What to Expect from the Latest Android 10 Update?

Android 10 Update

The release of Android 10 has surfaced a lot of expectations for the users. Formerly known as the Android Q which is the successor of Android P or Android 9, this version of Android is said to be the first which won’t be named after a dessert. The Android 10 update is expected to have the latest OS and will soon be launched for a majority of Android devices. Google has confirmed for some of the classiest features of Android will roll out with this update.

The Android version 10 has been availed in some of the Google devices though. For other devices, it will soon be announced that when you will get hold of this update. You must also keep a note that it won’t be available for all android devices, but only the latest android devices which were launched with Android Oreo and Pie updates.

Release Date of Android 10

Even though the latest Android update has been released, but it is not available for all android devices. The Android version 10 will be available for all the assigned android devices soon. It is the job of the individual OEMs to develop their own version of the update and release with the carriers. This entire process can take up to several days or even months.

It won’t be a surprise if certain devices don’t get the update by the first quarter of 2020. On the contrary, there are some devices that are currently running on Android version 10.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL, Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, Essential Smartphone, along with One Plus 7T and 7T Pro have received this update. If you’re planning to change your cellphone, you might want to buy one of these.

Top 5 Features of Android 10 Update

The update is said to roll out with innumerable features but here we have gathered the top 5 features for you. Every android smartphone which will be assigned for this update will get these features as well. The tricky part over here is nothing has been announced regarding when this update will be available for other devices.

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1. Digital Well-Being

One amazing feature rolled out by Google as the digital well-being update. This feature came into existence with the android Pie update. It helps you determine how long you’ve used a certain application. Through this application, you set usage timer so that you don’t waste much time on it. For instance, you are playing PUBG and you’ve set a timer for 20 minutes, the timer will go off on completion of 20 minutes. It helps you maintain proper usage and save time as well. It is expected that the digital well-being option will expand itself in the latest android update.

You will be able to do more with the digital well-being feature in the android 10 version. The digital well-being feature also allows parents to monitor their child’s activities on the phone. No need to download a separate application for this. There will be another feature added to digital well-being which is the Focus Mode. The Focus Mode is designed to restrict those applications from distracting you which keeps on buzzing the phone with notifications. Further, you can turn off the Focus Mode when required as it will keep a reminder on. Once you have selected the apps which distract you the most, you can turn on the Focus mode anytime to restrict those apps from sending notifications.

2. Smart Reply

The smart reply feature is another amazing add-on to the best feature lists. It allows users to write down emails with suggestive responses. In Gmail, the machine learning feature creates an appropriate response depending on the kind of mail you have received the words you choose to use in response. This feature will now be available in Android 10 update. This will allow you to send prompt responses without even opening the app. Further, this feature has some more new things to offer, such as,

  • It opens the calendar if a date is mentioned in the message
  • Opens maps if location or address is recognized
  • It opens phonebook if contact is sent
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3. Dark Theme or Dark Mode

The android 10 is said to have a system-wide dark mode. This feature will be known as the Dark Theme. Till now this feature was available in android devices but limited to some particular applications only. In the latest update, you will get this feature for all the applications running on your device. You can apply the Dark Theme in two ways which are completely different from one another. You will get this option available in the notification shade.

Firstly, you can set the Dark Theme with the help of the quick setting button. This will help you switch between the Dark Theme and the default theme of your device. Secondly, you can also initiate this feature with the battery saving mode. Once you tap on the Battery Saver option, it will automatically turn on the Dark Theme.

4. Improved Share Menu

The share menu option has always been complicated for android users. There are several reasons due to which it is such a mess. Although the core functioning is brilliant, the constant launch slows down is the real problem. Google states that with the Android 10 update, this issue will be fixed forever. Moreover, Google is said to launch a Sharing Shortcut option as well. This option allows users to share files, photos, videos, links, etc on certain applications in a flick.

5. Bubbles – Android 10 Multitasking Feature

The bubbles feature is available in the Facebook Messenger chat heads. This is one of the simplest and easy ways to keep a chat open on screen without even opening the app. There is a floating image of the person’s profile with whom you are chatting. This, in turn, allows you to work on other apps with ease. On tapping the profile, you get to open the chat head and continue the chat. It is one of the best multitasking features and this feature is now highly supported by Google. It is expected that the bubbles feature will now be available beyond Google’s ecosystem.


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