10 Awesome Ways to use Logo Animation (with examples)

use Logo Animation

A logo can be described as the heart and soul of a brand name. It is a reflection of a company’s identity and plays a crucial role in planning a branding strategy. An animated logo is one of the most popular marketing assets and brand identity nowadays. Over 75% of consumers prefer animation over plain image logos. The moment this trend took place, many small and big companies decided to get an animated logo for themselves from InVideo.

A creative and power-packed logo can display a company character and give a strong message instantly. Apart from this, it is an excellent way to gain a competitive edge over the other players in the market. 

If you are also planning to introduce an animated logo to your customers, here are some creative ways of doing so:

1. Social networks – Social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are some of the prominent media for product promotion. Logo animation can be used here to build an instant connection with the target audience. Check out the animated logo of Pinterest and understand the logic. A simple symbol highlights the brand identity. 

2. Intro – Video marketing is getting bigger and is here to stay for a long time. A whopping 99% of companies are using video marketing to attract customers. Starting a video with a intro can prove to be a powerful marketing punch. It gives a professional touch to the video, and a strong message on ownership, the moment one plays it. Refer to the animated logo of Flickr that comprises two simple dots beautifully evolving into a large thing.

3.  Outro – End your video with an animated logo and witness the magic. The audience would look forward to associating with the brand after watching this impressive video. This technique will create an instant and long term relationship with customers. Go for a vivid and vibrant logo like Nike, for a perfect signing out.

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4. Company website – Websites are like a company’s resume. An animated logo can add volumes to it and boost its SEO. Introduce a single loop GIF animation logo and attract organic traffic to your website. Check out National Geographic’s animated logo to understand how to keep your visitors engaged and interested. 

5. Presentations – Add a punch of freshness and originality by incorporating an animated logo like Burger King in your presentation. This is an amazing way to engage your audience as well as make your presentation a memorable one. 

6. Promo videos – Promo videos are one of the most promising marketing tools nowadays. Polish it with an animated logo and make a never-ending impression on the minds of your target audience, just like Tooni Alarm Logo Animation.

7. Trade shows – Trade shows are an amazing occasion to interact with potential consumers on a one-on-one basis and earn their attention. Around 48% of customers feel attracted to eye-catching crisp videos. Stand out from the crowd and impress them with your creative logo at your trade show. Take some inspiration from Hype and understand how to become a centre of attraction. 

8. Email signature – Do you know that emails are the third most persuasive medium of information for B2B businesses? Make your emails more impressive by adding an animated logo in the signature. Take some cues from Uber and turntables with your power-packed emails.

9. Digital banners – Infuse immense energy in your digital banners with logo animation. Around 55% of people feel attracted to interesting and innovative digital banner ads. Go for a design that will highlight the versatility of the product, just like MasterCard.

10. Thumbnail during videos – Delight your viewers and multiply the engagement ratio by adding a small logo animation at the corner of your videos. Make sure you loop them once and keep them brilliant like FedEx. Keep the brightness at 25% capacity, subtle and smart. 

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Some important tips:

Here are some important tips to get a perfect logo that represents your brand personality:

  • The animated logo should represent your consumer preferences. Thorough user research can fetch you the best results.
  • The animated logo should be short and crisp. Consumers nowadays prefer simple and abstract ideas. Avoid going for animations that last over 10 seconds. Check the youtube video editor for mac and get the best animation for your logo. 
  • Go for an animated logo that is a better version of the earlier one. Surprise your customers with your creativity and innovation.
  • Placement is crucial when it comes to an animated logo. Make sure you place it at a prominent spot that is subtle yet noticeable.
  • Too big a logo size can hinder the video view, whereas, a very small logo can go unnoticed. We recommend you to go for 800*800 pixels. 
  • There are three types of files; PNGs, GIFs, and JPGs. Select the right file type for your logo.

Final thoughts:

These were some interesting ways of using logo animation. They have become an effective promotional tool that multiplies brand awareness, enhances memorability, creates an impeccable first impression, and infuses life in the brand. Make sure you analyze your company objectives before creating an animated logo. Your prime focus should be on highlighting the brand traits and qualities. 

Are you planning to launch the animated version of your logo? Why don’t you check out InVideo’s logo animation video for a better understanding?

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