Alternatives to Gamstop Gambling

avoid online gambling addiction

Online Cricket Betting ID is a popular activity that can be played with a smartphone or computer with a stable and high-speed Internet connection. Gamblers are now learning how convenient it has become to be able to continuously play at any time of the day from the comfort of your home. Now that people no longer have to go to a physical casino, they can be online at all times, playing different games and betting on numerous gambling sites not on Gamstop Gambling. This however can turn into a gambling addiction, where the player is unable to control the impulse to gamble, even when there have been some negative consequences to this behavior. Some people even spend more money than they intend to, they end up owing people or simply breaking their families because they can’t seem to control themselves enough to stop gambling.

For this same reason, sites like Gamstop exist. Gamstop is a site that allows you to register when you no longer want to continue gambling online. This site restricts you from logging in into any casino or gambing site, for a long period of time. During this time, you won’t be able to log into any casino platform or do any online gambling, as the pages will automatically ban you from playing. There are actually tons of alternatives to Gamstop, places where you can register in order to be blocked or banned from playing in any casino site. This doesn’t mean that you will never get a chance of playing again or heaven forbid never watch some of the best hooligan films… that would be ridiculous. The point of these sites is to block you temporarily in order for you to recover from your gambling-habit or addiction.

Here are a couple of alternatives to Gamstop Gambling below. After learning more below, choose which one looks the most convenient and useful to you, and be sure to sign up today..

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This site works specifically for blocking gambling sites. What this software does is it does a research through all of your computer data and therefore establishes which gambling sites that you’ve been betting on frequently. Once the system gathers this information,  the software immediately blocks any site that relates or has anything to do with gambling. Even some businesses have decided to use this software to monitor their employees during office hours, to make sure they are not doing anything online that they shouldn’t.


Adding another to the list, Betfilter is a very useful software that also bans gambling sites from your browser or your navigation tools in order to restrict your access to these sites. The installation of this software is quick and resourceful, it can be activated in no time in order for the person with a problem to install it fast enough without having second thoughts about it.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a great alternative to Gamstop Gambling as it literally monitors the person’s activity online. It is like a parental control software but it can be used for adults as well. The site allows you to block sites that you don’t want to be using or seeing, and it won’t allow you to search them or display them in any way. This software can be used for smartphones, tablets, and even computers.


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