The New Chatbot Way of Learning

way of learning

As a slow learner, I have always wished from childhood if the curriculum proceeded in my speed. I feel jealous about the kids today, who can use the bot-technology to harness knowledge, by analyzing their learning patterns. I feel unfortunate for not being a kid during these tech-times. They already have chatbots ready to analyze the comfort zones in their learning areas.

Intelligent tutoring systems offered by chatbots help students to excel in their learning by helping them realize their true potential as well as the weakness. The minimum time taken to complete a chapter, the way of answering questions, the mode of interrogation, the quality of doubts and more can be analyzed in order to find the learning potential of a student.

After analyzing the learning potential, if lessons are offered at the pace that the student is capable of, then miracles can be witnessed in the learning field of a student. For the restless generation, if the lessons are offered in the form of a chat conversation, a better understanding can be made possible. Easy performance monitoring is also possible as responses from students can be documented to create an effective response strategy.

way of learning

Enhanced student engagement is another methodology that can be used to measure student performance. The speed and accuracy of the response from students is a clear indicator of the inherent learning abilities of students. Queries can be broadcasted and teachers will be able to answer to the queries online.

Virtual teaching assistants perform the repetitive tasks that teachers were compelled to perform. The students’ queries can be studied by chatbots to recommend them adequate learning material. To draw the attention of a fast-paced generation, chatbots can be used to generate quick responses. Student preference and student performance can also be calculated from the data that these chatbots collect.

How does a chatbot work in an education-scenario?

Consider an educational scenario. Imagine that you want to know the answer to a mathematics question. The chatbot works in a step by step fashion.

  • First, you need to give the inputs.
  • Then you would need to feed what has to be found out.
  • The chatbot then retrieves from its memory the formula to answer the question.
  • The inputs are then applied and finally, the results are displayed.

This is exactly the same way a human brain works. Hence, chatbots connect artificial intelligence with general intelligence.

There are mainly two types of chatbots – Decision Tree Chatbots and AI Chatbots.

Decision tree chatbots respond to the questions that are asked to them by analyzing conditional statements associated with them, whereas AI robots create answers on their own. Decision tree bots or scripted bots are created quickly using platforms such as Chatfuel, Manychat, Botisfy, Its alive, Flow XO and many more platforms.

Chatbots are mostly found today in Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter, SMS, and Slack.

Want to learn how to make a chatbot but don’t have the time to go to college? If yes, then you can enroll in a college offering application development programs.

Online Application Development Programs help in teaching you to build a bot. If you want to build at ease, it would be possible with the platforms such as Chatfuel. The different steps in chatbot creation are as follows.

  • Identify the need of an AI-based chatbot in your domain
  • Understand what the customer needs
  • Decide on the flow of chatbot conversation – should it is structured or unstructured?
  • There are two methods to create a chatbot – code based platforms and chatbot platforms.
  • Code – based platforms – Code based frameworks require programming languages for creation whereas in chatbot platforms you can simply drop the contents in.
  • The Microsoft bot framework,, Aspect CXP-NSU can be used to create better bot-frameworks.


Chatbots have become the for-human presence in most of the applications today. It not only reduces human effort but increases customer satisfaction by improving the speed and accuracy of the responses. Chatbots would definitely replace teachers in a classroom environment. They are a perfect solution for any of your query applications. They are also sometimes a perfect companion to the lonely souls.


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