Why Should You Consider Spending A Fixed Amount on Paid Ads For The Growth Of Your Website?


After creating and publishing a website or blog, it takes some time before the website is working and the money starts pouring in. The waiting time depends on the quality of the site, its looks, its content, and the user ability. The number of users and revenue your site accumulates also depends on how dedicated you are towards the growth of your site and how much you are willing to spend on the ads. The more you will put on the site the more you will get out of it.

Spending a little on Paid Searches can go a long way in terms of reaching out to newer audiences, improving the site experience and modifying the overall look of the site. Here’s why you should at least consider Paid Search Trends.

Organic rankings are known to be a bit volatile. Somedays you’ll be leading with a very good keyword and another day you are nowhere to be found.

This is not the case with AdWords. They are fairly consistent but require a fair amount of work to achieve the right ad at the correct price. These also do offer you greater control over your ad ranking as compared to the organic keywords.

  • Like Twins on a Page

Why settle on getting listed once on the first page of Google search results when you can be listed twice? Once on the organic list and once on the Paid list. It literally doubles your visibility for the users leaving the competitors far behind.

  • Get more clicks

With great visibility comes greater clicks. A study conducted by Google shows that the number of clicks a site gets with paid searches is greater than the organic or free ads.

  • Skyrocket your Conversions

Combining SEO and Paid searches to increase traffic to your site and significantly increases conversions. Some even going as high as 200%.

So, you must be familiar with why you need Paid Searches if you want to surpass the competition. So here are 4 Paid Search Trends that you might need.

1.PPC Budgets and the Internet on mobile are not the same things

Smartphones are taking over the generation by storm. Most of our time is spent on smaller screens now. Due to the progress of the internet and connectivity in recent years, mobile phones are on the verge of replacing PCs all over the world. They are small; they are efficient, affordable and some are even quicker than desktops. This is one of the main reasons why businesses are shifting to the mobile platform and are spending tonnes of money to create a strong presence for mobile users which is increasing rapidly than the PC and laptop users.

Even businesses like e-commerce companies are switching over to the mobile version in order to reach more consumers and do more business.

But what does this sudden and quick change to mobile-centric paid searches mean for your business?

  • Impress your Audience

You need to make an attractive PPC landing page for the mobile version of your company. The focus must be on the user intent of mobile visitors. It is recommended that you use the ad formats provided by Google.

  • Review the performance of your PPC ads on Mobile and Desktop

Some business generates more buzz and revenue from one device than the other. Compare how your business is performing in both the mobile and desktop sector. If you are getting more profit from mobiles, then you should try to get the most out of it. Try to increase the bid on mobile ads significantly to increase revenue. Adjust your budget according to the device you are focusing on.

2. Show them want they want and then Give it to them

Today’s customer has an attention span smaller than that of a Goldfish. They don’t waste their time on unattractive services even if they can do their job. A customer searches for an interactive experience when they are using the net. Hence it becomes a trend for businesses to create a short trial view of their apps for the users before they decide to download it. These trial views, which are generally videos about the app, explaining how it works and its reviews, have the sole purpose of finding new users. They do this by incorporating their ads or trial views on different related apps or on some famous and trending apps of that time.

3. Keywords are history

Gone are the days when people did specific searches on Google. Nowadays people are searching for everything on Google regardless of how it may sound; that is why relying on just some keywords is not enough to provide the results a user hopes for. Google itself abolished its Exact Match, and Phrase Match features signaling that in the future search results will focus on people’s interest and past ventures rather than their keywords. It will allow Google to show the results specifically for that user. So, you should plan to expand your business based on the user experiences and reviews you get.

4.Time to add Videos to your Arsenal

Videos have a greater appeal than text. Videos online have become a new way of entertainment when you are on the go. Google has launched shopping ads on its video-sharing site YouTube which means that now you can promote your business along with your videos online. YouTube knows the importance of smartphones and thus, they have made sure that the ads work seamlessly on various mobile devices. It is time for the Director inside you to wake up. The main reason why video ads are more appealing to the users is that it sorts of forms a connection with them, allowing them to analyse the product or service closely.

These trends are important in giving you the superiority when it comes to paid search. Although they might seem tough to understand and use for the first time, these trends are sure to launch your business and campaign and setting up your future.

We hope that you find this post informative. If you have any queries, feel free to ask.


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