Top 40 Inspirational BTS Quotes For Upbringing And Career

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Do you want to know about lyrics and relatable quotes from the platinum-selling South Korean Boy Band BTS? In this article, we will share the most inspirational, hilarious, and relatable BTS Quotes. If you want to get inspired for your career, these quotes will give positive energy to you. Therefore, without making a delay, let us begin with these quotes.

Do You Have Any Favorite BTS Song?

BTS or Bangtan Boys is a Boy Band of South Korea. Its members are Jin, RM, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, Suga, anc Jimin. In the past decade, this group has achieved uber international success. It has created well-known songs like Boy With Luv, Not Today, and Fake Love. It has become the first K-Pop group in November 2019 and remained on the Billboard 200 for the entire year.

Here Are BTS Quotes To Know:

In the upcoming sections, we will discuss BTS quotes on topics. We will cover topics like love, career, upbringing, and inspiration.

BTS Quotes For Love:

  1. When you want to love someone, first, you should love yourself.
  2. My big heart is full of love, so please have it.
  3. If we don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend, we say we are lonely and want to give a date or something similar. But the biggest love everyone looking for is the love for one’s self.
  4. People who want to appear more youthful must live life with a young heart.
  5. I came to love myself for who I am, who I was, and who I think and hope to become.

BTS Quotes For Inspiration:

  1. In between the starting point and ending point, when you think to give up, shout out loud and say, So What?
  2. Don’t let yourself be trapped in other’s dreams.
  3. You are present, and that gives happiness. I hope you know it very well.
  4. Life is like a sculpture that you will cast when you make mistakes and learn from your mistakes.
  5. You should let all bad memories be erased and hold each other’s hands to smile and be happy.

Relatable BTS Quotes:

  1. I am a surfer, and first, paddle and fall off the board. But when time passes by you, stand up on the bigger waves.
  2. Living life without having passion is like being dead.
  3. Even if you think it is the road of thorns, you must still run.
  4. It is ok if you don’t have dreams if you can feel happiness in the moments.
  5. You may not be so perfect, but be so beautiful.
  6. I have been becoming weird, and you may never go to the peak by being a normal baby.
  7. Why is he not a man if he doesn’t care what others think? A man can do whatever he wants.
  8. You have to believe in yourself, and your back will hurt to let your wings sprout.
  9. If you always be afraid of making mistakes, you may have born with that.
  10. Whenever you perform well for your role, it feels proud.

BTS Quotes For Career:

  1. Popularity is like a bubble and mountain where you go upward slowly but walk down quickly.
  2. The BTS is there to shine because it has fans.
  3. If you can not work hard, there will be no good results.
  4. We try to keep ourselves away from the influence of success and popularity.
  5. When we get a chance to improve ourselves and our lives, we should do it immediately instead of sitting ideally.

BTS Quotes For Each Other:

  1. We ensure that one person can not stand out, but we know we are rare and unique.
  2. We have to represent the BTS to this world, but it’s a chance to be mature as a person.
  3. We get free life lessons from each other and apply them in our lives.
  4. One of our regular members has been changing our moods by being a mood maker whenever we are not in a good mood.
  5. We all have our unique roles and positions in BTS bands.

BTS Quotes For Upbringing:

  1. Suga paid attention to fashion at the age of 15 but doesn’t care much about fashion these days.
  2. RM was only 16 when he was an underground rapper and lyricist.
  3. Jungkook thought that everything is about to come to him eventually when he was young.
  4. RM taught English to themself.

BTS Quotes For Personal Inspiration:

  1. Love me and love yourself is peace.
  2. If something is too delicious, it has zero calories.
  3. Find out your name and also your voice by speaking out to yourself.
  4. Thank you very much for accepting us. We are the seven boys from Korea singing in Korean.
  5. Life is too hard, and things will not always work well. But you have to be brave to go on and keep going.
  6. If you have a warm smile, it is a universal language of kindness.
Final Thoughts:

Did you find these BTS Quotes helpful and inspiring? If you have anything you want to share about BTS bands, you can let us know. You can also let us know which of this band’s songs is your most favorite. If these quotes have increased your confidence, understanding, and self-esteem, you must share them with others to help them grow too.


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