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Have you heard that practicals are At The Heart Of Science in the new specification? You might be wondering to know an overview about AQA A Level Biology Spec. Today, I have come up with the most relevant and appropriate information regarding A-level biology spec that you might have interested in. Most people have hated practicals, but they have to agree practicals are essential than theories they learn and memorize. Thus, A-level biology spec and all regarding information are here for you to explore the brand new specifications for A-level biology. Without taking more time, let us begin with this article.

An Overview Of Specification:

This new specification has a big emphasis on practicals, and AQA said that practicals are at the heart of science. You can find it on mathematical skills. You require to cover 10% of your marks with your mathematical skills. Thus, it is a higher tier GCSE level of maths. What does it mean? Start brushing up your maths skills.

AQA wants you to use mathematical skills and practical skills in various content where you have not been familiar. For example, unfamiliar context and ability to acquire knowledge of different areas and understand them with your answers. Do you think it might be difficult? AQA says you will get your hands on it with a small practice.

What Is Meant By Specification?

Experts defined specification as an Act Of Identifying Something Precisely or Stating A Precise Requirement. It is what you’re level biology course covers. It must have got you understood about A level biology spec. Each course you get your hands on it will have a specification released for a subject. It has specification outlines as its essence that are essential for your exams.

Note:- they specified A level by A level subject content AS subject content. Let’s get you how it is. 

They split the subject into A-level content and AS content. Thus it offers you two different qualifications. The first is an A-level qualification, and the second is AS level qualification. It is dissimilar to the previous where AS level marks were not contributed towards A level exams. It meant that some of you would enter AS level qualification at the end of the first year. If it happens, you have two exam papers, AS Paper 1 and As Paper 2. It means you can understand the subject and move towards A level qualification at the end of two years. If it happens, there are three papers, the first tests AS content, the second is A2 content, and the third is AS and A2 content.

What’s There In The Specification?

While understanding AQA A Level Biology Spec, you come to know A-level subject content. It covers the following. 

  • The energy will transfer between and in organisms.
  • The organism responds to changes occurring in its internal and external environment.
  • Know Evolution, populations, genetics, and ecosystems.
  • The control of gene expression.

How To Know What’s There In The Specification?

In most cases, you have to sit for A-level biology papers at the end of the second year. Some people have to enter for both AS level and A level. It may happen because your faculty believes you can pass AS-level more easily than A-level.

Know The Assessment Of A Level:

Paper 1, 2, and 3 will require your practical skills, but the third paper has a big emphasis on experimental and practical techniques. It also tests you on its content from the entire spec.

Here Is What You Should Know About A Level Assessment:

  • Your paper covers topics 1-4. It is from 3.1 biological modules and 3.4 Genetic information, the relationship between organisms and variation.
  • Paper two covers topics five to eight. It contains 3.5 energy transfers in and between organisms and 3.8 the control of gene expression.
  • Paper three will cover topics one to eight. It contains 3.1 Biological molecules and 3.8 The control of gene expression.
Additional Information:
  • All exams of A level will be for two hours. The first two papers cover 91 marks, and the third paper covers 78 Marks. The first two papers make up to 35% of A level, and the third paper covers 30%.
  • The first two papers cover 76 marks having short and long question answers, and both Papers have 1-1 questions covering 15 Marks. The third paper contains 38 Marks. It is a structured paper and includes practical techniques. 
  • It also covers 15 marks critical analysis of given experimental data and one assay for 25 Marks.
  • You must make sure you have completed A-level papers. After that, you must file them with a better filing system. Also, make sure you keep them in chronological order.

The Aim Of AQA :

While considering AQA A Level Biology Spec,  you must have to know its aims in the specification.

  • Acquire essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of your subjects. And how they have relationships with each other.
  • Demonstrate a deep appreciation of the skills after developing them, understanding the scientific methods and knowledge.
  • Develop confidence and competence in a variety of mathematical, practical, and problem-solving skills.
  • To get them interested in and enthusiastic about the subjects. It includes the development of their interest in further study and careers associated with their Subjects.
  • They can better understand how their society makes decisions about specific issues. Also to know, how science contributes to the success of the economy and society.

The Objectives Of AQA Assessment:

The objectives of AQA A level spec are as under;

  • Ofqual has set these objectives that you are going to know. These are all applicable for both AS level boards and A level boards.
  • Express the knowledge and understand the scientific processes, ideas, procedures, and techniques. 
  • Application of the knowledge, understanding of scientific ideas, procedures, techniques, processes for theoretical context, practical context, handling qualitative and quantitative data are essential.
  • Interpret, evaluate, and analyze specific information, evidence, and ideas. It includes relationships to issues to reach conclusions and make judgments. It is for developing and refining practical design and procedures.

Here Is The Weightage Of AQA A Level Biology Spec:

You should have an idea how much you should prepare for any subject. Right? That’s why AQA lets you know the weightage of Subjects that I have explained below.

Maths Requirements & Exemplifications:

There is a list of examples of maths techniques in this course. There are techniques that you must know.

Practical Assessment Of AQA A Level Biology Spec:

  • It may confuse you a little. You complete 12 required practical activities with your teacher. Your teacher assesses you to use the criteria I have listed below.
  • To carry out experimental procedures and experimental techniques, you should follow the written procedures.
  • Apply the investigative methods and approaches while using instruments and equipment.
  • While keeping safe, use a range of Practical equipment and materials.
  • It records and makes reports.
  • You should keep reports, references, and research.

Why Does AQA A Level Biology Spec Matter?

Did you understand what is required for your exam? You must know what specification calls a subject content. Some people find some reasons why this specification is vital, but some don’t think it is viral.

If one has a structure in mind about this specification, he can call it better to remember the content. For example, if you want to remember the names of 8 topics, you must structure all your knowledge to understand where it falls within the given eight topics. Thus, it allows you to link between these topics. It leads you to have a better understanding of your course content.

Another reason for calling this specification the essential thing is that it gives people a possible method to structure their notes. But the worst thing that you should know is that it has a disjoint set of Notes. Thus, you require an order for your Notes. To do it, you can follow the order given in the textbook that you use, but most users advise using the specification to structure your notes. You can do it to understand it in a better way.

If you still have doubts about why Matter, then you can familiarise yourself with the specification to order your notes following it? You can avoid missing any topics and find that textbooks sometimes can miss out on the content.

Wrapping Up:

Have you thoroughly understood The level biology spec? What is your opinion on its structure and modifications that we have discussed above? Do you have anything else that we might have missed to add here? You can let us know what else you know about a level biology specification. If you have not gone through this newly updated spec, you must read it once to understand how wisely you can prepare for your exams. If you still have any queries about AQA A Level Biology Spec and the documents, you can ask your queries and see them solved quickly. It is helpful to many people who are confused.


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