Has your beautiful blonde hair gone brassy after just a few weeks of coloring your hair? If your hair is turning into some undesired shade of yellow, red, or orange, that strange color change is brassy hair. Brassiness is a peculiar change of your dyed hair color to warm tones you don’t wants. This condition commonly occurs when dark hair is dyed into blonde, but sometimes it is also visible in highlighted hair or the hair lightened to brown tone. in this article, you will get to know the 8 tips on how to prevent brassy hair.

To know the reason for brassiness, it is essential to see the hair lightening process used in hair salons in Irving, TX. Ammonia and Peroxide are the two critical ingredients to make bleach that lift the dark hair color. When your hair becomes bleached, melanin, a dark brown to black tone, gets faded in a procedure known as oxidation. The next step after bleaching is applying the hair color. The hair color deposits synthetic pigments onto your locks and removes some of your natural hair colors.

Brassiness is found in every hair pigment, especially in darker shades. Brassy hair after dye happens when your natural hair color is not diluted by bleaching or lifting, it gives your hair warm tones trying to reveal themselves. This means brassy color becomes more prominent in your hair.

Fortunately, there are several options for handling brassy hair in terms of preventing it and fixing it once it happens.

1. Start By Choosing The Right Pigment Hair Color

Choose a cool hair pigment, like one with the term “ash” in the name, since it’s less prone to turn brassy than a warm shade. If you are a fan of warmer colors, don’t stress; there are many lighter hair tones you can pull off with the right proportion of cool tones.

Want a spot to start? Explore cool color fusions, including hues of blonde that are advisable to give cooler results and make up for brassiness. Using modern technology, the collection has massive dye molecules, so cool colors stay in place for up to 8 weeks, and the hair pigments all have a black-to-gray ground, so warm tones are less visible.

2. Head To The Salon And Get A Toner For Brassy Hair

Toner, a sheer deposit of hair shade that withers in a few weeks, isn’t just incredible for transforming your hair color without the assurance. It can be a massive brassy hair fix, too. Also recognized as a semi-permanent pigment, glow, or gloss, toning can improve the undesirable yellow, orange, or even red tones lingering on your hair since it includes just enough color to enhance your hair color. Moreover, the service will boost the shine levels of your strands in the procedure, so you’ll be serving your hair multiple gifts in just one sitting.

3. Protect Your Blonde from UV Rays

Revealing your hair to extreme sun exposure can dry up your hair and pale your blonde color. When your hair is bare to oxygen and UV rays, your hair’s basic warm tones become visible, and — before you realize it — brassiness thrives. If you can’t avoid the sun, try wearing a cap to keep your locks safe or use a UV-protectant mist to prevent unwelcome brassiness.

4. Protect Your Hair From Chlorinated Pools

Chlorine is not your hair’s buddy. This chemical is famous for peeling your hair of natural oils and abandoning it barren and brittle. The more worsened the hair becomes, the more sensitive it is to turning brassy. To counteract this issue, try soaking your hair with bottled water before diving into the pool.

Your hair will absorb any moisture, so give it healthy, non-chemically altered water before you dive into a swimming pool. When you come out of the pool, shampoo and condition your hair quickly to undo the possible damage; better yet, try to stick to saltwater pools if it’s possible.

5. Shower Smart to Avoid Brassiness

High mineral levels in water can result in hair becoming brassy. Hard water residues are color-tainting minerals onto your hair while at the same time locking out moisture. Deem cutting back on the number of times you rinse your hair weekly, and if your water is extremely hard, you may want to spend in a water filter that purifies the minerals. Uncomfortable your hair will look dirty? A bun or braid paired with a spray of dry shampoo should do the trick.

6. Wash hair with cool water

The temperature at which you’re rinsing your hair can amazingly make a significant difference in protecting your hair color to combat brassiness. One of the most popular reasons that hair color disappears is washing hair with hot water unlocks the outer cuticle to let the dye fade faster.

The adequate temperature to wash your hair in is lukewarm to cool. After applying shampoo and conditioner, it is advisable to rinse with cool water to lock the hair cuticle, enabling preservation of your hair pigment and preventing fading.

7. Wash your hair less often

Every time you rinse your hair, this threatens to dissolve your hair color. The minerals and chemicals present in tap water also stake turning your dye brassy and drying your hair. Make dry shampoo your new best companion and avoid hair wash day every so often.

8. Visit your colorist regularly

However, it may not often be feasible or affordable. The best means to avoid brassy hair for brunettes, blondes, redheads, or people with hair of any color is to have routine appointments. Much like you check-in with a consultant, colorists are experts to keep your locks active and glowing. (Keep that technique in mind when you suppose how much to tip your hairdresser.) Brassiness generally happens because the pigment is delayed for a touch-up or a shade refresher.

Moving forward, here are a few more tips to save your hair from turning brassy or yellow and how to fix it.

● Get proficient toners to balance yellow/brassy tones
● Go sulfate-free
● Install shower filter to exclude harsh minerals
● Invest in particular shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair
● Use purple shampoo once a week
● Add dry shampoo to your routine
● Use clear oils
● Rinse before swimming
● Avoid products containing silicone or paraben

As you can see, your glossy blonde highlights and gorgeous balayage are always at risk from chemicals, UV rays, and even the hard water in your shower. Also, your hair’s chemical makeup might stop it from adopting or maintaining that golden dye you crave.


Every fallout has a cause, and brassy hair is no odd. Above, I have outlined some of the most familiar reasons that blonde hair comes to be brassy and discussed some stuff you can do to prevent it from occurring to you. Keep in mind, yet, every person’s hair is different. Before trying to specify or solve the situation, be sure to evaluate all the likelihoods carefully.

Though, if you take note of the tips listed above, contact the best beauty hair salons in Irving, TX, and – most significantly – listen to and follow their guidance, you can work from your blonde highlights in various essential ways. In the end, if you put in the time to look after your hair, you should be competent to keep brassiness at nook for good.


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