A Love Letter To PvP fans of Destiny 2


Every PvP fan out there has been waiting for the next expansion for Destiny 2 eagerly. There are a number of good reasons for that. For one thing, the addition of a new weapon type, the Glaive, promised to add much-needed variety. This new weapon type has two modes: the usual melee attacks and a ranged attack. It was curious to see where this weapon type would land in the meta. But perhaps an even bigger addition to the Witch Queen is what the fans were really excited about. The weapon crafting system, which removed some of the random elements and allowed players to design their own guns (also known as “rolls”).

If this info makes your blood flow faster, you should check out our full article on the Witch Queen’s PvP meta. There you’ll find the most relevant information about what kind of gear everyone’s using to rank up as fast as possible. You’ll also learn if any of the older legendary guns and armor are still as powerful and potent as they used to be back when it was their time. You wouldn’t believe it, but some of the classic legendaries are competing with the recently added guns. It gets really interesting to see which gear wins—the old one or the new one in each expansion. Anyway, you really need to check out that article to find everything out for yourself!

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