Benefits of Web Push Notifications For All The Bloggers

web push notifications

Blogging has always been the most efficient way of delivering content and engaging with people. That is the reason why almost all businesses, from small-scale to fortune 500, utilize it as one of their marketing strategies. Well-written blogs help marketers in understanding their potential audience better. Also, blogging enables businesses to make their online presence visible. The fact that it is cost-efficient and provides long-term results, makes it even more beneficial for the businesses. But to obtain these benefits, the blogs must be successful first. Because if people would not read them, the blogs will mean no use to the business. To make the blogs successful and popular, the blogger needs to take care of two things. The first thing is the quality of content, which should be kept high. And the second thing is the reach of the blog, that can be increased with web push notifications feature.

Push notification is a very common feature that is used by most of the businesses for their apps and websites. With this feature, they are able to notify the user with a message about anything they want. The most common example of push notification is WhatApp. When WhatsApp wants to notify their users of any new message, they send them a push notification. And these notifications are visible to the users even when the app is closed. Along with apps, this feature is also available for websites and it is called web push notifications. This feature is more beneficial for websites than apps. As most users close the website after their purpose is solved, so this feature helps the websites in keeping a continuous touch with their users.

There are many other benefits of using web push notifications on business websites. And almost everyone is aware of them. But what people don’t know is that these web push notifications can also benefit bloggers. Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained by bloggers if they use web push notifications for their blogs.

Making Permanent Readers

web push notifications

The readers can subscribe to the web push notifications if they wish to. And if they do, they will be notified for each new blog that has been uploaded by the blogger. Even if they are not available on the website at that moment, they will still be informed. This way, bloggers can keep in touch with their readers and convert one time visitors into permanent readers.

This helps them in making their blog popular. As a certain number of readers will always be visiting and reading their blogs. So they get more traffic on their blog because the new traffic consists of these permanent readers along with all the readers that the search engine provides. These notifications are also convenient for the readers as they can easily subscribe as well as unsubscribe them.

Marketing Without Efforts

For making their blog popular and successful, bloggers need to prepare proper marketing strategies for it along with good content. They even need to pay for certain types of advertisement and none of these ensures effective results. There are chances that even after putting in so much efforts and strategies, the blogger will end up getting just a little bit of traffic on their blogs. And small traffic is not enough for making the blog popular.


This is where web push notifications can help them. Once a visitor subscribes to their blog, all of their future blogs reach to that visitor without any marketing strategies or efforts. Which means their blogs get promoted without any hassle. So they can put all their focus on the content of the blog and raise its quality. That is a double benefit.

More Potential Traffic

When the blogger promotes their blog with various marketing strategies, they reach out to a wide range of audiences. Out of this, many people might not be interested in their blogs. So they spend money to reach out to people who are actually not interested in their work. And that seems senseless. But this is not the case with web push notifications. Almost all the subscribers love the blogger’s work, which is why they subscribed to their blog. So these are the potential readers that the blogger needs the most. And with web push notifications, they can directly reach out to them while saving money that was previously spent on non-potential readers.

Also, as they will be reaching these readers in real-time, i.e. the actual time of the blog release, the effect of their blog on the readers will only be better. Real-time traffic is most beneficial for time-sensitive content.

Not Limited To New Content

web push notifications

Web push notifications are not limited to the freshly uploaded content. Bloggers can also use this feature to inform all their subscribers about any of the previous work that they have done. For example, if the blogger uploaded an interesting blog a few months back, but now they want more traffic on that blog. Then they can send web push notifications for that blog too. Web push notifications for the old posts can be most beneficial for promotional content. As the blogged will be able to promote the same product/service without writing new content for it.

No Personal Information

The web push notification method is also better than any other notification method. Because it does not require the readers to insert any of their personal details like name or email. The readers just have to press a “SUBSCRIBE” button and they are done.


The ultimate aim of the blogger is to increase their blog’s traffic. And web push notifications can easily do the job for them. Also, the fact that it is more efficient than any other promotional strategy makes it worth a try. The feature can be integrated easily with blogs, so the blogger can get started right away. The two main points they should remember while doing so are:

  • They should choose the service provider wisely. Because there are plenty of them and some of them also provide free services. While free service might sound good for a start, it can be proven bad for the long term. So a proper study can help them in choosing the best service provider.
  • They should not bug their readers more often than required. Keeping a moderate notification count will help them in making the subscribers stay for a longer time. Subscribers are most likely to leave if they feel irritated from too many notifications.


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