Can the Next Dota The International Be Bigger?

the Next Dota

When The International made headlines in 2020 and 2021, nobody could believe it. The event had just crossed the $40 million prize pool mark. Website such as were posting record-high betting handles and audiences were in furor. Now, the big question is if the 2022 event can repeat the same success. There are several reasons why people feel hopeful, and a few reasons why they feel the TI10 prize pool will not be beaten for another year as the next dota or so in the very least.

Dota 2 Fans Are Happy with the Content

Valve has been smart about the way The International’s prize pool has been growing. Instead of trying to get ahead of itself, Valve has created a sustainable model which means that every time someone contributes to the prize pool, they do so because it benefits them as well. We talk, of course, about the Battle Pass promotion that allows Dota 2 fans to buy content and experiences.

Part of the money that is paid is then contributed to the prize pool. The truth about TI10 is that Valve had a lot of time to release a lot of content, hence why the prize pool went up once again. However, the good news is that people are really happy with the quality content that Valve has been coming up with.

While the Dota Plus feature at the beginning was received with a bit of skepticism, people soon realized that paying just a bit for their favorite game can make the experience noticeably more fun and that is precisely what happened. People were excited and thrilled to be having so much fun. Players established connections between each other and wanted to show off with their latest skins.

Valve Faces Some Difficulties in 2022 as Well

Of course, Valve is not going to go through this Dota Pro Circuit without a few challenges of its own. As it turns out, players are looking at some cancellations of events, and moving them to an online format only. Understandably, that has made some people a little miffed with Valve, but the company has always been trying to put player safety first and this is precisely what is happening here as well. 

Well, even though the DPC did get some bad news, the hopes are that Valve will galvanize fans and help them see a reason to spend a little more on their favorite games, which is precisely what should be happening in the first place. We are still very optimistic about how TI11 will play out.

One thing we expect to see is for the prize pools to continue going up to the benefit of Dota 2 players and the community.


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