7 Things You Didn’t Realize Your iPhone Camera Could Do

iPhone camera

iPhone cameras are full of interesting features that make the phone extremely popular across the world. But are you using your iPhone camera to its full potential? Along with features that are right in front of you, you are overlooking tons of features that are hidden and yet to be explored. In this article, we will help you discover some of the features that you did not know your iPhone camera had. 

  • Quick Access to the iPhone Camera
    iPhone camera

You no longer have to miss out on a perfect shot just because your iPhone camera would not open quickly. There is an effective way that lets you open your camera within a second. You do not even have to enter the password and unlock the phone. 

Simply wake the phone by pressing the power button or tapping on the screen. Thereafter, swipe left across the screen, and your camera will launch. It will be useful if you add a camera icon at the bottom of your display screen. This makes your camera easy to find and allows you to launch the camera as soon as possible.

  • Lock Your Focus and Exposure 

You spend a considerable amount of time adjusting the focus and exposure in order to get the perfect shot. However, as soon as you take a picture, often the settings tend to disappear, and it all goes back to normal. 

While it is adjustable when you only have to take one picture, it truly becomes an inconvenience when you wish to take multiple pictures. You do not have to juggle with setting every time you take a photo as you can lock in the settings. 

When you click the photo the first time, hold it for a moment until an “AE/AF Lock” text pops up. This way, you can lock in the setting, and when you are done with your photos, you can click on display again in order to unlock.

  • Get Better Composition with Camera Grid 

iPhone cameras have this excellent tool that helps you create amazing pictures. It makes you sure to get the right horizontal level in the landscape pictures. 

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Moreover, it allows you to create picture complying with the rule of thirds. It is basically is a standard composition technique, which means that your picture will look more aesthetically pleasing if you place the subject off-center. 

Use it to place the horizon along with one of the gridlines. You can also place the subject at the intersections where two lines meet.

In order to turn on the Grid, go to your Setting, click on the camera, and allow the Grid option.  When you switch on the Grid, it activates the leveling tool. This tool assists you in taking leveled photos when capturing a subject in straight up or down.

  • Burst Mode 

Next on our list of hidden features of iPhone cameras is the burst mode. This is a setting that comes in handy when you are trying to capture moving subjects. Click and hold the shutter button in order to get a burst of photos. 

What you will have is an assortment of rapid-fire pictures. This tool proves to be highly useful when there are rapid movements, and you are trying to get the right timing. You can just take out the guesswork and simply put the shutter to its maximum use.

On top of your burst gallery all the images will appear. You can choose the picture that was captured at the perfect time and delete the rest if you want to.

  • Consider Live Photos to Get Long Exposures 

Did you know iPhone cameras allow you to create long exposure pictures?  This feature enables you to get a slow shutter impact, making the movement come across as motion blur. 

It is excellent for getting a veiling effect on rivers or waterfalls. You can also capture light trails at night in a dramatically beautiful manner. You can find the long exposure feature in the Live Photos Feature of iPhone cameras. Launch the Live Photos by click on the icons with multiple circles at the top. 

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When you click on the shutter button, you will record a long photo of three-seconds, including sound and movement. To get a long exposure, you have to swipe up in order to access get various effects of Live Photos. Swipe through the effects until you find the LongExposure and select it.

  • Hardware Shutter for Ease of Use
    iPhone camera

Instead of always reaching out to your screen, you can simply click on the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone to take a photograph. This proves to be really helpful when you have positioned your phone at an awkward angle. If you are using headphones, click on the button embedded in it to get your picture even easier. 

Often photographers use SLRs in order to reduce the camera shake. When you press the physical volume button while taking pictures, it tends to shake the camera, and your picture may appear blurry. However, when you use the physical button, the cable, you can eliminate these issues completely. 

  • Portrait Model to Capture the Perfect Background 

iPhone cameras allow you to blur the background and focus mainly on the core subject of the picture. Producing a shallow field depth generally only happens with DSLR cameras. However, newer iPhone cameras bring a portrait mode that allows you to create the same effect. 

You can find this mode on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11. It is right there on the bottom of the camera apps. However, make sure that the subject is around 2 to 8 feet away from the camera in order for the portrait mode to work.

Apple has always managed to extend great camera functionality to its features. However, many of the valuable features continue to remain untapped. Above are some of the best-hidden features you will find in iPhone cameras. Explore these interesting tools, and you will be able to take professional-level photos from your smartphone.


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