Apex Legends: What’s Happening to The Forge?

Apex Legends season 4

Gamers have been waiting for the season 4 of Apex Legends game. You have enjoyed the previous installments of the game and have shared the craze over the legendary characters. Well, good news for fans of Apex Legends, season 4 is here.

Apex Legends is a battle royale game that is free-to-play.  It was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA games. The game comprises of legends, loots, kings and heroic characters that you can play with, all with their own unique abilities. Season 1 was released in March of 2019 and the season 4 trailer is out now. You can check it out on their YouTube channel.

Apex Legends has released a new 1:07 minute-long video on their YouTube channel featuring James McCormick, better known as “The Forge” with some hints to the season 4 of the game.

What’s in It

Apex Legends season 4

The new video from Apex Legends takes place in an animated TV set. We see the character of “the Forge” sitting face to face with a reporter for a TV interview. The video description introduces us to The Forge. The character, the game reveals is a part of Hyper-Fighting Federation.

He is a person with exceptional charm, handsome looks, and great fighting skills. He has been adorned with the shiny medallion and been hailed as “People’s Champion”. Jimmy is confident about his industrial mining Shatter Gauntlets and with the support from Hammond Robotics he believes he can stay strong in the field. The video is titled “Stories from the Outlands – Up Close and Personal”

The Video begins with a TV news report logo that says “Exclusive Report: brought to you by Hammond Robotics”. The video enters directly into the interview. We see that the Interview background is boarding depicting Apex legends behind the interviewer and a board with the face and name of “Forge”.

Between the background screens, hands three flags of Hammond Robotics. Without any delay, the camera swoops in and zooms in the reporter as she introduces The Forge. Her name credit is shown to us – Lisa Stone.

She welcomes him saying it’s great to have him in the studio and we finally see the character of “The Forge”. He looks like a big, stout man, with little white streaks in front of his hair. The most noticeable part of his body is his left arm. We see a huge white Robotic shield on his upper arm. He casually asks the reporter to call him Jimmy. The interview begins.

The reporter congratulates him on his recent victories stating that they have made him qualified to finally compete in the Apex games and what it feels like. Jimmy answers with a casual wave of a hand and states that it has been a crazy experience the entire time. However, Hammond Robotics had always had his back. He expresses his gratitude for Hammond Robotics for supporting him through thick and thin.

Ready to Be Apex Legends?

The reporter starts to ask the more twisted question. She asks whether Jimmy is ready to be in Apex Legends even though he has been hailed as “people’s champion”. Jimmy laughs at this question and his voice turns more serious. He says that the great legends definitely deserve great respect. But he starts to exude immense confidence as he claims that the world has not seen a legend like him. He proceeds to challenge every other legend to bring the fight up close to him and he is confident he can beat them all on the ground.

At this moment we hear an electrical buzz and the studio lights begin to flicker. The reporter apologizes for the inconvenience and informs that the TV studio is having some technical difficulties. As soon as she finishes her sentence, the lights come back but the reporter seems alerted and shocked as she stares at Jimmy. As the camera looks back at Jimmy as he assures its okay and we see another character creep up behind Jimmy. We see a Red robotic character with red eyes slowly grab Jimmy and swiftly drive his knife through Jimmy’s body.

As Jimmy screams in dying pain and agony, the camera cuts back to the reporter’s face. The reporter seems stunned by the sudden intrusion and murder and at the moment of murder blood splatters on her face. She starts to scream from terror and shock of the kill and the video ends.

Let’s Deduct – What the Video Reveals

Apex Legends season 4

The Video begins very cleverly, drawing us in the storyline of Apex Legends game by presenting to us Jimmy as a real character giving an interview in the world of the game. The video presents it to us as if we are also a part of the world. The TV news logo and introduction scene remind us very much of a real TV news beginning, thus merging the world of the game with our reality.

We see Forge as a real character who is hailed by people and also the media. We are reminded of his previous victories as we know he is a fan favorite. The broad and strong character is powerful and confidence but it seems he is not very guarded during the interview. He claims he can take on any enemy as the lights start to flicker. The flickering of light is also suggestive as it serves as an ominous foreboding.

We see the Red character that sneaks up behind Jimmy. Fans of Apex Legends know him to be Revenant. He seems very sneaky, cold-blooded and ruthless as he murders Jimmy. It seems that season 4 of the game will not have Jimmy in it, but rather Revenant. A lot of fans wanted The Forge to be in the game, there was a lot of anticipation regarding Revenant or The Forge being in the game. Looks like EA has chosen Revenant in favor of Jimmy. The season 4 of Apex Legends promises to be exciting so we can expect more characters and clashes.

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