Best video marketing campaigns 2019


When you are thinking about the fact that where you have to allocate your 2019 marketing budget, there are plenty of options to choose from. Depending on your budget, timelines, goals and variety of other variables, your go-to digital marketing strategies use the services like Pay Per Click, SEO or even email marketing. 

However, if you want to increase the brand awareness and want to connect with the customers in a more engaging way, then you should make sure that you tell a story in such a way that it actually connects with your audience and fulfills the purpose of the message in the first place, something which could be done by video marketing.

If you haven’t really thought about using the video as a tool in order to leverage the company’s goals before, now is the time. Let us tell you why by matching the same with some of the best video marketing campaigns 2019. Also, Check out this


  • Company profile or branded videos


A company profile video is probably one of the best ideas to give a high level overview of the products which the company features. It should also be able to show the potential customers and the existing clients what your company actually is based on and how you focus on the quality of service or products every time. 

Such kind of branded videos which aim towards the highlighting of your mission and purpose would easily help you to increase the brand awareness and also create a lot of interest in your target audience. These videos are usually the best and work out well, genuinely.

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  • Customer Testimonials


We all know that testimonials are based to show the potential clients that your company is quite professional and of course, trustworthy as an existing client in your area has had a positive experience with your company.

As per a research over YouTube, it shows that the users usually spend a significant amount of time in watching the review videos which share the people’s personal and unique experiences with any particular company or brand. These types of videos are usually deemed to be trustworthy and beneficial for the companies as well. This can help in building the trust with your target audience and also boost the engagement through the likes, shares and comments of course. 



  • Animated Videos


Animated videos are directed towards different audience and of course, a lot of people watch it. They are the best way to deliver a lengthy message in a quick way. 

These videos can also help your audience to understand certain aspects of your company and also remember them. When a video is given out with written content which is optimized to rank well on Google, the page might even convert at a better rate for you.

They are also easy to share on social media, which gives you an increased engagement for sure and gives you site visits.


  • How-to Videos


You can actually boast off your expert knowledge by building the trust with your online audience and also educating them on your industry or even products. The best thing which you can do is to make videos on How-to and blog videos which would increase the conversions by just illustrating a really worthwhile solution to a problem.

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As per Google, almost every millennial goes to YouTube to learn how to do something. As YouTube happens to be the second largest search engine after Google, how to videos are the best for learning a lot of things. After demonstrating your professional expertise and also allowing the visitors a chance to be more familiar with your brand. 

These videos also depend on how you make them and the location of shooting as well. They should be embedded on the relevant blog posts and also on social media as well.



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