The Best Games of 2019 That Fly-Opens New Gaming Dimensions for Game Lovers

best games of 2019

Gaming has emerged as a phenomenal entity in today’s world that is taking over the interests, choices, and enthusiasm of today’s young minds. 2018 was a breakthrough year when it comes to the percentage of game players and enthusiasts. The revenue for the gaming industry surpassed $43.4 billion last year, with a record of 164 million teen and adult players in the US.

The number of gamers of all ages is expanding at bling fast speed on a global level. The interface, features, and foundations of games have evolved and advanced significantly over the years. There are more to the games in the modern era rather than mere winning and losing battles. The games we are going to enjoy discussing in this article are the best games of 2019 that are setting impressive paradigms in the world of gaming. They are known for taking you to realistic journeys in the most detailed, well-planned, strongly characterized interfaces. So, grab a coffee and dive in!

# 5 Outer wilds – By Mobius digital

best games of 2019

This is one of the best games of 2019, which is pretty much into prominence nowadays. It is all about exploring an amazing handcraft solar system. If you have been interested in space science, outer space or astrobiology, this would probably be one of the most exciting gaming stops for you. You will have an excellent chance to explore the planets and their mysteries game reviews

Brief of how it works

The Planets of Outer Wilds is loaded with certain hidden spots that alter with time. You will have to figure out those locations, visit underground places before they are gulped in by opponent entities or calamities. Players are supposed to find the secrets that are hidden and guarded by catastrophes of nature.

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Other than that, it is a very detail-oriented game that allows you to only delve deeper in terms of features, plug-ins, gaming tactics and more. However, the one thing that might need your attention is its pace, which is comparatively slower than other games. So you will need more brain work and patience than speed-based skills.  Do try out this as it’s one of the best games of 2019!

# 4 Apex legends – By Respawn entertainment

The Apex legends have been talked about a lot and are one of the best games of 2019. It has been around in the industry for quite some time. It is one of the best FPS games that actually were not so much in hype initially. The features and interface in the game were basic and minimal. However, it has significantly advanced in recent years. 

Brief of how it works

There are pre-determined characters in this game that keep advancing with the levels. It is a Royale battle game and you have to play it with an x-box and you can already get a flavor of its mechanisms and genre. The game revolved around different tactics of gunplay and three players can join in at a max. It is all about its swift movements, fluid-fast pace, mechanics and features. So do try it!

# 3 RE: 2 REMAKE

best games of 2019

Resident Evil is an excellent piece of entertainment but is also one of the best games of 2019. It carries a really dark, mysterious aura all through that you are actually going to cherish if you are a fan of the same. It is considered as one of the most challenging games of all time that will take you through several levels. 

Brief of how it works

First of all, you will need to play these games in order to get a wholesome experience of it. The orders are yet again another best game of 2019 play out in a sequence and you will get into the entire feel of the Resident Evil cinematic feel when you get in the flow of the play. The characters eventually develop and help you to solve certain mysteries. 

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# 2 Fallen order – By Respawn entertainment

This has landed as the perfect action-adventure game that has taken the game world by storm literally. It is the second wonder by Respawn that has been a reflection of the Star Wars property. As per experts, the characters of this game are highly advanced and how the game unfolds is quite planned and scripted. It offers more than just a game and allows players to experience a true series of challenging and thrilling events. 

Brief of how it works

The pattern of this game is one of the most unpredictable that would make you reach out to some tips in order to stay ahead. The main thing that you will need to pay attention is that it’s a blend of brain and skill games. The controls, like the software-based bumper, standard face buttons, and triggers needs, are understood deeply. Players would take time to explore the controls.  

# 1 Sekiro – By Software

best games of 2019

This is one of the best games of 2019 and does not require much introduction. There are many reasons why it is at the top of the list. It is a powerful game that gives you a highly realistic experience. If there is anything that needs to be picked on top of this game is the visuals and special effects. It will be worth a try!

Brief of how it works

It is a quite high-level game that will take in all your gaming experience if you have been into playing all these years. Players often have to blend into a role and kill opponent entities, supernatural creatures, and fierce animals. You will have the option to use several weapons, exciting tactics and meet levels that you might not have experienced in any other games. 

So, that was some of the extraordinary picks among the recently landed popular games of all time. These are supposed to really add an edge to your interests, skill, and style of playing. The idea is not to encourage you to keep your eyes stuck to the screen; however, there are many proven advantages of playing these wondrous games. If you are already a game lover, you will know which one to tap your hands to this season and in case you are new to the gaming world, use the above guide to get ready for some real exploration!


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