What to Serve with Brussel Sprout Slaw and its health benefits?

Brussel sprout slaw
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The health advantages of Brussels sprouts are numerous, ranging from beautiful skin to improved intestinal health. Antioxidants, fibre, vitamin C, and other nutrients abound in these cruciferous vegetables. This crisp and fresh Brussel Sprout Slaw is exactly what I want this week. It contains the healthy element I need in my routine (thank you, vegetables), but it also includes a few gourmet touches (almonds, Parmesan, and dates) that make me feel pampered when I eat it. It keeps in the refrigerator for days, making it great for leftovers, and it tastes refined enough to serve on a formal occasion.

What is Brussels Sprout Slaw

This Brussel Sprout Slaw isn’t just tasty; it’s downright wonderful. It’s well-thought-out, with layers of flavour and texture and snappy honey mustard dressing that makes it pop. Every forkful has something to offer, from the salty cheese to the chewy dates to the crunchy shredded Brussels sprouts and walnuts.

Brussels sprouts are nutritious and have a nutty flavour. Serve them raw in a salad, shredded, or roasted with a sprinkle of olive oil. You can buy a bag of loose Brussels sprouts, fresh or frozen, or a fresh or frozen Brussels sprout stalk with little heads precisely lined side by side in rows.

Health Advantages

This Brussel Sprout Slaw is light, crisp, and tasty. This salad will become your go-to salad throughout the winter if you give it a try. It’s a multipurpose salad ideal for a family dinner and works well for meal prep. Brussel sprouts, apples, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries are packed into this salad, mixed with a delicious mustard-based vinegar dressing. Serve this salad alongside your main course or as a complete meal by adding your favourite protein. Brussels sprouts are high in vitamin C and K and are a good source of both. They’re high in fibre and phytonutrients, both of which have numerous health benefits.

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  • Assists in Healing

Vitamin K is abundant in Brussels sprouts. Vitamin K helps your blood clot and prevents excessive bleeding if you cut yourself. Vitamin C also helps the body generate collagen, which aids in tissue healing.

  • Enhances immunity

Brussels sprouts’ immune-boosting properties are most likely due to their many phytonutrients. Bioactive substances in cruciferous vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, reduce inflammation, boost natural detoxification, and trigger immunological activities.

  • Strengthens Bones

Brussels sprouts contain vitamin K, which is necessary for bone growth. Bone mineralization, turnover, and calcification are all aided by vitamin K-dependent proteins. Brussels sprouts are high in protein, which helps to maintain muscle and bone health.

  • Assists in the reduction of the risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Brussel Sprout Slaw (and other vegetables) have long been linked to hunger management and maintaining a healthy weight. Plant-based diets have been demonstrated to lower the appetite hormone leptin levels in the bloodstream.

High leptin levels can create resistance to leptin’s message, despite the fact that it delivers fullness cues to the brain. This effect is reduced by a high-vegetable diet, which also protects against metabolic syndrome.

  • Some cancers may be less likely if you use this supplement.

One of the cruciferous vegetables that have been demonstrated to have anti-cancer effects is Brussels sprouts. Some data suggest that this is due to the activation of particular liver enzymes that bind to carcinogens.

Breast and ovarian cancer-preventive research appear to be particularly promising. Cooked cruciferous vegetable consumption has been linked to the development of ovarian cancer in a dose-dependent manner.

How to Make the Best Slaw With Brussels Sprouts

This nutritious Brussel Sprout Slaw has only a few ingredients and a homemade salad dressing made from cupboard basics. You may even prepare it ahead of time for a family gathering or a week’s worth of meals. This Brussels Sprouts Slaw is a no-fuss, sweet and tangy side dish to offer with a holiday feast, dinner, or lunch. The added benefit is that it tastes even better the next day, making it ideal for meal prep.

Don’t be fooled by the number of ingredients in this Brussels sprouts salad. Its allure is in the way they complement and enhance one another. Each and everyone should be included. The end outcome will be well worth the effort!


  1. Remove any diseased leaves from the outside of the Brussels sprouts by washing them. Shave the entire brussels sprout with a Japanese mandoline while holding it by the stalk. You may also shred them with a sharp knife or with the slicing blade attachment in a food processor. Stop shaving when you reach the stalk. If you don’t want to discard these bits, you can utilise them in a stir-fry or stew.
  2. Place the brussels sprout shavings in a big dish filled with cold water (ideally ice water). The slaw will crisp up and stay fresh for hours due to this.
  3. Use the same method to slice the onion and radishes. Mix the onion and Brussels sprouts in a mixing bowl, but soak the radishes separately. The onion should be picked and coarsely chopped before soaking in a separate bowl. Allow at least 10 minutes for all vegetables to soak in the water.
  4. Whisk the mustard, salt, pepper, and vinegar in a mixing bowl, then drizzle in the oil while stirring. If the dressing does not emulsify, don’t worry. Remove the raisins and set them aside.
  5. Strain the vegetables well after removing them from the water. In a mixing dish, combine the shaved brussels sprouts and onion. Pour in the dressing and mix thoroughly. Finally, add the dill and squeezed radishes. Check the seasoning and add more salt or pepper if necessary. Serve as a salad on its own or as a side dish by plating in a bowl.

Pecans and Cranberries in a Tangy Brussels Sprout Slaw

If you’re looking for a simple vegetable-forward side dish to serve at your next holiday get-together, look no further. It should be this Brussels Sprouts Slaw with Cranberries and Pecans! It’s tangy, a little sweet, and full of flavour. The best part about this slaw recipe is that it tastes even better the next day, after the vegetables have softened and the flavours have merged. As a result, this salad is ideal as a make-ahead side dish or meal prep salad.

Freshly sliced Brussels have a better flavour, but pre-shredded Brussels are fine to buy if you can find them in the shop. It’s all about the shortcuts when it comes to getting a recipe ready, and we’re all for it.

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How to make a great Brussels sprouts dish

Brussels sprouts are frequently included in lists of the most despised vegetables. That is frequently the case when they have merely been boiled, resulting in a slimy, unpleasant sensation.

Oven roasting Brussels sprouts is one of the most delightful ways to eat them. Slice or quarter the leaves, toss generously with extra virgin olive (EVOO) or avocado oil, sea salt, and black pepper, then bake at 400 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes, until golden and slightly crisp. They can also be shaved and added to salads or skewered and roasted whole. Serve lean protein like salmon or lentils atop a bed of EVOO-sautéed shaved Brussels sprouts. Alternatively, use them in omelettes, stir-fries, and soups.

Why Will You Enjoy This Salad With Brussels Sprouts?

It has wonderful textures! Because of the shaved Brussels sprouts, chopped apples, and seeds, this salad is crisp and crunchy.

It’s good for you! This Brussels sprouts salad is loaded with nutrients, which should come as no surprise. It’s also a terrific gluten-free and vegetarian salad dish.

It’s easy to prepare ahead of time. This salad can be made ahead of time to save time at dinnertime or as meal preparation. When you’re ready to dine, just toss in the dressing.


Is it possible to consume raw Brussels sprouts?

Brussel Sprout Slaw is delicious when eaten raw. While they caramelise beautifully in the oven, they can also be eaten raw. They’re just small cabbages that add a nice crunch to your salads. They also hold up nicely in salads as compared to other greens.

What’s the best way to prepare things ahead of time?

You can create your salad ahead of time by separating the dressing and storing it in an airtight container along with the salad. Because apples might become yellow when chopped, we recommend adding them on the day before serving. You can also add a little lemon juice to the apples to prevent them from turning yellow.

What’s the best way to keep this Brussels sprouts salad fresh?

If you’re cooking this ahead of time or have leftovers, place them in an airtight container and keep them in the fridge. If you coat your leftovers in salad dressing, they won’t survive as long since the sharpness of the sprouts will soften over time as the dressing soaks in.


Overall, the eating routine is more significant for great well-being and forestalling sickness than focusing on individual food sources. Eating a changed eating routine is the way into an empowering life. Consider remembering Brussel sprout slaw for your next feast. Make it and enjoy it to the fullest. Good luck with your meal.


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