How Can You Freeze Pizza Dough? Everything You Need To Know

can you freeze pizza dough
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Do you think there’s something Pizza can’t solve? Of course, not. Along with satisfying your taste buds, Pizza can be served to you later if you know how to store it without compromising the quality. Sometimes, when you prepare Pizza Dough at home, you may want to save and save it for later use. However, freezing your Pizza dough is possible to make the quickest meal next time. Hence, your question Can You Freeze Pizza Dough will be answered in this article. Let us see how you can freeze pizza dough.

Why Storing Pizza Dough?

Cooking is best when you can prepare meals quickly and gratify yourself. Of course, Pizza is one of the quickest meals that you can prepare in no time. Homemade Pizza Dough is tasty and healthy. Hence, it’s essential to store the best doughs you have made at home. Thus a question in your mind is how to save pizza dough if you have leftover dough after eating your favorite flavored pizzas. Pizza dough is one of the most Yeast Doughs that you can freeze. Once you freeze food, its lifespan increases, and it makes you ready to cook quickly next time.

Can You Prepare Your Dough At Home?

The first thing before storing pizza dough is to make homemade Pizza Dough. It’s quicker to prepare batches of frozen pizza crusts or pizzas for the next meal. You can start with dividing and rolling dough in a form of crusts. Once your crusts are ready, you can store them by freezing them and keeping them rested on the tray. The important thing to consider is to cover the dough to keep it fresh for longer. This way, it can last long. 

Do You Want To Freeze Pizza Dough?

You’re reading this post means you have leftover homemade Pizza Dough, even though you’ve prepared several homemade pizzas out of it. You may be thinking about can you freeze pizza dough. You may not want to eat pizzas for days, and of course, no one is ready to waste the leftover meals or Doughs. Hence, the only option is to freeze leftover homemade Pizza Dough. The process is too easy, and you can freeze the dough whenever you want. 

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How Long Can Frozen Dough Last?

You can freeze pizza dough in all quantities, but you have to let it fully rise before freezing it. You can not forget to divide the dough into pieces equal to pizzas. If you freeze pizza dough, it can last for at least three weeks. But the thing is, you must thaw it in the fridge overnight before using it next time. The upcoming sections will teach you everything you need to know about Can You Freeze Pizza Dough.

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How Can You Freeze Pizza Dough?

The following steps are simple but crucial to saving pizza doughs like a master chef. However, a few things to consider like a batch of pizza dough in any quantity, oil spray or using olive oil, and plastic freezer bags are must handy.  

Steps To Freeze Pizza Dough:

  1. Once you have prepared the dough in large quantity, let it rise fully before proceeding further. 
  2. Divide your dough into equal sizes of balls or crusts. Its size has to be the same to make a regular pizza. 
  3. Once you finish preparing balls, lightly coat your pizza balls with oil spray or olive oil. 
  4. Turn the balls and coat whole balls in the oil. 
  5. Make freezer bags handy and put your balls in them and seal bags. Remember to squeeze out air content. 
  6. Put these bags in the freezer, and you can use them for up to three months.
  7. Before using the dough, do not forget to put the balls in the bags. Then put in the fridge for at least 12 hours or overnight. 
  8. While making pizzas, take the balls out of the pizza and warm it up for at least 30 minutes to stretch the pizza from the ball.

Tips To Avoid Mistakes:

  • You must write down the dates on the bags from the day you have put the balls in the bag. It is for you to remember when you saved the leftover dough, and you can decide when it completed three months if you haven’t used them recently.
  • The bags must not have any amount of air left inside to avoid any issues with the dough.
  • While dealing with multiple pizza doughs, don’t uncover other balls before completing one’s process to avoid them from drying out.

Two Other Methods To Freeze Your Pizza Dough:

Generally, you can use two ways to freeze your pizza dough keep it saved for longer. Here are both ways we have briefly discussed for you to understand correctly.

Freezer Bag or Ziplock Method:

Put your pizza dough in a deeply oiled baking pan with some space to expand naturally. Once you are ready with expanded balls, wrap the entire plat and refrigerate overnight for the cold fermentation. After that, place that plat into the freezer for 24 hours. Once your dough has frozen, transfer balls into their respective bags and out again into the freezer.

Tupperware Containers:

While using these containers, slightly oil their bottoms and sides. Place your dough balls into the containers, cover the container, and refrigerate overnight, which causes cold fermentation. Once it is done, transfer the containers to the freezer. 

The Process To Thaw Frozen Pizza Dough:

  • The process of thawing the pizza dough is essential to use frozen pizza dough. You must take out your pizza dough from the freezer and place it in the fridge for at least 12 hours. After that, take it out from your fridge and let it warm up for at least 30 minutes at the surrounding temperature. 
  • However, if you don’t have time to let it warm up for 30 minutes, you can take a bowl of cold water and thaw pizza dough in it. You can not forget to keep your dough in a plastic bag while putting it in the water. Also, keep changing water every 30 minutes.
  • Another way to thaw your pizza dough is to Thaw On The Kitchen Counter for at least two hours, but you must put it in the fridge to refrigerate and avoid bacterial growth.
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 Thawing Pizza Dough While Using Zip Bags:

Remove your pizza dough balls from the freezer and transfer the same onto the baking pan lined with flour or use semolina four. To avoid dough sticking to plastic bags, use flour to dust the dough, and don’t forget to refrigerate for at least 12 hours or overnight. 

Thawing Pizza Dough While Using Tupperware Containers:

You can place those containers in the refrigerator overnight. However, the best method is to Cold Defrost to thaw pizza dough.

 Don’t You Know How To Use Defrosted Dough?

Once your pizza dough has been defrosted correctly, you have to keep it at room temperature for 1 hour and bake it for softening and relaxing the dough. You can shape your pizza dough according to your choice, and you are ready to use frozen pizza dough to prepare fresh and delicious pizzas.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Frozen Pizza Dough:

Can You Explain Cold Fermentation?

The fermentation process is a crucial part of delicious pizzas and pizza dough. Hence, you can not skip it. Thus, when you let your pizza dough rest in the refrigerator overnight or at least for 12 hours, you let the Yeast Time weaken its gluten-forming proteins. Hence, the dough is easier to stretch out pizza from the balls. Thus, you can create your favorite shapes of pizzas from the aromatic and soft crusts. They include air pockets that will bubble in the oven.

How Long Should I Keep Frozen Dough?

You can freeze pizza dough for up to three months. Hence, you must not store your leftover dough for more than three months in the freezer. However, if you have used vacuum-sealed packages, you can expect it to last for approximately four months. But do not use it after that time.

Should I Re-freeze Pizza Dough?

No! You must never try Re-freezing the pizza dough, even if you have frozen it and thawed for once. It is never good for dough or your health.

Can You Freeze Pizza Sauce?

Yes, if you use red pizza sauce. The reason is that red pizza sauce freezes well.  You can use half of your pizza sauce in your meal and freeze the leftover red pizza sauce. 

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how Can You Freeze Pizza Dough if you have leftover pizza, which you have prepared at your home? Once you store and defrost the dough, you can not re-freeze it for later. Hence, you can only freeze pizza dough to avoid it from causing health issues. If you have understood the importance of the cold fermentation process for the best pizza dough, let us know, and if you have any doubts regarding the storage of pizza dough and freezing pizza dough, let us know.

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