6 Big Reasons to Use Wireless Security Cams

wireless security camera

Safety starts with awareness. Awareness starts with you.

Security cameras are installed in more homes than ever, once used only in high-end homes and commercial establishments. Homeowners consider buying cameras not only for safety but for a variety of reasons that make life a little easier. You can check your pet when you’re at work with this advanced technology, see if the delivery person dropped off a package, confirm that your child is back from school, and many other reasons.

Wireless security cameras link to a household power outlet and wirelessly transmit video signals through Wi-Fi in your home. The video is saved on a memory card or in the cloud with a subscription service. You also have the option to view the video signal in real-time. A wireless surveillance camera is an example of video doorbells.

Most wireless cameras are really wireless and draw power from an internal battery. The battery can be removed for recharging in many cases or the device itself can be connected via a USB cord to a power source. Normally, wireless security camera does not require an expensive buy-in for a whole network.

You can typically start with one camera, then add as you like others.

Wireless security cams are;

• Easy to set up

• No need to open walls or ceilings

• Transportable inside or outside the home

• Easy to add additional cameras

We’ll explore 6 big reasons for using wireless security cams.


1. Nanny Cam

“Nanny cam” is a term that refers to cameras used for their children by parents to keep an eye on caregivers. To do just that, most security camera feeds can be easily set up to synchronize with a smartphone or computer. If you could use the same tool, why buy two different indoor cameras?

Home security systems tend to have their own proprietary software to display live footage of a camera, but if you have a DIY security system, you may need to find the particular brand app to access the feed (giving you less of an all-in-one experience than a conventional home security system).

While you can use indoor security cameras to track caregivers from your phone’s convenience, you can also use a wireless security camera to keep an eye on the kids themselves, whether in the other room or away from home.

2. Neighborhood Safety

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You no longer need neighborhood watches to wander the block with a flashlight; simply download an app. There are a variety of applications that integrate all participating outdoor camera footage with a shared network in a geographic location to ensure safety in the hood. It can be connected to any camera doorbell, outdoor camera or another outdoor camera for home security. You can choose what videos the app shares, and there is a message board that allows neighbors to connect with each other.

3. Natural Disaster Documentation

Insurance claims can be a nightmare when Mother Nature wreaks havoc, so use a wireless security camera to record harm caused by natural disasters. Including visual or video evidence of damage can help the insurance company assess damage more quickly and accurately so that you and your loved ones can recover from the accident more easily.

It’s important to prepare for natural disasters before they happen so you can make sure your loved ones are safe when a weather-related crisis happens, your resources are covered, and you’re prepared with a strategic emergency plan.

4. Vacation Monitoring

Making the most of your next getaway without getting stressed about what’s going on back home. You can check the entire interior and exterior of your home sweet home from anywhere in the world by simply picking up your phone. Do you need to know if the sitter of your house is doing his duties? Need to drop a package from the UPS driver? Need to make sure you don’t throw a giant party at your kids? For instant peace of mind, check your camera feed. As a bonus, it has been proven that while residents are away, security cameras minimize the risk of a home invasion.

5. Home Automation

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The features of smart home engineering are truly futuristic. Cameras such as the indoor Nest cam will notice when you’re away with the right smart home integrations and communicate with other smart devices to turn off the lights automatically or adjust the temperature after you leave the house. Once you’ve set up your smart home correctly, all this (and more) just happens.

6. Prevention of Vandals and Criminals

For all the efforts being made to fight crime, criminals continue to commit their crimes. Okay, the good news is that security cameras can help avoid accidents like this. Usually, vandals and criminals take a survey of their property before committing their act; the presence of security would make them think twice and never come back again.


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