Best Pdf To Word Converter Online: How to Use Them?

best pdf to word converter online

There is a constant requirement of converting pdf files to word documents in any organization. Doing so makes retrieving and alterations easier for any user. For example, you may have to convert an old pdf file into a word document to save the latest updates. The use of special software and tools and the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) make the process possible. So, here we are to check out the best pdf to word converter online.

Before you explore the list of the best software, let us check out the process of how you can convert a pdf file into a word document.

How to use the best pdf to word converter online?

The following is the step-by-step guide to convert pdf to editable word.


The first step to pdf a word editable is to open it in a proper software with the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature.


The software will now begin the process of software recognition. As a result, it will produce texts, images, and tables to the pdf file’s closest duplicate. This is the stage in which you can check if the alignments are alright. If not, you can also make alterations so that the data or formatting comes out fine after the conversion is complete.


Finally, the conversion is complete, and the data from the pdf file is saved as a document in the form of a word file.


Using the best pdf to word converter online, converting a pdf file of over 100 pages into a word document is possible. Moreover, it will take just a couple of minutes for you to finish the whole process. However, it is essential to mention that a minimum manual work level must be a part of the conversion process. It is to check whether the formatting and alignments are looking alright. Besides, it is essential to properly check whether the software you are using can properly detect data from the pdf. The fourth step is where you finalize everything after a thorough quality check.


In this step, you have to start adjusting every small detail in the new word document. So, you have to click on the “page layout” option on the panel on top of the word document. It will direct you to a paragraph dialogue box. Here, you can make all the changes regarding alignment, spacing, indentation, and outline level. You have to ensure that all these minute details are alright according to the requirement.


If there is any data representation in tabular forms in the actual pdf file, the same conversion is possible after forming the new word document. You can do this easily by clicking on the “insert” option on the panel on top of the word document. Once you click on the tab, several options will appear in front of you. For example, there will be options for you to insert graphs, charts, pictures, and more. However, in this case, you must choose the option of inserting tables to the document. The next step will lead you to a dialogue box once again. Here, you will have opportunities to enter the number of columns and rows required in the data table. You can choose accordingly, and a table will be formed automatically. Further, you will have to adjust the space and alignment of the boxes in the table.


Although this is the last step in the guide, it is undoubtedly the most elaborate too. If there were images in the actual pdf file, check out whether the conversion is alright for them. For example, you must check the size and positioning of the pictures in the new word document. You may find out that some of the images in the pdf file are not here in the word document. It happens when the OCR is unable to recognize the same. However, you can paste it separately now. Besides, a quality check is also a part of this step. You can go through the data roughly to see whether everything is fine.

As mentioned earlier, you can convert any pdf file into a new word document withing minutes with the help of OCR. The technology is very efficient in recognizing and converting all the various images and texts from one file to another. However, manual intervention is equally essential in any case to do the final checking.

Sometimes organizations require hundreds of such pdf files in the form of word documents. Moreover, each pdf file consists of several hundred pages. So, it is evident that doing all the work manually will take a toll on all the other duties. Therefore, the best pdf to word converter online can handle the responsibility. Since outsourcing the job of converting files is essential, you mandatorily need the correct software and tools. Also, doing so will ensure that the work is completed fast and in a cost-effective way. Moreover, an excellent online converter will ensure maximum accuracy within the least amount of time.

Which is the best pdf to word converter online?

If you find it challenging to understand the best software, checking out the list below will help. There are several options available in the market, and confusion is, therefore, unavoidable. However, it would be best to do thorough research regarding the efficiency and features of an online converter. To ensure that you choose only the best, you can check out user reviews on the internet. These will consist of all the pros and cons of the different software too.

Here is a brief list of pdf converter that you can use for the best results.

  1. Ease PDF
  2. PDF Candy
  3. Smallpdf
  4. iLovePDF

You may find that there are lesser options here. However, that is the trick to avoid all the confusion. To save you time and energy, we have done the work of shortlisting, so that you only choose from the best.


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