7 Tips For Building Your Online Traffic

Your Online Traffic

The amount of your online traffic the website receives each week, month, or year significantly influences your brand’s success. After all, most consumers are either looking for solutions to their problems on search engines or scrolling through their social media feeds. This makes the digital sphere the best place to reach your target audience.

More than merely having a website developed for your brand, you have to employ an expert SEO consulting company to optimize each of its components for search in order to drive traffic in. This makes it easier for search engines to crawl through your domain and display them in response to the relevant queries made by internet users. 

Here are some tips on how to boost your online traffic:

  1. Improve Your Link Building

Search engines navigate the web through links, both internal and external. Backlinks, in particular, are valuable for getting more people to come to your site. These inbound links come from third-party websites and direct people to your domain.

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks. The process is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO) since Google and Bing consider it a ranking factor. These links are deemed as stamps of approval on a site’s content. 

The implication is that your domain is a reliable source of industry information if a lot of people link to it in their content. When other sites use your resources as a reference for their blogs, you’ll be considered an original source. With this, you’ll earn a favorable spot in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and boost your credibility as a leader in your niche.

To start your link building process, you have to find websites related to your industry and reach out to them for the possibility of displaying your backlink in their domain. One of the best ways to discover these sources is through your SEO competitors’ profiles. Use a backlink checker to spot potential publishers that put out the inbound links of similar sites.

  1. Ensure Your Site’s Mobile-Friendliness

The preference of web users in navigating the web has also evolved. These days, people find it more convenient to do everything on their phones. They can do a quick Google search or look at updates on their social networks through their mobile devices.

Google also favors websites that are optimized for mobile viewing. It has rolled out its mobile-first index, which means that it will prioritize the ones that either have a responsive design or mobile version.

Knowing this, you have to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. This means that it should look good no matter what the screen size, platform, and orientation the web user is viewing it from.

  1. Create Enticing Headlines

Your content’s title plays a significant role in attracting readers and encouraging them to actually click on your link to read your blog post. While you want to generate interest for your domain, you should still tread carefully. Make sure that you don’t end up with a click-bait headline that doesn’t deliver on its promise.

Additionally, it’s recommended that the title should include your primary keywords. You must also incorporate your target words and related terms into your content to inform search engine bots on what your blog post is all about. A keyword difficulty tool will be valuable since it provides data on the viability of your target keywords.

  1. Produce Shareable Content

Aside from blog posts, you should also create highly-shareable content, such as infographics and videos. These types of media can boost your online traffic by making it easy for subscribers to share your content with their friends. Plus, they allow you to share comprehensive information in an easily digestible format.

These are a few tactics you can do to create shareable content:

  • Know Your Target Audience Intensively – You should always produce blog posts, images, and videos with a specific target audience in mind. Understand the needs and preferences of your prospects so that you can create personalized content for them. This way, you can be sure that they’ll enjoy what you will publish.
  • Stay Updated on Trending Topics – Ride on the popularity of trending topics, especially if it contains your primary keywords. For instance, the coronavirus pandemic has definitely affected all industries. With this, you can create content that will resonate with people in your community.
  • Make Share Buttons Visible – Guide readers’ eyes to your share buttons to propel them to become bearers of your content to their social media networks. You can also add a feature to your website that makes it easy for them to tweet a quote from your blog post just by highlighting the sentences.

  1. Maximize Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform for sharing your content. It’s the place where you can reach potential customers and increase audience engagement. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are favorites of various demographics.

Once an article goes live in your domain, you can post or tweet on these sites. This way, you inform your followers that there’s another awesome content that’s waiting for them on your website. Social media can also help increase the chances of going viral, especially when you use the right hashtags along with superb-quality media.

  1. Boost Site Speed 

Your site speed is an integral factor in your website’s user experience (UX). People will be put off with your brand if it has a slow loading time. These days, web users want to get information instantaneously, so you have to optimize the elements of your domain to ensure that your content gets displayed right away.

Search engines also use site speed as a ranking factor. This way, you can boost your online traffic presence by moving up the SERPs.

  1. Consider Paid Ads

Paid ads are ideal for introducing new brands to potential customers. For search engines, these can be displayed right below the search box or on the side, before the organic search results, for your keywords. Meanwhile, sponsored posts are promoted to your target demographics’ news feeds.


The number of web visitors your website acquires is directly correlated to the success of your business. That’s why you should invest time and resources in strengthening your digital marketing campaign. This way, you can bring more people into your domain and market to them directly.


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