, TikTok is poised to be the advertising king of recent times. Therefore, it is critical for the success of your marketing strategy to leverage the platform for instilling growth in your enterprise.

Here are the top 5 reasons that will definitely compel you to leverage TikTok for energizing the growth metrics of your business. Let’s get right into it!

5 Compelling Reasons to Adopt TikTok for Marketing

  1. TikTok Videos Garner Massive Engagement

Advertising expenditure doesn’t pay off until users actively utilize the app. Eighty percent of TikTok users are active on the app several times each day, and a majority of those users spend over an hour each session using the app, which yields extremely high levels of engagement.

People stick around on TikTok for a long time, for whatever reason. Although it is not universally accepted, some believe it is because the material has an aura of authenticity—something that legacy social media channels find difficult to duplicate.

People who have a connection to the content are more likely to react to advertising that is directed to them. In addition, noninvasive advertising prevails.

Indeed, millennials and younger Generation Z’ers alike are fed up with advertisements. More than two-thirds of internet users use an ad blocker while they are online. However, because customers on TikTok tend to be more engaged, brands have the unique opportunity to advocate for their customers’ interests instead of using sales-centric marketing techniques.

  1. Immense Potential for Viral Marketing

Utilizing TikTok to get the word out about your company is one of the most exciting aspects of using the app. You may go from zero fans to hundreds of thousands, even millions of fans overnight with a good video. There are no other social platforms that allow such fast and widespread virality.

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What exactly is going on? Instagram is a place where posts are meticulously constructed and arranged to get the most likes, while on TikTok, videos are spontaneous and carefree. Concise videos tend to have a short attention span, and the vast majority of videos become viral within hours.

It’s possible to sign up for and start using the platform without ever having used it before. All you have to do is post once, and you’ll see millions of views in return.

TikTok users are absorbed in fresh material, instead of passively following particular people and being confined to their content. You will get a “for you” page that shows the information the app decides you would enjoy. Your brand is able to connect with new audiences easily, and it’s essential to helping your business grow.

  1. TikTok has a Massive Audience

The audience is everything because, without them, all your efforts are wasted. TikTok’s viewership is huge and expanding, which is why it’s a great platform to promote your business.

According to latest marketing report, TikTok is now accessible in over 150 countries, with the support of 75 languages. There are 850 million active users each month across the globe, reading, browsing, watching, and learning.

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, TikTok’s viewership is anticipated to continue to increase. Countries across the world are in varying stages of lockdown, and millions of individuals are searching for ways to fill their leisure time.

They’re reducing their out-of-home activities, reducing their consumption of restaurant meals, and increasing their in-home activities by engaging with digital gadgets.

Even if we can’t physically visit shops, we are still purchasing. Online expenditure is on the rise, and online marketing is influencing the entire market in new ways. TikTok is affecting consumers’ purchasing choices, and it is even having an impact on what they buy.

  1. TikTok has Massive Potential for Humor Marketing

Brands frequently struggle with their voice, trying to find a good balance between being genuine and aware of the latest marketing trends. TikTok provides a break from this, recognizing and rewarding those who present their brands honestly and unedited.

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Because it gives marketers the flexibility to test new campaigns, expand on previous tactics in new ways, and develop creative material that reveals a more personal aspect, this honest ‘pull the curtains back’ perspective is relatable and appealing to the TikTok community.

By utilizing a somewhat off-brand sense of humor, the NBA entertained 3.8 million TikTok fans. Numerous NBA workers upload multiple times each day, receiving millions of views for films that are completely devoid of creativity. It got 3.2 million views on National Cake Day by using mascots to toss cake in people’s faces.

  1. TikTok Promises Brand Discovery

Burberry, Guess, and the Washington Post evaluated the worth of TikTok marketing, and these companies found that it was effective. But how does it help small businesses? Do those without a huge following on TikTok have a place? Of course. Here is why.

With today’s ways of using social media, people’s behavior is changing. When we first joined, we logged on to keep up with what everyone else was doing and to talk with pals.

We are now dedicating a great deal of time to passive surfing, often known as “lurking” around random websites. In other words, passive browsing is about helping others find things, and your business receives attention in the process.

Today’s customers want to be entertained; therefore, they spend several hours every day watching TikTok videos. As they make their journey, they come across companies that have large followings, and those that have a small following.

It is a good sign for companies that want to increase their brand recognition, and an excellent opportunity for forward-thinking marketers to do something new.


So, after witnessing all of the enormous potentials of marketing on TikTok, where would you want to begin? It may seem daunting at first, but once you take the leap and post your first, well-crafted video on the platform, there is absolutely no going back! The benefits and rewards that TikTok entails are virtually unparalleled in the latest marketing dynamic.

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