Best Living Room Rug Styles of 2021

Room Rug Styles

Typically, your living room is a key area in your home, which you can use for unwinding, socializing, and entertaining. The right rug can make this space stand out. Whether you want to make this area more appealing, accessible, elegant, or trendy, there is a rug out there that can help you achieve your goal. Learning about recommended carpet styles for living rooms can help you to find a product that appeals to you. Let’s help you discover the top rug trends of 2021.

Warm Colors and Patterns

Rugs in warm colors, such as shades of deep green, brown, red, yellow, or gold, can increase the accessibility and comfort of a living space. You can also juxtapose these floor coverings effectively with austere flooring, such as wood or tiles in neutrals, creating focal areas for discussions, play, or TV. Patterned rugs inspired by classic or contemporary art can also increase the visual impact of your living area and inspire creativity.

Seek Natural Materials 

Similar to home decor elements such as upholstery and window treatments, rugs made from natural materials are a popular choice in 2021. You can choose from beautiful and resilient wool rug types, such as Greece’s flokati, durable sisal rugs, water resistant seagrass rugs, and versatile jute rugs. Each of these rugs is eco-friendly and better for the environment when compared with synthetic carpet options.

In addition to sustainability, these rugs can provide you with awesome textures, superior comfort, and authentic styles. Among natural rugs, wool options are a particularly good investment as they offer unique benefits, such as resilience to bacterial growth. Additionally, you can use a wool carpet for generations if you maintain it properly.

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Opt for Tasteful Neutrals 

Rugs in neutral shades, such as taupe, beige, pearl gray, and ivory, can complement a subtle and elegant palette, creating an oasis of calm in your living room. Alternatively, you can use a neutral rug to balance a space with several bold colors, preventing the area from becoming too overwhelming.

Choose Lusciously Long Piles

Shag rugs with high piles are a major comeback style in 2021. Due to their luxurious textures, these floor coverings can create soft, cozy spaces in your living area. Purchasing a pure wool product in a neutral color that matches your other decor can also significantly increase the beauty of your space. However, keep in mind that to enjoy these benefits and save money in the long term, you need to develop a regular schedule for maintaining your shag rug. With the appropriate care, these plushy floor coverings can last for a long time.

Try Layering Your Rugs

Combining a few living room rugs in one area by layering them can give your room a unique look. For example, consider layering a bright asymmetrically shaped rug over a larger, rectangular one in a neutral shade. You can pair wool with jute, combine two wool rugs with varying pile lengths, or choose any other combination that matches your room’s aesthetic.

Use what you have learned about living room rug styles to discover one that appeals to you. Then, start searching for the right rug to enhance and refresh your living space.

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