Clash of Clans April Update: Clashy Constructs Set Gets First Skin

clash of clans

Video games have always been a hit amongst kids. But as the quality of games rose, even adults were fascinated by them. As these games did not require the player to go out or perform any physical efforts, so this was more relaxing than outdoor games. Earlier, video games were played on computers and TVs. But as everything got better and convenient with time, so did video games. They shifted to smartphones. Now, they can easily be downloaded from the internet and can be played on smartphones anytime, anywhere. Also, there is a wide range of mobile video games available, from fun games like Candy Crush to strategy games like Clash of Clans.

Initially, video games were designed for kids and there were only fun games like Mario. But with time, video game companies started targetting adults too. They started making more complex and strategy-based games. Which actually turned out to be beneficial for adults. This can be easily understood with an example of a working person. If a person gets back from an 11-hour long shift at work, they are probably tired and do not have the energy to go out and play. In these situations, video games turn out to be fun and relaxing as they can be played while sitting on the sofa or bed and requires almost no physical movement.

Clash of Clans

clash of clans

As technology got better, the quality of mobile video games increased. Their graphics, their strategies, everything got better. Many new games started coming up with increasing demand from the players. One such game, which is now one of the most popular games, was released in late 2012. The game was Clash of Clans. The game was developed and published by the game developer Supercell. In August 2012, Supercell released the iOS version of the game. And as it became an instant hit amongst the youngsters, Supercell released the Android version too in October 2013.

Game Play

Clash of Clans is based on a persistent world in which the player attacks the other player and gains resources to build their own village. The ‘clan’ in the name stands for a group of people that make a team and support each other. This support can either be material support, like giving resources or verbal support, like giving advice for a certain move or strategy. The players of a clan can also compete against each other and this competition is called the “Clan War.” The winner is decided on the basis of destruction created in the opponent’s clan.

Clan Sizes

There are several clan sizes available in Clash of Clans. The size of the clan started from 5 players in each clan and went up to 50 players in each clan. So, that means a clan of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 players could be made in the game. But, in the 2016 update, Supercell removed the 35 and 45 players clan, while the rest remained untouched.


In the 2017 update, a new game mode was added to Clash of Clans. The mode was named “Builder Base” and under this game mode, players could go to new islands and build new villages there.

In the early 2018 update, level eight of the builder hall was released.

Later that year, another update came. In which a new concept of Clan War Leagues was released. Under the concept, each clan could fight with seven other clans in order to get to a higher league. The clan who fails to get enough stars is downgraded to a lower league. This concept also gained a lot of popularity as more competition means more fun.

The 2019 update bought the builder hall’s level 9. Till now, it the highest available level of builder hall. Later in the year, a major update was released, in which Town Hall 13 was launched.

The latest update

clash of clans

Clash of Clans’ official YouTube page uploaded a video on 1st April 2020. The video was captioned “Clash of Clans: Clockwork Warden (April Season Challenges | Clashy Constructs #1)” and it showed the new skin of Grand Warden, which is the first skin of the clashy constructs set. The skin is named ‘Clockwork Warden,’ which is mentioned in the caption too.

The video also bought up three wooden boxes. The wooden boxes were numbered 1, 2 and 3. Out of which, the first box opened and Clockwork Warden came out of it. The other two boxes remained closed throughout the video, so nobody knows what was hidden in them. But it is for sure that Supercell will bring up something fun and exciting for their players.

There are also some troop and town hall updates that the players can expect in this spring update. But the skin update will be the center of attention for them. So, let’s see a few details about the Grand Warden’s new skin.

Clockwork Warden

Clashy constructs set got its first skin with Clockwork Warden and it looks pretty cool in appearance. The skin is made for Gand Warden (as already mentioned) and it is made of wood. Grand Warden seems like a puppet in the skin with Tesla stick in one hand and power source in the other. These two weapons will help players to give shock attacks to their opponents.

As the skin is shown as a reward, so the players will have to reach a target of 2600 points in the April season challenge in order to unlock the Clockwork Warden.

Few more updates

Another big update in the game is Super Troops. These are the upgraded version of the older troops which have special abilities. There are four super troops right now, out of which a player can only activate one at a time. They are:

  • Super Giant
  • Super Barbarian
  • Sneaky Goblin
  • Super Wall Breaker

A player can upgrade to these by using Dark Elixir and this upgrade lasts for long one week. Super troops can also be donated amongst clan players during a battle. This means a player can activate one super troop and can get another one from other players. This way, multiple troops can be used by a single player.



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