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Each person should possess, hold, and utilize a foldable knife. If having a pocket knife is legitimately allowed, then it is sensible to have one. You cannot simply go out and purchase a knife without doing the groundwork. The adverse fact is that there are various worthless knives available in the souk. You must be familiar with diverse knife brands to purchase the Best Knife Brands Pocket. Luckily, you will find several kinds of folding knife brands. They take immense honor in their design and functioning. 

It may be you are planning to get your first pocket knife. Thus, you can check out these top brands with regards to folding knives.

So, discover about these pocket knife brands:

Benchmade Knife Company

The Benchmade Knife Company was set-up in 1988. It was set-up with one goal to make the best knives on the globe.

Benchmade is a brand that has remained authentic with its line. It has its head office in Oregon City, Oregon. This company keeps on crafting folding knives that are of the finest quality.

Their most well-known knife that you can consider buying is the Griptilian. It is highly acclaimed by the users for its reliability and durability.

If you need a quality foldable or pocket knife, this brand is apt for you even though it is expensive.

Boker Manufactory

Indisputably, Boker is a defeatist in the pocket knives community. This company produces superb quality pocket knives. But they have not received the credit for their products.

They have got a prosperous and prolonged chronicle. It has its foundation that goes back to the seventeenth century.

At that time, it was a small devices store in Germany. Their industrial facility in Solingen was ruined during World War II and not constructed until the 1950s.

Presently, they make a broad range of cutting devices. It ranges from EDC (Everyday Carry) blades to hounding sharp knives to kitchen cutlery set.

They are one of the top brands to manufacture ceramic coated foldable blades. You have the option to buy its Anti-Grav pocket knife.

Buck Knives

Hoyt Buck manufactured the first Buck blade in 1902. He attempted to produce a superior approach to tone down steel.

Hoyt was not satisfied with the way the blades held during that time. His methods and quality items harmonized with his outdoorsmen and hunters.

Buck Knives is still a prime hunting knife brand in the American legacy.

Its 110 model is one of their most winning products as it is easy to use, made of quality materials, and of modest sophistication. It may not be showy, yet this blade is incredibly dependable.

Cold Steel Knife & Tool Company

Cold Steel has gained fame for being the oldest brand. It is due to their wide range of products that incorporates from broadswords to woodcutting blades made of finest materials.

However, that does not denote that they make an inferior item. Indeed, its commitment to creativity is unparalleled.

This company was set-up in 1980. This California brand has figured out of placing itself at the front of innovation with blade tools. You can check out their licensed item-Tri-Ad lock.

Also, based on their continuous transforming inventory, they are hoping to keep things that manner. You can choose to buy their Cold Steel Spartan blade.

Columbia River Knife & Tool Company (CRKT)

CRKT is one of the top leaders crafting the Best Knife Brands Pocket. It has achieved its place among the primary influential.

They have an extensive array of items that envelop each setting from the outside to the EDC. They are no sluggards concerning technological creativity.

Indeed, Ken Onion invented the design of their device-free field strip innovation. It is noticeable in their Homefront blades. It will be the subsequent immense transformative phase in the ambit of foldable knives.

DPx (Dangerous Places Extreme) Gear

18 Best Pocket Knife Brands for Your Everyday Carry

DPx is one of the least known brands. DPx denotes Dangerous Places Extreme. 

It was set-up by one of the most superior fellows alive. Robert Young Pelton has involved himself in 30 years of discord, backwoods, and hard-use settings. 

Thus, he fabricated his brand around that. These designed blades endure through the hardest of times and come out on the opposite side unmarked.

If you end up in a crisis, you will require one of these blades in your pocket. Moreover, this brand has its head office in San Diego, California. For this, they deserve a unique spot in our hearts. You can try purchasing their DPx HEAT/F model.

Emerson Knives

Emerson Knives brand has one of the most devoted fan bases in the whole foldable blade network. Furthermore, their cutting blades are of amazingly high caliber. They hold a price to complement.

Each Emerson blade is made in the USA. It started as a custom blade brand in 1979. Now, it has developed into one of the supreme strategic knife making firms on the planet.

Its inventor, Ernest Emerson, is one of the highly regarded and adored direct contest trainers on the planet. Emerson Sheep Dog is one of the right knives that you may choose to obtain.

Gerber Gear

Do not be erroneous for considering Gerber Gear as the baby food brand. It has been making superior-quality devices and blades for many years. This company was set-up in 1939 in Portland, Oregon.

This brand prides itself both concerning their legacy and their forward need to innovate continually. It blends top-notch materials and front-oriented plans to manufacture a highly durable and reliable product.

Gerber has established them in the foldable knife world, yet more prominently in the hard-use device world.

This brand has something for you like Gerber Manual Combat Folder, the Best Knife Brands Pocket if you are interested in fishing or likes to carry a knife regularly.

Kershaw Knives

A blade sales person Pete Kershaw began his cutlery organization in 1974. He left his past manager, Gerber Legendary Gear, presently known as Gerber Gear. That firm turned into the pocket knife brand known as Kershaw Knives today. 

This brand manufactures the highest-quality and affordable pocket knives. Moreover, the majority of them highlight an exclusive aided opening operation called SpeedSafe.

Additionally, they have a fondness for working with custom blade inventors and creators such as Ernest Emerson, Ken Onion, Rick Hinderer, and more.

In case you are searching for an excellent pocket knife accessible at a reasonable cost, you must go for its Cryo product.

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Ontario Knife Company (OKC)

OKC represents Ontario Knife Company and not Oklahoma City. It has been producing a broad array of valuable items that comprises cutlery, blades, kitchenware, and instruments for more than 125 years.

A fraction of their business has been manufacturing items for the United States armed forces. Therefore, OKC is glad both of their legacy and scope of products fabricated in the USA.

They may not be a recognized name with regards to folding knives. But they are positively wonderful in the creation of their products. Procure one of their items like the Ontario Rat knife, and you will not be disappointed.


Opinel produces astonishingly remarkable and economical pocket blades for a century. 

It began in Savoie, France in the 1800s. It was a lineage-possessed and organized-working man’s knife making company.

Opinel promoted the worker or farmer blade. Presently, they offer the best pocket blades styled like their unique epitome that includes kitchen cutlery and different line devices.

Their No. 8 Trekking Knife is a phenomenal friend on climbing trips. Also, it is a magnificent and helpful outdoorsman’s knife.


Spyderco knife brand is in Golden, Colorado. It is the most popular brand for its exceptional leaf-formed knives. The nature of these blades is tremendous.

They incline to explore different avenues regarding new knife steels. It is the early organization to utilize powder metallurgy in crafting blades.

Spyderco has a long history of working close to the leaders in the foldable knives configuration, including Ken Onion, Jens Anso, Bob Terzuola, Tim Wenger, and Ernest Emerson.

However, its originator-Sal Glesser is a fabulous blade producer. Its model Spyderco Techno is the right pocket knife for you.


These are the Best Knife Brands Pocket that you may take into account when buying a knife. All these brands manufacture the latest and stylish foldable knives for their customers. So, examine each of these brands to select a suitable one for you.



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