The All-New Apple AirPods Pro Are Now Here With a Bang


With the ever-changing technology and devices becoming simpler and more intuitive, truly wireless earphones have been gaining rapid popularity in the market. Such earphones have become increasingly synonymous with smartphone manufacturing giants such as Google, Huawei, Samsung and now Apple. All these companies have wireless products lined up for release, especially a wireless earphone.

Since the introduction of the first version of Apple AirPods in the market, it has been quite a popular choice. This product connects to any Apple device you have seamlessly and has a superb microphone. So, that you do not have to pick your phone up for calls all the time. However, keeping that aside, an earphone’s primary function is to listen to music and that AirPods do very efficiently. However, the only thing missing was noise cancellation capabilities and a more secure feel. 

Apple AirPods Launch

In this year’s convention, Apple launched a new version of its existing AirPod earphones, the Apple Airpods Pro. Apple has confirmed the Earphone’s launch to be on the 30th of October, 2019. Since Apple went close to perfect with their last product in this line, the highlight for this €249 truly wireless earphone is the built-in microphones. These help filter out any background noise.

Apple is calling this a noise-cancellation technology. This feature has been used by quite a few Earphones and mobile phone manufacturers before this year. But this is the first time Apple has implemented this technology in their earphones. This makes it all the more better. 

Another interesting feature of this pair is what Apple calls transparency mode. With this, every user can tap into the world as the sounds in the immediate environment. For example, transport announcements or the traffic enhancement, while simultaneously playing your favorite track.

A few years back, Apple was discouraged for its design language. And also for the tendency to stick to the same designs over the years. This is why this year the Apple AirPods have been revamped physically. This wireless Earphone now comes with a totally new look and changeable soft tips for your ear, which is a first in all of Apple’s earphone history.  

What are some features you should look out for in the new Apple AirPods Pro?

This generation of the Apple Airpods Pro is the first-ever truly wireless Apple Earphones to feature active noise cancellation. The buds come with different sized ear tips, which can expand to fit the size of your ear canal and further omit any ambient noise. However, with the new noise cancellation feature, the Apple Airpods Pro uses the built-in microphones it has and plays frequencies that cancel out the noise. 

As much as it has been tested, it is obviously not at par with products from more expensive brands like Bose but surely makes the surrounding less intervening. There are a couple of noticeable differences between the previous generation of AirPods and the Apple Airpods Pro. While the pairing process of the previous generation is also very different, most of it is physical.

This pair of earphones is more compact, which further means that the charging case is different. Although the dimensions of both cases are the same, the Pro case now opens from the side instead of the top. Along with that, the Apple Airpods Pro earphones are sweat-resistant and water-resistant, which makes it more suitable for the gym or running purposes.

Other Features

One of the biggest concerns for anyone looking to buy new earphones is music quality. Although not too good, the sound quality of the new Apple Airpods Pro is considerably better than the previous version. This is mainly due to the new noise cancellation feature as it provides a more immersive experience. Apart from that, these Earphones are known for rich sound quality and sufficient bass. Nevertheless, like with every piece of tech, sometimes it might feel like the Earphone’s tuning is off a bit. This can make medium and high range frequencies sound a little partial.

This is one of the top 10 best truly wireless earphones available in the market now. Not only because of the sound quality, but the build quality and brand name surely make this product quite the grab. Although selling it at €249 can seem like quite a bargain from Apple’s side, but after reading the reviews on this product, it is surely worth it. This product will appeal to a specific bunch of Apple consumers, who want convenience and novelty at the same time. However, if you are already using the previous version of AirPods, this one is not that much of an upgrade.

Why should you consider not upgrading to the AirPods Pro?

Although it is tough to say how this product will fair in the long run, it is undoubtedly one of the best Apple accessories in the industry right now. However, if you already have the previous version of AirPods and want to upgrade considering the battery problems it has, it is no use since the Apple Airpods Pro also has the same issue. Much like the previous version, the battery on the new AirPods Pro is also not replaceable.

If the battery on your Apple Airpods Pro dies, you will have to replace the whole piece. Even though Apple promises to recycle the old ones, it is of no use to you. If this issue was already a deal-breaker for you, the new earphones would still disappoint. Apart from that, if you have been looking for a noise-canceling, truly wireless earphones, this product is the best bet for you at the moment. 

Like the senior vice-president of Apple said, Apple Airpods Pro has long been one of the best-selling wireless earphones, given its rich sound quality, easy one-tap set-up, and excellent design. Nevertheless, with the new Apple Airpods Pro, the bar has only been set higher. 


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