Best Skills to Learn to Make Serious Money Online in 2022


Best Skills to Learn to Make Serious Money Online 

Everyone wants to make money online. It gives you the opportunity to travel, and most importantly not have to commute to work. Fortunately, today there are a plethora of ways to make money online, but some are more profitable than others. 

Making a living online requires you to be skilled, disciplined, and most importantly hard working. Prioritizing the most valuable tasks and delegating the lesser ones to others is a must. In addition, time management is another crucial factor to success. And to help you, we here at VivaVideoAppz have written some tips, so you can manage your time effectively. 

We have broken down the best paid online skills so you can start making money and living your dream. Let’s get down to business. 

Affiliate marketing 

A discipline that literally anyone can do. The art of affiliate marketing is someone makes a purchase when they have clicked your link. So, for example, if you wrote an article on BBQs, and a person clicks a link on BBQs you recommend, you will receive a small commission. Simple as can be. The key is to be able to drive traffic, which can be done in a variety of ways. The most popular form, and profitable, is through search engines like Google. If your content ranks well for keywords, then you will see many visitors to your site. 

You can do this in a whole host of industries from online shopping to even online gambling. For the latter, a shining example is that of Asiabet. The site helps Asian players pick an online casino, providing them with reviews and checking for the best bonus. In addition, the platform guides players on the status of gambling and gives advice on how to play legally. 

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Facebook Ads 

Facebook is one of the world’s greatest advertisement platforms. The main reason is that marketers can niche down their audience to find the right people willing to buy their product or service. You can do this one of two ways, firstly you could sell your own product/service by setting up an online store, then utilize Facebook ads to drive traffic. 

The second option is selling your services to marketing agencies or online companies. As you can see all the analytics on Facebook’s platform you can distinguish quickly which ads are working. If you are a good writer, consider going into partnership with a graphic designer or vice versa. 

Social Media Marketing 

If you love social media and understand how to make posts, then managing accounts is the way to go. All companies need some sort of marketing channel, whether Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Even large firms struggle to get the engagement they require online and if you can boost traffic, then you will make a lot of money. 

To get started, offer your services for free so you can build a portfolio. Once you have that, you can charge companies to manage their channels. The best thing about it is that you can schedule posts, so everything could be automated, whilst you sit back whilst the cash rolls in. 


If you have a passion or a specific skill set then you can consider starting a YouTube channel. Making money is difficult at first, but once you have built an audience there are plenty of ways to monetize. The simplest channels to start are tutorials, especially on tech things, like how to make a WordPress site. You will get paid from the advertisements Google puts on your content. Nonetheless, from there you can engage in affiliate marketing, set up a Patreon, or even start an online store. The possibilities are endless. 

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SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making a website rank higher on Google search results. There are many different techniques to do this, but the best bet is to compete in less competitive keywords that are localized. 

For example, you could implement a strategy for dentists in Austin, which would include using link building, and on-page and off-page optimization. If you have a portfolio of companies that you have worked with and have boosted traffic from Google, then you will not find it difficult to find clients. 


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