Are Lab Created Diamond Rings Worth it?


Diamonds are widely considered to be one of the world’s most valuable and rare gemstones. Whether you’re giving a diamond as an engagement ring, or receiving one as a token of love, it’s universally special. Considering how much attention diamonds receive, it’s no wonder people are asking about lab-grown diamonds. 

Are they real? Why do they exist? 

How should you proceed if you are considering getting synthetic versions of this stone? How should you proceed if you are considering a synthetic version of this stone? Keep reading to learn more about lab created diamonds and how they compare to mined ones.

What are Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab created diamonds, or synthetic diamonds, are diamonds made in a laboratory. These diamonds are made by combining advanced technology and chemistry. For example, diamonds, like all gems, are made of carbon. In a lab, scientists are able to use a “barrier-less” process where carbon is placed under extreme pressure and high temperatures to create a diamond.

In the end, the lab created diamond has the same chemical makeup as any other diamond. When done correctly, they look exactly like mined diamonds.

How Are Lab-Created Diamonds Made?

Lab-created diamonds are created using a technology called chemical vapor deposition or CVD. In order to create graphite, scientists use a chemical reaction to convert carbon. 

After that, the substance is heated to about 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit in a chamber. The high heat causes the material to decompose, turning into a source of pure carbon. The carbon is then used to create diamonds in a machine that’s very similar to an oil rig. 

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The whole process can take up to a month and is estimated to cost about $800 per carat. Compared to a mined diamond, which starts around $1300 per carat, lab created diamonds are much more affordable. 

Are Lab Created Diamonds Real?

Are they real? Yes, they are. They are simply created in a lab instead of beneath ground. Despite their chemical composition, synthetic diamonds lack the geological conditions or history behind natural, mined diamonds.

Mined diamonds are formed over millions of years beneath the surface of the earth in areas like Brazil, Africa, and Canada. They’re formed when carbon meets intense heat and pressure deep within the earth.

Are Lab Created Diamonds Worth It?

There was a time when lab created diamonds weren’t as good as natural diamonds. Manufacturers weren’t able to control the quality of their stones, so customers often got what they paid for. 

However, in recent years, manufacturers have been able to increase yields and produce more consistent stones. That’s largely thanks to improvements in technology. 

According to scientists, they’ve been able to successfully create diamonds that are as good as mined diamonds. The biggest plus is that you can choose the quality of your stone. Since they’re made in a lab, you know that each stone will be consistent.

Check with your partner to ensure they approved of a lab created diamond engagement ring, but if they know all the facts, they should be just fine with it.

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