Apple 700 Dollars Wheels: Things You Need To Know

Apple 700 Dollars Wheels OR Apple Wheels

Ever since its inception in 2006, Apple has been selling high-tech gadgets and phones to a wide range of customers. But, their zeal to innovate high-end gadgets and accessories is never finished. And, this zeal has finally culminated in the making of Apple 700 Dollars Wheels. And, these two products have been invented back to back due to the excessive weight of Mac Pro.To be precise, Mac Pro is a cutting-edge and heavy-weight computer, weighing almost around 18 kilos. So, before you think of investing in Apple 700 Dollars Wheels, here are a few things that you should know.

Features of Apple 700 Dollars:

Apple 700 Dollars Wheels OR Apple Wheels

To begin with, let’s acquaint you about the price of Apple 700 Dollars Wheels. When it was first launched in the market, viewers got completely dumbstruck with its price. This amounted to $699, which approximately comes to $700.

Who can use it? 

You will certainly get a clear idea about its usage once you see the 7 minutes video about the product. Therein, you will see that a videographer is unpacking an eye-catchy box. Subsequently, he takes out four sturdy looking wheels one after the other. They look pretty impressive and are made out of high-quality stainless steel and rubber. And, this product is specifically meant for those professionals like film editors who are using a gigantic computer like Mac Pro.

Get Macro 700 Dollars at half the price:

If you order Mac Pro directly online, you will get the same kit half of its price. As this particular kit comes with Mac Pro, it will cost you not more than $400. Whoopee! That’s a great news, isn’t it? However, it’s after the removal of the $300 feet, that you can use the Apple 700 Dollars Wheels standalone kit. That’s the reason for its price increase.

Why it came into being? 

When the most basic version of Mac Pro came in the market, its price came around just $600. But, with the passage of time, it was required to be upgraded. Hence, a number other accessories like a trackpad, processor upgrades and memory upgrades were added to its features as well. As a result, it made Mac Pro unbearably heavy, thus, the kit of Apple Wheels was made.

Back Story

You can only finalize a purchase once you know about the features well. However, there’s a bit of backstory to the product and most of the Mac Pro users can tell even better about this. When Mac Pro, the massive computer of Apple was launched, the Apple Wheels came along with. At that time cost of each of these wheels was only $100 per piece.

What is the price now?

With the passage of time, the price of these Apple Wheels has witnessed an ample change. Apple 700 Dollars Wheels as the name suggests comes for whopping price of $700. This implies that the previous price of this kit has increased by $300 more to be precise.

Things included in the kit?

When it’s about choosing Apple 700 Dollars Wheels, it’s better to know about the accessories. There are also four wheels includes in the kit of Apple Wheels. Also, there are four feet made out of solid stainless steel. And, each of these feet is designed to hold each of the four wheels properly. Besides, all the four Apple wheels are also made out of pure stainless steel and rubber as an additional material.

Why were the Apple Wheels made?

Apple 700 Dollars Wheels OR Apple Wheels

The Apple 700 Dollars Wheels was designed to serve a common purpose. And, this purpose is actually to support the enormous weight of Macro, which is as hefty as 18 kilos. Besides, supporting its back merely with wheels was not enough. Hence, the Apple professionals decided to come with a high-tech kit, which contains all these four wheels and their feet.

Not affordable for budget freaks

People, who are worried about budget, should not go for Apple Wheels as the price of the Apple 700 Dollars Wheels is quite high. But, if it serves your purpose, it’s better to go for it. If you feel that it’s not an exorbitant investment for you, then, go ahead.

What do customers say?

Apple 700 Dollars Wheels OR Apple Wheels

Many customers have checked out the price option of the Apple Wheels and they are simply shocked. Some of the interested customers are even comparing its price with that of a one-ton diesel pickup truck. However, there are many who don’t consider the budget a constraint at all. Even they consider its features much compatible for their Mac Pro. In short, customers are actually giving off mixed reactions about the Apple Wheels.

The unique unboxing

The unboxing of this spectacular device was done by Unbox Therapy, one of the most popular Youtubers out there. His tense and suspense-filled face coupled with the thrilling background score made the entire video quite enjoyable. The premise was created in a thrilling, exciting, and funny way. As if he roasted the entire product and the price offerings even without uttering a single word. The wheels are undoubtedly highly functional, smart, and attractive. However, the price quoted by Apple seems a bit too much.

It was quite engaging and compelling for people to see Unbox Therapy take on Apple and how hilariously he trolled the tech giant for this offering. Some of the viewers are also of the idea that perhaps, makers at Apple might have lost their minds for quoting this product at such a high price.

Signing off

It can be safely said that at such a price, the Apple Wheels are not going to find many consumers. However, you never know, there might be people investing in this product. Just in case you are a tech freak and feel that the Apple 700 Dollars Wheels will serve a myriad of your purposes, then order it online from the Apple store and enjoy the astounding features that the device have to offer! Other than that, there would be no point in spending a fortune in this product, which doesn’t seem to have multivariate uses.


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