“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” Gets Its April Update

Nintendo Switch or Animal Crossing

Nintendo has always been a hit in the video game market with games like Mario and Pokémon. People, especially kids, love playing these games. And it would not be wrong to say that most of the 90s kids grew up playing these. So when Nintendo released Nintendo Switch in March 2017, people were more than excited. Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console that can easily convert its joy-con controllers into a handheld playing system. The hybrid flexibility made the console super convenient and fun to play. It gave a tough competition to the other video game consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch supports various fun games like Super Mario Bros., FIFA 20, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Fortnite, Mortal Kombat 11, and the latest one Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Because of such a wide range of games, the gaming console interests gamers of all ages.     

Another interesting thing about Nintendo Switch is the fact that its games can be bought from retail channels as well as from the digital platform. So people can buy their favorite games according to their convenience. One of the most loved games of Nintendo is Animal crossing. Before moving to the latest update of the game, here are all the details about it. 

Animal Crossing:

Nintendo Switch or Animal Crossing

In 2001, Nintendo released an open-ended social simulation video game, Animal Crossing. The game incorporated a player human character and several anthropomorphic animals. And with its non-linear gameplay, it was able to win its players’ hearts in no time. Since then, Nintendo has released five versions of the game series to support each of its gaming consoles. The five versions of the game are:

  • Animal Crossing was the original game that was released by Nintendo in 2001 for the Nintendo 64. 
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World is the second in series that released in 2005, for Nintendo DS. It was re-released in 2016, for Nintendo Wii. 
  • Animal Crossing: City Folk is the third in series that released in 2008, for Nintendo Wii. 
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the fourth in series that released in 2012, for Nintendo 3DS. 
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest version of the game that released in March 2020, for Nintendo Switch. 

Nintendo also released some Spin-off  versions of the game, like “Happy Home Designer,” “Amiibo Festival,” and “Pocket Camp.” 

The Latest Version – “New Horizons”:

Nintendo Switch or Animal Crossing

The recent coronavirus pandemic has made people stay in their homes for the longest time. Though it is for their own safety, it is not easy to spend so much time at home. People are trying to come up with new ideas to spend their time, like developing new hobbies and trying out new things. People are also seen to be more engaged with social media than ever. In such boring times, nothing could be better than a new version of an all-time favorite game, Animal Crossing. 

So Nintendo released Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. The game is supported by the Nintendo Switch gaming console. Being the fifth version of the series, it bought a lot of changes in the game. The game lands the player’s character to a deserted island. The player has nothing but a package that they bought from Tom Nook. Then they roam around the island in a non-linear pattern and set up an anthropomorphic animals’ community. 

The game broke many sales records and became one of the best games. 

April Update:

Nintendo Switch or Animal Crossing

While Nintendo was releasing April updates for most of its games, they decided to do the same for Animal Crossing. Here are some of the new details that players can find in the freshly released April update of the game.

Jolly Redd, the fox, will be returning on the island. Players will be able to see Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler along with Leif’s Garden Shop, from where they could buy various kinds of plants. Nintendo will also be introducing some new characters in the game. There will be a line-up of events that will be happening in the game. These events will include:

  • Nature Day:

  • The very first event of the update that will be running from 23rd April to 4th May. This will allow the players to complete some nature-inspired challenges like planting and watering trees. 
  • May Day Tour:

  • This event will be running for the first week of May. It will provide the players with a ticket, using which they can get a tour of a different island. That will give them a chance to explore various new things. 
  • International Museum Day:  

  • There will be no events for the next ten days as the third event will start from the 18th of May and will run until 31st May. In that period, players will get a chance of collecting various stamps. These stamps will get the players some in-game rewards. 
  • Wedding Season:

  • The fourth and last event on the list will run for the whole month of June. During this, players will be able to visit a married couple, Cyrus and Reese on Harvey’s island. They can do various activities with them, like clicking photos. In return, they will get some wedding-themed items. 

With these four events, players will be able to explore new islands and activities that can reward them. And as Nintendo never disappoints with their game updates, this update will be a fun pastime for people who are not able to go out of their houses. 


In this time of coronavirus pandemic, it is a good option for people to stay at their homes and play such games, instead of going out and dangering their lives. Animal Crossing has always managed to please people with its non-linear gameplay and fun social simulation. New Horizons is one of the most sold ones in the series. So it is expected that people will be able to enjoy this April update of the game along with their families. Also, this is a free update of the game, so it will be able to gather more attention from players.  

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