The best cheap Bluetooth speakers in 2022

The best cheap Bluetooth speakers in 2022
The best cheap Bluetooth speakers in 2022

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great wireless audio quality these days. In fact, there are plenty of best Bluetooth speaker cheap that offer excellent performance without breaking the bank. In this roundup, we’ve found some of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers out there, all for under $100 (and some even discounted to just $50). So if you’re looking for a great deal on a quality speaker, you’re sure to find it here.

Many of these budget-friendly models even offer water protection, similar to more expensive models from well-known brands like Sonos Roam and UE Megaboom 3. This means the speaker can accompany you outside or in the bathroom without worry about water damage. Plus, several models offer extended battery life and some can be paired with a second speaker to create stereo sound.

Best cheap Bluetooth speakers you can buy today

1.Anker Soundcore 3

The Anker Soundcore 3 is an amazing little Bluetooth speaker that can deliver powerful, well-balanced sound in any setting, thanks to its IPX7-rated design and dual tweeter drivers. With a long-lasting battery life of up to 24 hours, this speaker is perfect for outdoor use, and its robust rubberised outer case protects it from every day knocks and bumps.

2.Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

If you’re looking for great Bluetooth sound without breaking the bank, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 is definitely worth checking out. You can often find it at a discount, and it has surprisingly good bass for such a small speaker.

The TribitStormBox Micro may be smaller and lighter, but it doesn’t sound as good as the UE Boom 3. The Boom 3 costs more, but it produces better sound. The Wonderboom hits a sweet spot in price, size and sound quality for portable Bluetooth speakers.

3.JBL Clip 2

The JBL Clip 2 has been on the market for six years and is still one of the best bargains in its category. It’s designed to be portable, with a powerful audio system that delivers great treble, midrange, and bass, plus an attachable carabiner for easy carrying. The waterproof exterior (IPX7) is another big selling point, making it perfect for taking on the go without worrying about damaging it.

The Clip 2 can connect with two other speakers to create surround sound, depending on how you place them. You may need to invest in more than one speaker for stronger audio presence, as this model is not very loud. Keep in mind that this is an older model, so there is no app support. However, this may not be a big hindrance.

4.JBL Go

The JBL Go 3 is a tiny but mighty Bluetooth speaker that ticks all the boxes. It’s highly portable, thanks to the new rope loop, and is water- and dust-proof to the IP67 standard. That’s on par with the class-leading UE Megaboom 3. It’s also good-looking, with six color options to choose from, and its Bluetooth 5.1 is solid and dependable.

The battery life on the Soundcore 3 is pretty impressive, considering that it only takes 5 hours to charge. In our testing, we found that we got closer to 10 hours of playtime at middling volumes. The sound quality is good, with thick bass and less of an ear for detail than the Soundcore 2, but overall this is an outstanding bargain.

5.TribitStormBox Micro

The StormBox Micro is a great speaker for its cost of $50. It is much more compact than its cousin, the XSound Go, and can go fully underwater (in depths up to 1 meter), as well as being protected against dust and dirt. What’s more, it sounds amazing for such a tiny speaker, producing clear vocals and some surprisingly strong bass. The only drawbacks are the lack of an app (though you can pair with two devices at once) and a relatively low battery life, which sees the StormBox Micro run dry after 8 hours.

6.JBL Clip Plus

The JBL Clip was originally celebrated for its ability to pack such powerful sound into a small design. However, the Clip Plus introduced water-resistant protection, a feature that was lacking in the original. More than half a decade later, this ultraportable speaker is still a popular choice for bike rides and hikes. You’ll get crisp treble and deep bass from the 40mm driver, while the speakerphone is handy for calls. The integrated carabiner is also convenient for hooking onto your backpack or belt loop.


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