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Veganism is a kind of vegetarian diet that does not include meat, eggs, dairy products etc. The person who follows this diet is known as “Vegan”. people can eat a lot of different food on their vegan diet, for example – nuts and seeds, fruits, vegetable oils or pieces of bread and the list is never-ending. The reason why some people choose to opt because choosing vegan food is having mercy over killing animals, promotes health over disease, and simplicity over complexity.  Moreover, nutritionists, physicians, and people everywhere recognize those plant products are good sources of protein, calcium, and vitamin D. Therefore, with the help of this blog we are providing you with a list of the “Best vegan cookbook” that can help you gain veganism in your life. 

5 Best Vegan Cookbooks For 2020 | pebble magazine

The list of the best vegan cookbook is given below-

America’s test kitchen decodes some vegan recipes so that you can be free from the bland food and have a new taste in your daily meal. this book is a collection of more than 200 vegan recipes.

it teaches you how you can combine different ingredients to maximize their flavor without spending any additional cost on it. The book focuses on getting comfortable with a variety of pulses, grains, and vegetables and the quality of recipes provided inside the book is worth a try.


This book is designed by the creators of the very famous food blog “YUMMY BEET”. They turn famous and familiar dishes into one-bowl meals. 

The author, Allison Day presents creations that can look forward to on any events. She is famous for providing the best nutritional advice and she was tried to do the same with this book as well. She has provided all the recipes with clear instructions which makes it easier and more fun to cook rather than just a head-scratching activity.


Do you want the fun of American dinner, cafes all to your vegan table? Well, the American Vegan kitchen is one of the most reliable choices when it comes to “Vegan dishes”. This book offers more than 200 recipes to fulfill your vegan needs. From sandwiches, burgers to desserts, this book takes care of your every need leaving you full at your dinner table.


Well the title of this Best Vegan Cookbook is ironically yet sarcastic, isn’t it? That is the reason this is a widely picked book in the countryside. This book focuses on non-cheese items from your refrigerator and adds a splendid taste to your table. Furthermore, Kristy Turner, the writer of this book has received a lot of compliments and good reviews for the kind of effort she put into this book. Presenting a whole new vegan menu for people kickstarting their vegan habits or tired of the non-vegetarian or wanting to have a balanced diet for a little time is amazing


“The Homemade Vegan Pantry” focuses on delicious, home-made foods that don’t take a ton of time, from ice cream and pizza dough to granola and breakfast sausage. Miyoko Schinner, the writer guides readers through the techniques for making French-style buttercreams, roasted tomatoes, and pasta without special equipment. Her idea is to make the “slow foods” fast and add a lot of flavor to them.

The Homemade Vegan Pantry raises the bar on plant-based cuisine, not only for vegans and vegetarians, but also for the growing number of Americans looking to eat lighter and healthier, and anyone interested in a handcrafted approach to food.

  • ISA DOES IT – 

In case you don’t know who is “ISA”? let me make you clear, Isa Chandra Moskowitz is the author of this book. She has been running her restaurant in Modern Love, Omaha. She is widely known for her cookbooks and “Isa Does It” is one of the titles she has written. This book focuses on vegan recipes. The fun fact here is the time she puts in and the materials she used is what attract most of her readership. The recipes created by her are out of scrap and it takes her less than 30 minutes to prepare these yummy dishes. Isn’t it amazing? People love cooking but they love cooking even more when the dishes took longer to go in our stomach than on the induction. Isa exactly focuses on this aspect through her mouth-savoring dishes. The book is a collection of more than 150 recipes and anyone from a professional vegan maker to a party hoster to even a beginner can follow-up these recipes and rock the dining table.


Angela Liddon, through this book, has tried to encourage millions of people to engage in vegan, plant-based product diet. She includes various vegan meals for the busy working lifestyles. The book is full of more than 1000 recipes. The number is crazy, isn’t it? The more amazing fact is that the recipes for desserts she has shared are like a cherry on the top. The only point worth considering here is the dishes she refers to are time-consuming. So if you are someone who likes to cook their food spending a lot of time, this is absolute “the best vegan book” for you.


Now after providing a long list of vegan meals for you, let’s end the list with the very favorite meal of ours. Without this, the meal is not complete, the heart is not happy even if our stomachs are full. Yes, you are thinking it right, “THE DESSERTS”. The taste of “vegan desserts” is beyond any meal in this world. So here is a very amazing book recommendation for you, “WHOLE FOOD VEGAN BAKING” by “Annie Markowitz”. This book beautifully presents you with the simplest yet easiest way to bake bakery items like cookies and pies.  It focuses on baking each recipe to perfection with simple instructions and every possible important note.

7 of the best vegan cookbooks for Veganuary | pebble magazine

One of the qualities of this book is that it also emphasizes learning the science behind swapping sweeteners, omitting oil, and picking plant-based products without having to compromise its quality and taste.

This makes it even more recognizable and picked all over the world.

By now, I hope I was able to give a little insight into the “Best Vegan Cookbook” you can use to spice up your taste a bit more. The recipe books mentioned can be easily found on the internet and ordered and you can begin your exciting vegan journey.

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