5 Tips To Redesign Logistics For Improved Inventory Control

redesign logistics

Inventory control is a crucial part of every industry including logistics. Without effective inventory control measures, the supply chain and logistics management may suffer. If your business is unable to cater to the needs of the customers and deliver them the required service or products on time, it is sure to have a negative impact on the image of your business. Besides setting up the business, it demands to look after better logistics control for offering quality and timely delivery. If your logistics team is operating correctly, it does not mean that the team is an efficient one. Read the following part of the article to grasp better insight into how to redesign logistics that will help to make the logistics team an efficient one.

Consider directing to store

There is no point in storing items for weeks or months in storage. Instead, it is better to ship it directly to the concerned store or the customers as soon as possible. If you store the item without shipping, it may get damaged over time. This way, it is also possible to save space of the warehouse without storing unnecessary items. This helps deliver the items faster to the customers. Based on the client’s feedback, it shall help to redesign logistics if necessary. Also, you can know about the best distribution channels and make changes in the ordering patterns as required so that you can deliver items to the customers in a quick time.

Know the right size to fit in the items

redesign logistics

Most of the companies try to fit in all the items in one storage place. But you may not try these tactics. If you have better ways to redesign logistics, try with it for better outcomes. One-size may not be suitable as it includes the supply chain, logistics management, and order inventory along with the distribution of the products. In this regard, it is important to consider some elements that are listed below.

  • Knowing the size of the company
  • Number of team members required to offer distribution a smooth going one
  • Better coordination between the suppliers and the working team
  • Adopting different shipping method to redesign logistics and better order of inventory control

Therefore, it is important to analyze the condition of your organization, finances and objectives that shall help determine the logistics operation for a better supply chain and well maintenance of the warehouse. You have to plan things that will work better for your logistics team. If you want to redesign logistics, look at what is working better for your team and continue with that.

Try to know about the number of transportation method available

If you wish to redesign logistics, try to find out the number of transportation methods available. You can ship the items via plane, sea, large freight system and the like. Know which method will work best for your team before you start the process. If you succeed, it is better to deploy it for your company. As per the size of the warehouse, it may be difficult to redesign logistics to accomplish some deliveries. You have to adopt the ways in which you can try to improve the process and save money. Depending on the infrastructure of the company, you have to decide about the shipping method that works best for your company. Never limit your chances as it shall help you know better about what is suitable for your customers and the company.

Try to be flexible with company works

To redesign logistics, you have to adopt the flexible functioning of your company. There can be different ways like near-shore, onshore, and the like. For this, try to be flexible when it comes to storing and delivering items to your esteemed customers. However, you have to set the logistics system in such a way that it becomes easy to ship globally, within the country on different scales easily.

Try to maintain the flexible working of the company that shall help you get easy to the alternative avenues with the possibility of getting the highest output and offering better products to the customers. Even to deliver items faster, you have to adopt a different approach than the usual ones. This is possible if only the company is a flexible one, and it can also save in the process. With an open taste, it shall help you use most of the approaches available. By maintaining a suitable line of communication with your partners, you can achieve objectives faster.

Benefits of a green network

redesign logistics

Instead of sending items via large trucks and freight vehicles, try to avail intermodal opportunities that have gained popularity in most of the industries. The green and eco-friendly mode of shipping channel can help the company to work smoothly. So, go through the options properly and try to know which one will work efficiently for your company. When choosing a shipment channel, check whether it shall help save money in the process. However, the green approach that you consider will be suitable for your company and make the shipment task easy for you. To integrate shipment and inventory control better, try to work in coordination with the logistics team.

Choosing the right inventory control tips

By choosing the right inventory control method for the business along with suitable business policies, you have to ensure that the processes are followed by the company. It shall help improve the accuracy of the inventory methods while collecting data required for a better understanding of the shipment process. Therefore, for choosing the inventory control method along with the shipping method, you have to ensure that it goes with the current condition of the company. Also, the chosen methods should be suitable to meet the requirement of the valued customers of the company.

The Sum Up

The companies should opt for the latest technology methods that shall help accomplish the shipment task in a quick time. The tips mentioned above shall help you redesign the logistics system better to have better inventory control.


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