Best Arcade Games to Play in 2021

Arcade Games to Play in 2021

90’s kids will remember how arcades were one of their favorite destinations. A token for a cent, and they could play for hours. The games were often endless, and the fun of playing was even more exhilarating. Let’s discuss some of the best arcade games to play in 2021 and how they have survived.

Today, though, we don’t have arcades anymore. We do have the same games available. We can play them on mobile phones, desktops, and even on tablets. Most websites have saved these games and made them available for online gameplay.

List of the Best Arcade Games You Can Play in 2021

Here is a list of the best Arcade games of 2021 that you can play on mobile (both Android and iOs) and desktops. Let’s go through the list and see how each of these games can be played.

  1. Super Mario

First on our list is the Super Mario game. We all know Super Mario by Warner Bros. It is one of the oldest games that were played in Arcades. It still has a great fan following, and people love it for its fun.

Super Mario is an all-time favorite, but it now has many versions available focusing on Mario, Luigi, Dino, and even the princess herself. These versions are available on smartphones and desktops as well. You can simply download Super Mario or one of its variants from the Google Play gaming segment. It is an easy to install an app, and you can play it for endless hours.

  1. Metal Slug

Loved shooting games? You must know about Metal Slug then. It was an all-time favorite and a great game to begin with. Metal Slug had four players, playing at a time. It was known for its great graphics, adventure map, and weapons that weren’t available in any other game of that era. Metal Slug is still available, and Neo Geo is constantly coming up with new versions of Metal Slug with upgraded weapons, better scenery, and enhanced graphics.

  1. Pinball Arcade

Whether you are playing Pinball in a real-life Casino or as a game in an Arcade, it is a great game, to begin with. Pinball is still loved by many who want to play it on their smartphones or any console they can get it installed on.

Well, not to worry. The Pinball Arcade game is now available for all on Google Play, Apple App Store, and other arcade game websites. You can also play it online if you have Flash installed. Pinball graphics have been enhanced, and the new games now feature multiplayer mode with leaderboards.

  1. Tekken
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Remember the one and only fighting game, Tekken 3? Well, previous versions of Tekken were not in 3D, but now they are. Tekken is a great fighting game, and it had our favorite characters Paul, Eddy, Yoshimitsu, and King. Let’s not forget Lee, Law, and Jinn. Tekken is known for its beauty. Pure fighting in all its glory with the click of a few buttons.

If you love fighting games, installing Tekken on your smartphone would be your best bet. Like other games, it now has newer versions available with better graphics, enhanced storylines, and even smarter gameplay. The characters can be played in single, multiplayer, or campaign modes. You can now play instantly with other players on Tekken world that are looking for partners.

  1. Sports Pop

Sports games are important to activate time management skills in individuals. And Sports pop by unlimited Gamezmo does just that. It is a treat for all sports enthusiasts out there. You get to match your favorite sports equipment, and the earlier you do so, the better your score.  So apart from improving your reflexes and muscle memory, this game will keep you hooked for all the right reasons. Get set to leave the field and get glued to the screen for hours, as seeing all your favorite gear in one place is bliss.

  1. Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi was another excellent game for many who wanted a fun way to drive the car around the streets of New York. Crazy Taxi is all about driving passengers to their destinations while taking the shortest routes and battling against time. It is an all-time favorite car and racing game for game lovers. Crazy Taxi is still available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

In fact, the new variants of Crazy Taxi now include Crazy Truck, Crazy Cart, and many variants that have a following of their own. You can also play it online on arcade-based websites. Crazy Taxi can also be installed on your desktop computer.

  1. Mortal Kombat

I bet you are now trying to get Mortal Kombat just because of the latest movie. Although Mortal Kombat games are great, recent film releases have put their searches high on the chart.

Mortal Kombat is an excellent game for people who love action games. Whether you choose Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Jax, Blade, or any other player. You will have great gameplay. Mortal Kombat has advanced for years, and the game now features excellent graphics, impressive moves, and upgraded skills of all the players you choose.

  1. Street Fighter
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Street Fighter is ever-green. Whether you are into fighting games or just want to have some fun on the side, you can always install a Street Fighter game on your smartphone or desktop,or you may also play it online on websites whenever you want.

Street Fighter is known for its quality. You can start with Ryu or Ken, or even Nina. There are just too many players to choose from. Each player has its own storyline, just like Tekken, but the weapons and the gameplay is different. Street Fighter is also a product of Neo Geo, just like Metal Slug. So, you will find an inclination towards anime by the developers. Even the latest releases of Street Fighter games have a touch of anime. Nonetheless, it is a great game to have on your must-play list.

  1. Contra

Contra is one of the oldest arcade games known to men. Released somewhere in the 1980s, contra was made with 2D graphics. It is still a great game and now has a new version available called the ‘Contra Returns.’ You can download the game on Google Play and Apple App Store. The game has 3D graphics, better gameplay, a more refined character story, and a detailed map with everything of interest.

  1. Sky Force  

Our favorite Sky Force retro game is now available online. The team behind the game has released the latest version as Sky Force Reloaded, on mobile and web. You can play the game on the official website or download it as an app on your smartphone. The game has multiple levels, a better storyline, and even in-app purchases and tokens that you can use to upgrade your skycraft.

  1. Bubble Bobble

If you were a Sega lover, you would have played Bubble Bobble. Bubble Bobble was a perfect game for anyone who was looking for something lite and fun. At most arcades, the Bubble Bobble arcade machine was always occupied. The reason was simple, it was easy to play, and anyone who could use a joystick could play the Bubble Bobble game for hours. It was great for beginners, experts, and young and adults alike.

The best part? You can now play Bubble Bobble on your smartphones. Its developers have created an official app for you to just download, install, and play.

Parting Thoughts

Listed above are some of the best arcade games that ever existed. If you are in love with one of these games, go play these on the websites we discussed or download them on your smartphones from official app stores.



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