All you need to know about maintenance of garage door


A garage door goes through a lot of movement when you open and close it. Depending on how often you use it, the garage door is likely to wear out over time. Getting a new one can be expensive. Not only do you have to buy a new door but also pay for a replacement. This will cost you thousands of dollars.

For this reason, you have to pay extra attention when using it. Regular maintenance services are the way to go. With a garage door maintenance company like STIGarageDoor checking your door now and then, you can prolong its life up to 15 years from the time of installation. So what exactly does maintenance entail? Let’s continue reading to find out.

What services to expect?

Servicing your garage door has so many benefits. You get to save money that would be directed towards getting a new one. Also, you will be avoiding any inconveniences caused by a garage door that won’t open or close. A garage door is a way to your home. If it fails to open or close, you are at risk of intruders getting into your home. 

Any damage that you ignore can cause injuries later on. For instance, tension springs that are worn out can cause the door to shut when you open it. If your car or your family is in the doorway they can suffer significant injuries.

So what maintenance services can you expect? Most companies do a full examination of the garage door. They also offer maintenance so you can sign an agreement and get the full package with insurance. This helps technicians detect any problems even the ones you can easily miss. Some problems may be obvious to you such as a creaking noise whenever the garage door opens. However, there are smaller problems that may not be obvious.

The technician skills

That’s why you need a skilled professional who will look at each part of the garage door to ensure everything is working. The technician will look at and test the following parts:

  • Hinges
  • Springs
  • Bolts
  • Tracks
  • Cables

Ideally, a maintenance service will also require replacement. Parts that need to be changed frequently such as springs and cables are always inspected. If it is time to change springs because of wear and tear then the technician will do it during the annual visit.

It is not only about inspection and replacement. Something springs or bolts may be loose. All the expert had to do is tighten it to prevent any damage to the garage door. Remember that the door works smoothly only if all parts are intact.

Materials and equipment

Metal is bound to rust over time. The process of rust formation is faster in winter or humid conditions. Any rusting will quickly damage all the metallic parts of a garage door and make it difficult for you to close or open it. So experts will lubricate all metallic parts and look out for any rust. Any pieces that are rusted will be replaced.

Another part that professionals always look at is door stripping. This is the layer of protection at the bottom of a garage door. It offers protection from harsh weather conditions. The door stripping should be replaced every year as it easily wears out and is frequently used.

Once all the components of the garage door have been inspected, the next thing is the remote control. Remote controls may fail to open the door sometimes. The expert will check if the batteries are still working. Depending on how long you have had it, it may be time to get new batteries. That way you won’t suffer any inconvenience should the remote stop working.

Experts will also check how the door is opening and closing. Any issues or delays will be further inspected and repaired. During visits, professionals will take all their time to inspect the working mechanism of your garage door. The goal is to increase the lifespan of the door and keep you safe.

How often should you hire maintenance services?

Get maintenance services at least once a year. However, this can be even two or three times depending on how often you use the door. Servicing is also important, especially at the beginning of winter. That is when you are likely to encounter more problems. Any issues that may worsen during winter can be detected and repaired early on.

Commercial garage doors will require regular maintenance services. If you leave the problem without being looked at, the issue may worsen and even cause accidents. Further, it can lead to full replacement of the door  which will cost even more. By fixing issues ot ime, you will avoid extra charges in the long-run.

How much will it cost?

Professionals in charge of maintenance will check your garage door regularly. They check all parts to make sure everything is working smoothly. Garage door maintenance services cost from $70 to $100. A factor that affects the cost is the type of garage door. Any repairs done, especially replacement of parts may come with additional costs.

If a technician feels a part needs to be replaced then you should do it immediately. Otherwise, your garage door may fail to open and inconvenience you. Parts such as bolts and springs should always be replaced immediately. Any damage to these parts can cause injuries as you try to lift the garage door.

Final thoughts

A garage door is an essential part of your home. You need it to function smoothly. To ensure this, regular maintenance is necessary. It helps you find issues early and repair them before more damage. By getting a professional to check out the garage door regularly, you will save more money.

Most of the time, when you avoid maintenance services, the garage door will develop issues faster. Things can get so bad that you end up replacing the entire garage door. This will set you back a few thousand dollars. To avoid this, save money, and invest in garage door maintenance services.


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