Apex Legends Season 5: Everything You Need To Know

Apex Legends Season 5

As the 4th season of Apex Legends is reaching its end, this means it’s time for new weapons, respawn, a new character, and a battle pass. Apart from the other seasons, the Apex Legends Season 5 has something unique. The 5th season will respawn Loba Andrade; a playable character who has already appeared within the in-game. The game will introduce you to a brand-new “Quest” mode. This will be along with the destruction of a particular landmark within the Canyon.

In this Apex Legends Season 5, there are numerous other things to watch out for apart from Loba Andrade and her backstory. The weapons, new characters, and opponents. The most exciting thing about this game when Loba’ throws the light towards the dark area. It suddenly shows a full display of numerous simulacrums. 

Apex Legend fans have also predicted that the 5th season will be much more exciting than the 4th season. And some of the old characters, apart from Loba, will also be introduced. To know more about the game in detail, take a look below.

Things you need to know about Loba Andrade:

Apex Legends Season 5

Through the Apex Legends Season 5, you will learn about Loba’s past and the murder of her parents. Which was done by a simulacrum, known as the Revenant. Loba is a popular, influential society socialite by day and a professional thief by night. The video trailer provides information that her parents’ killer has re-emerged. She is all set to take revenge. Loba was already datamined before the official release, just like Revenant, Octane, Wattson, and Crypto. 

This enables many fans to speculate that she will become the ultimate “new character” within the Apex Legends Season 5. This allow players to receive a brand-new experience. One of Loba’s ultimate, tactical, and passive abilities is teleportation. The ability can be seen used by Loba when fighting with machines. This mid-range teleportation takes place when she throws a compact disc. Then it immediately appears at that disc’s location. 

Within the trailer, it also showed that she used another ability that enabled her to snatch away the gun before her enemy did. It is confirmed through the Apex Legends Season 5, that the teleportation disc along with the placeable device. On the other end, Loba is described as sophisticated, resourceful, and stylish. Along with that, whatever she wants, she takes it. 

The new “Quest” mode and the King’s Canyon:

The “Quest” is the new game mode that is added in the Apex Legends Season 5 game, and it will come out as a surprise to many fans and players. Through this new game mode, you will get the chance to hunt for treasures. And then look for answers as the story continues. Once you complete the entire Quest mode, it will richly reward you. There will be a new map on the horizon with numerous remodeling coming along with the exiting one. The Quest mode will enable you to advance into the game and receive loots that will help you upgrade your weapons; and armor to fight stronger enemies. 

The weapons:

Apex Legends Season 5

The weapons in Apex Legends Season 5 will be much more advanced and more new weapons will also be added. There might be some familiar weapons from Season 4, but leaks and hints have suggested that Sidewinder and Volts will be introduced in this new season of Apex Legends. The weapons were intended to be a part of Season 4, but the creators of Apex Legends game stored it for season 5. 

You might get to see the ultimate energy-based SMG in the 5th season of the game. The Volt SMG was introduced in the 3rd season of Apex Legends, and all the Titanfall players will know about this particular weapon. The weapon is dubbed as a fan-favorite. You might get to see it in the 5th season as well. Another weapon is the pistol that was used by Loba in the video trailer, along with that the silver wolf-headed staff. 

The pistol appears to differ completely from the other weapons from the last season. And fans believe that it is the new weapon that was introduced in the Apex Legends Season 5 trailer. No matter what type of weapon it is, you need to play the game to learn more about this particular weapon. 

The other possible weapons, which you might get to see and use in this 5th season, are CAR, EPG, and Grenade Launcher. Each of the weapons will have their special ability to create destruction. 

The Location:

Just like season 4, the 5th season will also start from the King’s Canyon, and it is the most loved location by all the players and fans. Through the King’s Canyon, new quests will take place and hidden secrets will be revealed that will ultimately set the chain of events. The change of events will change the map as all the competitors know it and enable you to experience fresh adventure. Skull Town is the most famous drop out in the King’s Canyon, with narrow streets and compact buildings, and the video trailer shows the Skull Town’s destruction as well.

The mirage buffs:

Apex Legends Season 5

Many players believe that this holographic trickster requires a strong buff that will make this character to be much more workable. However, it was revealed that the data miner contained several clues about a Mirage rework for season 5. The overall influence will be taken from Dummies Big Day, and the new ability will be an ultimate replacement. Along with that numerous other capabilities and specialties will be provided as well. You will experience something out of the extraordinary as the 5th season of Apex Legends is very different than the other seasons.

Parting thoughts:

The 5th season of Apex Legends is filled with surprises. There will be some new enhancements to the game. Some of the features will stay the same for all the Apex Legends players and fans. The game will be released in May 2020. Therefore, to stay updated with the latest news about the game; be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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