5 Things To Do With Broken iPhone Screen

iPhone screen

Mobile phones are an essential part of everyone’s life nowadays. People can easily live without going out of their houses, but can’t spend even an hour without their phones. When they are spending so much time with this device, they have to make sure that these devices provide them with a smooth and friendly interface. One of the most user-friendly interfaces in the market is the iPhone screen interface.

Despite the high cost, people go phone iPhones because of its ‘easy to glide-in’ interface and unbeatable security. But high costs does not guarantee of no-accidents. Phone accidents can happen anytime with anyone. The moment someone drops their iPhone by mistake, their heart skips a beat. While picking their phones back, they wish the damage to be minimal.

Protect iPhones

iPhone screen

Prevention is better than cure, everybody has heard this. This is true in the case of iPhones too. While buying new iPhones, people should secure it with a protecting case and screen protector. There are many cases available for iPhones in the market, go for the one that encapsulates the phone completely and protects it in case of a fall.

If the phone is already broken, there are four options to consider. But before that,

Take Care

The iPhone screen is made of glass and when it breaks, there are chances that small pieces of the glass may spread here and there. So a person should make sure that they do not hurt themselves or anyone else with sharp broke glass ends. Because their health and safety are more important than any mobile phone.

Here are some options that people can consider in case their iPhone screen is shattered.

Analyze the Condition

Analyze the phone to see how much damage has been caused to the iPhone screen. The amount of damage will decide any further action to be taken. Like if the crack is just a hairline one, Apple might be able to provide a free screen replacement or might cost very little amount fo it.

Use It Broken

If the damage is minimal and the person is running low on money, then they can avoid going for a new phone and use the broken one for a while. But before deciding for using it broken, make sure that there are no sharp edges of the glass that might harm.

Get It Repaired

iPhone screen

This is the best option to make the phone look like a new one without even spending a fortune. Also, there are multiple repair options available.


Apple provides easy repair of an iPhone screen. Also, if the person has invested in Apple’s AppleCare+ program, they can also get it repaired in very less cost. There are two ways of doing this, one is going to an authorized Apple store and second is to mail the broken iPhone to Apple. While the first way can get the phone repaired almost instantly, the second way can take up to one or two weeks.

Local Repair Shops

Getting the iPhone screen repaired at an Apple store can be a little costly. So, another option is to go to the local repair shops and get it repaired. Earlier, repair parts of iPhones were available exclusively on Apple stores, But after iPhones became more popular, more local repair shops started keeping these parts.

While this option is cost-friendly, it also has some future risks. Using 3rd party repair parts can affect getting the phone exchanged or repaired by Apple in the future. Also, there is no guarantee of the technician working at that shop.

Mail-in Services

There are certain services that provide the iPhone’s Mail-In repair. This is convenient for people who cannot find repair shops near them. The only flaw of this service is its slow processing. The repair can take many days or even weeks.

In-House Repair

iPhone screen


This is the best option available for the repair of the iPhone Screen. Many companies send their well-skilled professionals to people’s houses to repair their broken phones. With these services, the iPhone screen can be repaired on the spot without any hassle of going to the repair shops and waiting there. Also, these services are cheaper than those provided by Apple and also provide better warranties.

Now, what can be better than getting the phone repaired while chilling at home?

Replace The Phone

Some people do not prefer getting their broke iPhone Screen repaired because of two reasons, one being that they find it better to invest their money in a new phone than in repairing the older one. And second is that their iPhones were old and they were long due for updates.

For them, getting a new phone is a good option. They can also look for any exchange offers they can get on the broken phone. Even if the exchange cost will be less, there is no use of keeping a broken phone either.

Give It To Someone

If the phone is still in working condition and the person has already planned to buy a new one, then the phone can be given to someone who might be able to use it.


iPhone screen

If no option seems to be working, then the broken phone can be given for recycling. As most of the people are not aware of the recycling of their electronic devices, this is not a popular option. But this can be considered as it ensures safe disposal of old devices. People can also give their iPhones back to Apple under their Apple Trade-In policy and get it recycled.

Things To Remember

As mobile phones have become a crucial part of people’s lives, they keep almost all their important data on their phones. If a person is going for repairing their broken iPhone screen, they should make sure that their phone is protected and that no personal data is accessible by the repairing technician. And if they are going for a replacement or recycling process, they should remember to back up the data and then erase everything from the phone.

This will make sure that the repair or replacement can be done without any danger of giving away the data into the wrong hands.


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