The process of applying for passport renewal

applying for passport renewal

Since the process of passport renewal has gone online it has become an easy task for everyone. Especially talking about the old or handicapped people who were supposed to visit the passport Seva Kendra for passport renewal multiple times. Not just it costs money but also a lot of strength and physical labour that made it harder for this section of the society. The online services have come forward as a relief. A blessing that people have accepted openly. The online portal can be referred to as a convenient portal. The passport application as well as renewal after the date of its expiry can be done by visiting the official website of the passport Seva Kendra while sitting at home totally hassle-free. 

The process of applying for passport renewal: 

Once an individual has visited the official website can log in to their account on the passport Seva Kendra the next step is register online. In the case of a new user, a new account on the official website can be made on the spot. 

The process for filling the passport renewal application is as follows:

  • Click on the link given for filling the online form. The formal appears with a common link for applying new passport and renewal of passport.
  • Click on the common link and a new web page will open with the form appearing on the screen. 
  • The details have to be filled in the form as per requirement. All the details need to be true to the information. A copy of the form can be saved by clicking on the option available “validate”.
  • Once the form is filled properly with the uploading of all the required documents scanned copies, the form is submitted by clicking on the option “submit”. 
  • All the information must be checked twice for any kind of wrong information or spelling errors before it is submitted for further process. 
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Renewal of SVP ( Short Validity Passport) 

Short validity passport is issued for certain special kind of cases such as: 

  1. For students aiming to apply for education outside the country and therefore appearing in exams such as SAT, TOEFL, etc. 
  2. For the Non-Residential Indians who might desire a small visit back to this country for the purpose of travelling.
  3. In certain cases there is a glitch or an issue in passport delivery to the individual. Therefore SVP can be acceptable. 
  4. For anyone applying for a passport with a criminal record or any criminal case running, only a short validity passport is their hope. 

The process for passport renewal for short validity passport is quite simple. All that the individuals have to do is visit the passport Seva Kendra in person and apply for the particular process required for renewal of short validity passport. 

Some necessary documents required to be uploaded during the process of passport renewal are as follows: 

  • The old passport 
  • The copy of the first two and last two pages of the passport booklet which must also be self attested.
  • A copy of ECR/non ECR page, self attested.
  • The page of observation must be self attested.
  • The Short Validity Passport (SVP) have a valid extension page copy which should also be self attested.
  • All the other documents such as ID proof, address proof etc.

Getting an appointment

For scheduling an appointment with the Passport Seva Kendra for passport renewal, all the above steps must be followed. After that click ok the option “ schedule an appointment”. Date and time of appointment have to be selected as per the individual. A particular amount has to be paid online to complete the online process of passport renewal. 

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