7 Reasons Why iPhone Is Better Than Android


The fight between iPhone and Android has always been there ever since these technologies have co-existed in the market. The users of both the devices leave no chance to downgrade each other. And it gives an excellent opportunity to the experts to keep improving these phones. But if you look into the demand of the market, you can easily find that people ask for iPhones now more than ever. Where both are equal in competition, can you guess what can be the cause for iOS being more popular? Here are seven reasons that justify this fame for this particular technology. 

  • The Top-Notch User-Interface

Talking about the very first thing that people check while buying new phones, i.e., how easily they can operate it. The reason why the user-interface plays a crucial role in today’s world is technological advancements. There are so many features that the developers need to incorporate in these little devices, that it becomes challenging to keep everything simple for the users. However, that has never been a problem for Apple’s developers. 

They ensure that you do not even need a guide to get going with any of their devices, let alone an iPhone. So no matter how naive you are with the technology, you will never have any trouble using these phones, and you can understand almost all its features within minutes of use.

  • The Faster The Better

Imagine you buy a new phone for all your rushing-hour tasks, but the phone starts lagging and runs extremely slow. Your work then becomes even more complicated rather than getting convenient. This is where iPhones beat almost all Android phones. Along with ease of use, they are speedier than Android. If you think this is a vague statement said by iPhone fans to defend their product, then you are absolutely wrong. Let us tell you that even the expert stats show that the latest A12 Bionic chip is way faster than the chipset used in Android. 

There are several videos online that show you the speed difference in both the phones. You can check them to see how exactly they differ. 

  • Security At Its Best

We all store our most crucial data on our phones, like passwords, security pins, and payment methods. At the same time, we use these devices to do internet-related tasks. Try to remember when was the last time you read the terms and conditions of an app or website before clicking “I agree”? The answer would be a long time ago or maybe never. This can land you in big trouble as these platforms can take up your information and leak it somewhere. But not when you have an iPhone in hand. 

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Apple pays special attention to its security feature, unline most of the Androids. Therefore, you need not worry about your data getting into the wrong hands. Still, it would be better if you remain careful in all the cases.  

  • iPhones Are Exclusive

Whether you say iPhone, Apple phone, or iOS, it will all indicate a single class of phones. But when you say Android, it becomes a hazy term. So you have to define the brand and the model number to tell which exact phone you are talking about. Plus, it does not matter if you spend X amount or 10X amount on Androids, it will still be called an Android phone. 

This is not just about the class or the price. The ‘exclusive’ factor also affects the software updates of the phone. Where all iPhone users get their updates in one go, Android users may have to wait for months to reach the position where its flagship phones already are. So if you do not own a Pixel, you will have to go with the older version till your brand does not pass all tests and bring you the latest features. 

  • No Bloatware Eating Up Space

This is where Apple keeps its phones clean and makes them a better experience for you. Bloatware is the carrier/third-party apps that are pre-installed on phones at the time of buying. You may or may not need these applications, but they are anyway present in the phone. You can find this issue in almost all Android phones, as they are loaded with third-party apps. On top of that, sometimes, the interface does not allow you even to uninstall the software. That means whether you use them or not, you will have to deal with them until you switch the phone. 

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On the other hand, you will never find any such issues with iPhones. Even for Apple applications that you do not use, Apple has better policies to deal with them. So you do not have unused apps that will eat unnecessary space on your device. 

  • Early Access To Apps

On considering third-party applications, it would not be wrong to say that iOS users get early access to them as compared to Android users. It happens because developers of these apps prefer to make an iOS version first and then switch to Android. Along with new apps, you also get almost all app updates early on iPhones for the same reason. If you use an Android, you may have to wait for weeks or months till the same features are implemented on the Android version of these apps. 

  • Apple Ecosystem Is The Best

If you already own a MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, or any Apple product, there can be no better choice for a phone than iPhone. The Apple Ecosystem makes it extremely convenient for you to work on multiple devices at the same time. You can easily find people talking about the integration of iPhones and Macs. Plus, there would be no person who would say that they were not benefitted from Apple Ecosystem. 

When you have multiple Apple devices, you can easily create a family of your own. Tasks like data transfer, collaboration, etc. are done on your fingertips, without any hassle. 


The fight between Androids and iPhones is not ending anytime soon. At the same time, people can expect better products from both industries, as they try to keep up with the competition. However, the factors mentioned above are sort of permanent features of iPhones. So no matter how much developed Android gets, Apple will always lead in these characteristics. 

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