All The Leaks About Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment developed battle royal game, Apex Legends was released in February 2019. The game was made for Xbox, Windows and PlayStation 4. Respawn did not announce or promote the game before its release, so the game was a surprise for the people. The game was praised by the critics and it gained over 70 million players in less than a year. The basic concept of the game is 20 squads who arrive on an island and compete against each other. The squad who manages to kill all the other squads wins the game. Each squad consists of three players.

Rundown of First Season

The first season of Apex Legends, Wild Frontier, ran from 19th March 2019 to 18th June 2019. Within 2019, the next two seasons of the game, Battle Charge and Meltdown, were released. On 4th February 2020, the fourth season named Assimilation was released. And now is the turn for the fifth season of the game. In the last four seasons, developers have bought some significant changes in the game. Some of the best changes are:

  • The first season bought Octane, a new character, into the game. There were some bug fixes and new character skills were introduced.
  • The second season saw changes in the island layouts and a new mode of play that allowed the same ranked players to compete against each other. Wattson, another new character was also introduced.
  • In season three, a new map, character and weapon were introduced. The character’s name was Crypto, the map’s name was World’s Edge and the weapon’s name was Charge Rifle. Some other changes to the Ranked were made.
  • As per the custom, season four saw another new character named Revenant. Sentinel, a new sniper rifle, was also introduced. Another tier was added in Ranked, it was called ‘Master.’ And some changes were made to the World’s Edge.

Apex Legends was nominated for over 20 awards and also won some of them. It is not long back since the last season of the game was released, and there is already gossip about the next, fifth season. So, here are the leaks about the fifth season of Apex Legends.

Release Date

Apex Legends

People are still enjoying the fourth season of the game, which was released on 4th February this year. The season is supposed to end on 5th May 2020. And the new season is rumoured to be released on the same day. So, the fans do not need to wait for even a single day to get to the new and refreshed season.

Changes in Map

Hammond Robotics moved in with the development of the fourth season, which led to some significant changes in the World’s Edge map. Some of the main changes that players saw were:

  • The Updraft
  • The Planet Harvester
  • Survey Camp
  • Capitol City

The map became inhabitable after these changes. So, it is expected for season 5 to either return the map to the normal state or to be removed completely.  It is still a question if Kings Canyon will make a permanent return or not.

Weapon Changes

Each season of Apex Legends brings new weapon for the players. Rumours say that new SMG will be introduced in the fifth season and it will be energy-based. But it is equally possible for the developers to keep this one for another season. Because season four was also supposed to include the Volt, but it did not as Respawn was changing its functioning of energy weapons.

Season four’s trailer mentioned the Sidewinder grenade launcher, so that might be launched later in the season too.

Character Changes

Each new season of the game brings new and interesting characters for the players like Crypto and Revenant. Two of the old characters, Forge and Rosie, were missing in the last few seasons. They were rumoured to return in the game with Revenant in the fourth season. But it is already been a while since the season was released and these two are not seen anywhere. So now people can expect them in the fifth season. The main features of these two characters are:


Apex Legends

She is also known as Loba. Here are some of her abilities:

  • She can teleport to a location by throwing a disc on that place. This makes her the Burglar’s best friend.
  • Players can hold to choose the type of loot available in the area. And this hold reveals the types of loot through the walls.
  • A device can be placed to steal the nearby loots. This device is called the Black Market Boutique.
  • As already mentioned, she can see through the walls and open hidden compartments of loot bins.


He was supposed to be launched in the fourth season, but Revenant took his place. Here are some of his abilities:

  • His melee attack can restore his health and can give him a 30 per cent speed boost if the enemy is killed by it. This speed boost lasts for 10 seconds.
  • He can jump ahead in a direction with K.O. Punch.
  • While airborne in K.O. Punch, if the player presses the crouch, he can perform a ground slam.
  • He can rush like a bull, that too in a straight path.
  • Pull Shot can be used to launch him in the air. This can also be used to pull enemies into him.
  • On the Ropes can be used to enhance his melee so that more damage can be done. Temporary over-shield can also be achieved by dealing with melee damage.

Price Range

Apex Legends previous seasons’ battle pass cost 950 Apex coins to the players. So this one’s battle pass might cost 1000 Apex coin, which means £10. But the players got some coins in the season four battle pass purchase. These coins were given for levelling up the game. If a player did not spend any of that money, they will be able to get the season five battle pass without investing any real money. Now that is great news for all the fans out there.

So, this was all about the rumours of Apex Legends season five. But Respawn always manages to surprise its players with new inventions, so all the exact details will only be known when the game is released in May.


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