An Amateur’s Guide to Gifting a Tech-Savvy

Gift a Tech-Savvy

Whether you are shopping for your friends, family, or partner, getting a gift that resonates with their personality is always a bit challenging. It is easier to find gifts for friends who are into fashion and lifestyle, but finding the right gift a tech-savvy is a real-brainer, especially if you’re one of those who do not know much about technology.

While giving a gift card or voucher seems to be the easiest option, it’s always better to come up with something more thoughtful. And so, to help you out with this difficult choice, we have come up with some of the best, unique gift ideas that anyone interested in tech is bound to love. Here are some of the gifts that you can consider buying for your friend that will easily be their best-received gift amongst all other presents:

  1. Bluetooth Sunglasses: Best of Both Worlds!

If your friend loves a collab between fashion and technology, Bluetooth sunglasses are the ideal gift for them. With cutting-edge Open Ear Audio Technology, these sunglasses give you an excellent sound experience. 

Bluetooth sunglasses use bone conduction technology to release sound into the environment. They leave your ears free of ear pods or hands-free, relieving long-time wearing strain. These sunglasses are completely safe and will give your friend the best of both worlds. 

  1. Portable Photo Printer: For the Instagram Savvy

It is no secret that Gen Z is absolutely obsessed with pictures. Whether it’s selfies, cute clicks with their friends, food, pets, or pretty scenery, they want to capture everything. Getting your friend a gadget that would help them bring these pictures to life is the best gift for someone into photography as well.

With portable photo printers, printing photos for your walls, frames, and wallets become easy. All you have to do is connect your phone with the printer via Bluetooth or USB cable, pick a photo, and voila! You are good to go. It takes a maximum of 12 seconds to print vibrant pictures on glossy paper. 

  1. Flashy Keyboards: For Your Gamer Friend

If your friend is into gaming, you have to be especially careful to get them something extraordinary. Since gamers are usually tech geeks, they are unlikely to be impressed by anything less. For such people, a good keyboard is what they need to enhance their gaming desktop computer setup.

With macro-keys and metal panels, these keyboards are more durable to resist wear and tear as compared to ordinary keyboards. Flashy keyboards offer customizable backlighting that allows you to change the brightness and speed according to your preferred gaming atmosphere. 

Usually, they also come with wrist support to ensure your friend doesn’t get tired when gaming for long hours.

  1. Fitness Trackers: Ideal for a Fitness Freak

For tech geeks who care about maintaining their body, a fitness tracker is an ideal gift to go for. A fitness tracker is the perfect blend of technology and maximum utility. They come with heart rate monitors to keep you on track with your cardio and exercises. 

These trackers come in different forms and sizes. Some go for bracelets, some for watches, clip-on, or even rings. It all depends on what you think would be feasible for your fitness freak friend. 

They even offer sleep monitors to track your sleeping patterns. Fitness trackers can remote how long you were in light sleep and deep sleep to help you improve your resting time. If your friend is a runner, you can get runner-specific fitness trackers

  1. Tech Toolkit: For an Old School Tech Geek

We have all got a friend we go to when our phone screens turn black, or our jack isn’t working. Such people are intimately aware of the nooks and crannies of an electronic device. The perfect gift to complement their tech superpowers is a tech toolkit. 

A tech toolkit comes with several tweezers, opening picks, and spudgers. There are quality materials these devices are made of to pry open gadgets and help fix them. This toolkit is handy and portable, making it ideal for carrying in your pocket. For a friend who loves to repair devices, a tech toolkit is the thing of their dreams. 

This guide is definitely for you if you are looking for a perfect gift for your tech-savvy friend. Presents speak a lot about your bond with the person, and choosing an appropriate gift that your friend will enjoy is very important. There are tons of technology-based gifts that you can pick from, and as far as making an impression counts, a tech geek is bound to love something that speaks thoughtfulness and is useful at the same time.

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