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Do you want to practice your English with the word affiliation included in the sentence? In this article, you will find various categories of sentences. It covers different sentences using the Word AFFILIATION in them. We will discuss some general sentences, long sentences, simple sentences, and classic literature sentences that contain the word affiliation. By considering this article as a tutorial, you can start practicing affiliation in a sentence,  and can increase your knowledge and ability to form sentences with this word quickly. Start reading the article throughout the sections if you are ready to improve your skills.

The Definition Of Affiliation And Five Practice Sentences:

The connection, or say the involvement of someone with religious or political organizations or any other groups, is known as affiliation. Here are your peace sentences to start with them.

  1. The gang of gangsters has to draw tattoos to the necks of its members. It is to prove their affiliation with the Gang and Membership.
  2. The nightclub is open to all age groups because it is a family party place, but there to be no affiliation with the political leaders.
  3. The interviewer has reacted to the rude fashion of clothes that an intern has worn, and they did not give him the job.
  4. She said that some actors and filmmakers share a liberal affiliation. It is the reason people think about nepotism.
  5. There was no one in my group having affiliation with the college ragging groups. And the principal was not ashamed of us.

Simple Sentences With Affiliation Word:

In this section, you will practice speaking out simple sentences having affiliation words. It is the best start to acquire knowledge about affiliation in a sentence.

  1. Our group has no affiliation with any political party or leaders.
  2. Do you have a religious affiliation or not?
  3. He asked me about my religious beliefs and my affiliation to a political party.
  4. His political affiliation is no more uniform.
  5. You might be detained without practice because of your affiliation with political leaders.
  6. We have seen trade unions have affiliation with labor parties.
  7. You can protect your core values by disconnecting your affiliation with political parties.
  8. You can provide financial advice to people if you have affiliation with the banking systems and financial solutions.
  9. You can not say the organization has an affiliation with any trade unions.
  10. Due to the affiliation of hackers with some cybercrime activities, the companies, and their customers are at risk.
  11. Throughout your life, you can be a part of good leaders’ groups. It is possible through your affiliation with great leaders.

Long Sentences With The Word Affiliation In It:

This section is prepared to focus your practice of affiliation in a sentence having long formation. Start practicing and acquire knowledge about long sentence making.

  1. You can provide suggestions to our community having an affiliation with the labor party to make them aware of the principles of life.
  2. Affiliation does not guarantee you success, but you as an individual can have those characteristics to investigate your mistakes and improve to succeed.
  3. The department’s affiliation with courses can provide much better education to students. It helps the upcoming graduates to improve their practical knowledge.
  4. If your colleges have an affiliation with some network providers, you can take the maximum benefits of the internet by improving your portfolio by registering yourself in online courses.
  5. There is a slightly different format of group affiliation for the single organization, and it is responsible for the domination of the many sectors that act to produce consumer goods.
  6. The executives of this department have resisted renewing the application form because there were some misconceptions regarding the affiliation with government policies.
  7. You can resolve the mystery of this case if there is no affiliation of government parties with the investigation team.
  8. Some shopkeepers and merchants do not having any affiliation with the service providers or the manufacturers because they only take the products from the suppliers.
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Simple Long Sentences With The Word Affiliation In It:

The above-discussed sentences have a little complexity, but these are easy long sentences to practice affiliation in a sentence.

  1. College students insist on automatic affiliation with the dominant politics that they have been facing in the departments and college campus.
  2. You can find the private domain where individuals and associates have affiliation agreements with the government policies and the rules and regulations.
  3. Five shooters would vanish because of their affiliation with the terrorist organizations and groups.
  4. If you run a typical marketing campaign through the internet, you can take the maximum possible return on investment because of the affiliation with the marketing agencies.
  5. In India, people are highly dependent on government jobs because they want to take advantage of their affiliation with the government employment rules.
  6. If a person has signed an affiliation with corrupt builders, he will have to go to jail if the case discloses his name.
  7. Someone said that 1,751 people were detained without allowing them a trial because they had taken advantage of their affiliation with political parties.
  8. Ten most wanted gangsters were shot down because of their terror and affiliation with the terrorist groups that kill many people every year with cruelty.

Sentences With The Word Affiliation That Help To Learn:

In this section, some sentences teach specific use of the word affiliation in the sentences. You will also learn some facts about life.

  1. We are one of the fastest-growing teams in the nation by reporting no religious affiliation.
  2. If innocent people are dying due to the political affiliation of parties with some gangsters, there is no other way than to hang those who are guilty.
  3. Two gangsters have continued their affiliation with the terrorist organizations, even if they promised to be gentlemen.
  4. My friend has changed the denominational affiliation from his parents’ Episcopal faith to his wife’s Methodism.
  5. Our college group was never interested in any affiliation with the political parties and ragging groups that can bring unwanted results to society.
  6. Our principal was in affiliation with the corrupt group of professors. They used to share the donations and sponsorships given by various parties, groups, and people to organize events.
  7. The police officer wanted to become a political leader, and he learned political affiliation to gain some experience and skills to lead people.
  8. In many countries, harassment and rapes are commonly seen because the criminals are not guilty because of their affiliation with political leaders.
  9. Most newcomers in the film industry have to suffer and struggle for the break because they know most producers and directors give chances to star kids because of their affiliation with the stars.
  10. For the past two centuries, we have seen our development boosted thanks to developers who have successfully understood their affiliation with the government policies.
  11. If people have to see unwanted results in society because of the affiliation of political leaders with the companies, they don’t like it.
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Classical Literature Example Of Sentences With The Word Affiliation:

In this section, you will learn how to use affiliation in a sentence to speak classical literature more confidently and correctly. It is better to start to practice your literature having the word affiliation. Here is an example to start practice with your friends.

  1. What you can note down is an affiliation in the revolt between the artist and people.
  2. Kindergarten is not the only place to teach your kids because the toddlers can start their affiliation with schools.
  3. Supporting nepotism, racism, and any other misbehaving parameter will prove that you are under the affiliation of people loving cold war, terror, and hate.
  4. Some of the authors are likely to be closely associated with the lake poets. These are by their residence and social affiliation.
  5. If couples have to understand the real meaning of love and partners, they have to put their religious affiliation aside.
  6. There are some mistakes in the economy that prove the party’s affiliation with the companies. They are responsible for spreading unwanted, undesirable, and illegal products.
  7. Some of the college groups are responsible for the rise in the cases of ragging, but most students don’t support it because of no affiliation with such groups.
  8. If you ask political leaders about their affiliation with Some Companies and The Groups Of Smugglers, they are likely not to accept this as a truth.
  9. Together we should form an affiliation this year about supporting each other and saving the lives of each other by staying at home and keeping each other safe to avoid our affiliation with people that require physical meets.7

Wrapping Up:

Do you think these examples are enough to make you knowledgeable and expert in using affiliation in a sentence? We have tried the best to bring the most relatable and understandable examples that will help you practice using this word in as many sentences as possible. We have covered simple sentences, long sentences, and classical literature sentences with easy examples to understand. If you still have any confusion about the usage of this word, you can let us know.

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