6 Tips for Keeping Expensive Jewelry Safe While Traveling


If you love adventure, the chances are that you will hit the road, sky, or water several times during your holiday. Indeed, it is fun exploring the world alone and enjoying your gladdest moments. Being in unfamiliar places, however, increases your likelihood of losing your most valuable things.. 

Any loss or damage to your jewelry during the holiday can turn your great moments into painful memories of loss. You, of course, would not wish to experience such instances. So, when going on a vacation, think twice about carrying your expensive jewelry. 

To help you keep your expensive jewelry safe, we share common problems associated with expensive jewelry when traveling. Most importantly, we help you understand what types of vacations jewelry you can carry and how to keep them safe. Enjoy reading!. 

Problems Associated With Expensive Jewelry When Going On a Vacation

While it is great to put on your jewelry when going on a vacation, you are likely to have some problems with it if you are not careful. Knowing such issues is, therefore, important if you plan to travel with your expensive jewelry.  Here are the most common problems associated with expensive pieces of jewelry when traveling:

  • You can easily attract the attention of pickpockets
  • It can be hard to store it properly in hotels, planes, and other places 
  • You can easily forget or lose it where you may not remember
  • It can easily get knotted up or tangled as you carry your travel luggage 

Any jewelry loss is devastating and ought not to happen to you when you are on a vacation. So, you have to learn ways of avoiding any form of loss right from your preparation stage to when you arrive at your destination. Thankfully, there are proven ways to keep your expensive jewelry safe. But first, wouldn’t it be great to understand what to carry or leave at home before you start your journey? 

The Best Expensive Jewelry When Going On a Vacation

You have probably heard debates on what kind of jewelry would be the best to wear while traveling. Some argue that expensive, sentimental rings or jewelry are not suitable when traveling. Others believe that wearing fake ones can do the trick. But is it true that there is some jewelry that you should never wear? 

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You can travel to any destination wearing your favorite jewelry with some safety measures. You, however, have to observe safety and security measures to ensure that you do not lose anything. So, if you can be extra vigilant, you might not have any problem going on a vacation with your expensive diamond jewelry. If you are a bit careless, think twice. 

How To Keep Your Expensive Jewelry Safe When Going On a Vacation

You need to have plans of how to keep your expensive jewelry when going on a vacation to any destination even if they are the safest. Here are some tips that you can consider to make sure that you do not lose your wedding day diamonds and other jewelry: 

1.Use Travel Jewelry Case

If you are going on a long vacation and taking different types of diamond jewelry, you may need a case for the safety and security of your valuables. A travel jewelry case resembles a box, a roll-up bag or folio and is complete with lock. You can easily get it and it has a place for every diamond jewelry you want to keep safe. Here is how to use it: 

Watches and bracelets: put them in the designed diamond bracelet pocket and snap it closed

Rings: place them on the ring bar then snap close, so you keep them in one place 

Necklace: close the necklace clasps, fold then place it on the pocket underneath the snap the magnetic snap to keep your necklaces in place

Earrings: take the earring backings, loop each earring carefully through a hole that is on the earring bar, then put back the backings you had taken

Once all your valuables are in their right place in the case, zip it up and you are ready to travel assured of the safety and security of your diamond jewelry. 

2.Notify Your Insurance Company 

If you are a fan of the most expensive diamond jewelry, your first line of protection in case of a loss is insurance. So, make sure that your jewelry is insured, and you let your company know that you are traveling. Doing so will help you spare yourself unnecessary challenges filing for compensation. 

In addition to letting your insurance company know your travel plans, you should also report to customs about your most expensive jewelry. In most cases, depending on each country’s custom laws, travelers may have to formally report any items or goods whose value exceeds some limits, such as over ten thousand dollars. Therefore, report your high-valued jewelry to customs. 


3.Make An Inventory of the Jewelry You Are Bringing 

A visual inventory of your expensive jewelry is necessary when going on a vacation. It helps you keep your things in order and check whether you have everything with you. You need it when preparing to leave and even when traveling back home. 

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If you lose your expensive jewelry, your inventory will also be your evidence when reporting to the police. It is also pretty easy to prove ownership when you have an inventory. It is thus smart to have one for all your expensive jewelry when going on a vacation. 

4.Conceal It When Necessary 

If you happen to go on a vacation in unsafe places, please conceal your expensive jewelry. You may also walk into places with strangers or without proper security. In such areas, your best protection is to keep your things hidden. 

You should also avoid sharing information about your expensive jewelry on social media while traveling. You make yourself a target for no reason. Conceal it, and no one can take what they do not know from you. 

5.Make Use of Your Hotel’s Safe for Storage 

Good resorts and hotels often have places where clients can keep their most expensive items. Use such services instead of keeping your expensive jewelry together with your luggage where security is not assured. 

Leaving your wedding jewelry, proposal rings, and other expensive jewelry in hotel rooms exposes them to security threats. Keep anything you are not wearing and is expensive in the right place for your security. 

6.Know When It’s Time To Take It Off 

You do not have to put on expensive jewelry all the time. It is good to take it off when it is necessary for safety. You should also know which activities might not be good to take part in while wearing your expensive diamonds. For instance, you cannot wear your wedding rings when doing the following:

  • Using a hot tub or in a pool
  • While exercising 
  • When in direct sunlight 
  • Applying your bug spray or sun protection 

As always, ensure you take off your expensive ring or other types of diamonds when doing any activity that is not safe for it. You avoid unnecessary damage or loss that could easily ruin your otherwise great vacation. 


Whether going on vacation locally or outside your country, you need to keep your valuables safe. Losing your wedding sets, diamond jewelry, and other valuables can be heartbreaking. Like many other people, you want to enjoy your time instead of worrying about loss. For the safety of your valuables, take precautions. 

You have learned the risk associated with traveling with expensive jewelry. Most importantly, you now know very vital precautions that you can take to ensure your valuables are safe if you decide to bring your expensive jewelry when going on a vacation. Put them into practice to enjoy your vacation without losing precious jewelry. 

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