Here is All That You Need to Know About Google Stadia


The Google Stadia allows you to stream games over the internet to your laptop, smartphones, and the television screen, tablet without using any hardware. You will also get 4K resolution with the HDR facility if there is support from the connection. With the connection, you can actually play with it. You can play games while listening to instructions on the internet and it looks and feels pretty decent.

Using Google Stadia for various games

There are a few issues, but the software has been made in such a way so that it is near to perfect while you are playing. It feels quite better while streaming at the screens and you can actually survive while playing these games. Do you know that it is good for real competitive games too? Just hold on. But yes it’s possible for adventure games, and puzzle games it works pretty great. The Google Stadia technology works great just like a miracle. It’s incredibly impressive and a great option for gaming on the go. Sometimes when it works, of course, you want to go in the details but you will go massy. Whenever it works, the performance is great. But as of now, the results have been inconsistent. With the passage of time, performance has also changed.

Requirements of Google Stadia

But as of now, you can get the highest quality visuals only if you play in Google chrome caste ultra and for that also the internet speed needs to be rock solid. The Google Stadia needs consistently 35 mega bites per second download speed to get 4K 60 fps HDR 5.1 surround sound. Only if you can get this connection then only the software will perform efficiently. Look there are quite unpredictable things such as great success on a crappy Wi-Fi at the coffee shop. Sometimes these poor performances are in the house also and sometimes you have a really good speed. There are situations where you come across that the first day it was working so well in the office and the next day with the same speed, the games which are already there started to act crazy.

Meeting the requirements of Google Stadia

So, the question is how the services of Google Stadia are when the speeds are so good? Even if the network is good still is it going to work well or not? It seems like you are still not convinced as of now. Also if you do not meet the requirements such as 720p should have 60 fps stereo or 1080p should have HDR video with 60 fps along with 5.1 surround or 4K HDR video with 60 fps with 5.1 surround. It also depends on the actual amount of daily internet usage which also could be a cause of concern for not working properly. The infrastructure of the place you are in is also a big concern. Now you can stream games from your browser on the system.

Only Pixel and no iOS

Google Stadia works best in smartphones and there is no error while playing on smartphones. Streaming to the phones with Google Stadia is where you will get the best results consistently. As of now, the software is only in the pixel form which is either pixel 2 or pixel 3 or pixel 3a or pixel 4. It means the IOS users still cannot access the software. There are so many modern android phones which people have which work on IOS. That is the problem now.

This is the only product issue that it has right now. Google will earn 10 USD per month from stadia pro. It has a subscribers pack which will give you some free games in the ability to stream in 4K HDR video with 60 fps and 5.1 surrounds. For this, you need to buy a stadia premium edition of $129 from the premier’s or founder’s edition. As of now, there is no other way to access the actual subscription from their way other than the $129 one. Buying this will give you the product for the first 3 months for free.

About the membership

It is a free Google Stadia membership where you can stream games of 4K HDR video with 60 fps and 5.1 surround sound. For non-subscribers, they can stream games up to 1080p with HDR video with 60 fps and 5.1 surround sound. With a higher quality connection, you will be able to experience better results. You can play Samurai Shodown and Destiny 2. You can also buy different games on this website. Plus, you can also access any digital platform you want to if you are paying $10 per month.

The technology is quite impressive and it costs money to keep subscribers which are understood. The next question is who is buying the product. The 4K HDR video with 60 fps with 5.1 surround is mainly purchased by people who travel a lot, a person who wants an easy way to play. They do not want to waste time simply waiting for the internet speed or something else.


This is also purchased by some who are not interested to buy a computer. The Google Stadia is not only for hardcore gaming but the real problem with this is that it does not feel like it has been properly launched right now. There are lots of games which you cannot access this device. With time, you will be able to add various games in this software. Also, the lack of device support and some other features can also make you think that they should not have rushed down to make the product. At first, when you start using it, you might not feel good, but with the time you will be able to access it easily.

The Google Stadia has a ‘Google assistance’ button that does not work. You need to do certain things on your phone such as switch it off and then restart the device to make it work.


For any queries that you have related to Google Stadia, just drop it in the comment box and we will be happy to answer all your related questions.


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